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Wink Strategies

400 avenue Laurier Ouest, H2V 2K7, QC

+$534k earned

319 jobs






Main Experts




1047 boul Mercure, J2B 3L5, QC

+$661k earned

296 jobs



Facebook Ads

Google Ads

ERP integrator

Main Experts




165 Rue Wellington, bureau 100, J1H 5B9, QC

+$193k earned

142 jobs


3D modeling

Training video


Sales funnel

Main Experts



Rank Media Agency

1470 Rue Peel, H3A 1T5, QC

+$409k earned

196 jobs


Press release

Sales copy



Main Experts




400 rue montfort, CP27 , H3C 4J9, QC

+$124k earned

222 jobs


Instagram Ads

Corporate branding



Main Experts




1910 Boulevard Édouard, J4B 8J8, QC

+$52k earned

466 jobs




Product descriptions

Accounting management systems

Main Experts


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65 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, G6G 1J4, QC

+$627k earned

181 jobs


Lead generation

Brand guide


Google analytics

Main Experts



tök communications

372 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Suite 212, H3B 1A2, QC

+$305k earned

162 jobs




Facebook Ads


Main Experts




507 Route Marie-Victorin, J0L 2R0, QC

+$237k earned

246 jobs


On-premise hosting




Main Experts



Solutions Publissoft Inc

1250 Boul. René-Lévesque Ouest , Suite 2200, H3B 4W8, QC

+$337k earned

479 jobs


On-Site SEO




Main Experts




221 - 7236 Rue Waverly Montréal H2R 0C2, H2R 0C2, QC

+$154k earned

172 jobs



Main Experts



Futé Marketing

204 Boulevard Curé-Labelle, J7E 1V6, QC

+$225k earned

51 jobs


Website content


Google analytics


Main Experts


Who is helloDarwin?

helloDarwin offers a free service to help find the right business partner for projects - including web marketing, video marketing agency, SEO, video production or ERP/CRM integration - and delivers results within three days.

What is the price for getting quotes?

helloDarwin provides free quotes quickly, easily and at no cost.

What is a web agency?

A web design agency is a company that combines development and graphic design skills to initiate a web solution for your project. A web agency's team can help a business build a reliable, top-notch website that will attract new customers to their market, develop a digital strategy, and support content creation for your online platform.

A web agency offers online solutions such as
  • Design a website following a site model (a template);

  • Support the hosting of the new website;

  • The design of a unique tailor-made website;

  • The redesign of an existing website;

Why Work with a Web Agency?

With the rise in popularity of simplified web design platforms like Wix and Squarespace, some individuals and businesses are asking themselves: why work with a web agency to develop a website when I could do it myself?

A digital agency has the skills and experience you need to create websites, manage social networks, manage advertising campaigns and much more

The reality is that unless you are a web expert, very comfortable with computers and able to edit images, the results will not be as good as you think! Unless you meet the above criteria, it's best to leave the creation of the site to professionals, to get the best website possible.

Investing in an expert web agency guarantees the development of quality websites

Choosing a Web agency will allow you to have advice on the features of your website. They will help you with your website's interface, design, SEO and much more: the right web agency will be able to take care of your website and complete it quickly and according to your needs. An investment today in your website will save you money in the long run!

What Services Are Offered by a Web Agency?

A web design agency does more than just create websites and put them online. It's more than that - it gives its clients' websites a professional touch and makes sure your site looks its best. 

Website design following the latest trends

They also take care of registering your domain name and hosting a website that you can manage - they are available to take care of all your new domains. 

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses all the tactics you use to optimize web pages so that your content is displayed prominently in search engine results pages. In other words, SEO is about improving your ranking in search engine results. You can achieve this by optimizing your pages with useful keywords. This will help websites and customers see them and your ads.

Google Ads or Facebook Ads Management

Google Ads is a platform that allows your digital ads to appear at the most salient times for your targets and prospects. Your campaign is proactive, meaning that it will only be activated when its targets perform a Google search related to your business.

Unlike traditional advertising, where you have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars before your ads are seen, a Google Ads campaign offers immediate results to a business. However, being successful on this platform often requires the experience of a digital agency or media agency to answer questions like:

  • How can I improve my search engine ranking?

  • Who to target with your marketing?

  • How to choose the right keywords for a Google Ad?

  • How to set up a profitable Google Ads campaign?

  • What budget should I spend on my Google Ads or other SERP ads to achieve my goals?

  • What is the right price for Google Ads?

Businesses and startups all over the world use Google Ads to help boost their growth. However, many successful companies work with a digital agency or qualified marketing agencies!

Social Media Management

This figure illustrates the power of social media for your business. Proper management of various platforms is essential for your business to authentically connect with your target audience, facilitate their participation in your missions and ensure proper business growth. By meeting the needs of your audience, your social media manager helps you acquire and retain customers.

How to Choose the Right Web Agency?

Determine Your Company's Digital Needs

Before you begin your selection process, it is important to identify your business goals and always keep the customer experience in mind. Gather all the information that you consider essential for a digital agency's service offering.

Then, you will be able to clearly identify what you are looking for in a web agency:

  • Website design;

  • Website development or modification of a website;

  • Search engine optimization and/or conversion strategy;

  • Advertising campaign management or social network management;

  • Content creation (text, photos, videos).

Compare Offers from Each Digital Agency

Take the time to explore three to five agencies that meet your criteria. Any serious agency will ask for interviews: during this first meeting, you will be able to ask all your questions, and the agency that has already been involved will explain to you both their skills and their potential. 

HelloDarwin makes the process of selecting a web agency easy by taking care of lead generation that matches your business goals!

When deciding who to hire as a web agency, it is important to know if the person is able to provide the services you need. Do you feel comfortable talking to them? Do they seem professional? Will you feel confident with them? Do they follow best practices and offer affordable prices?

Take a Look at the Digital Agency's Website

A company that offers web design services must have a great website! When choosing your digital agency, make sure to visit their website and evaluate the customer experience they offer: whether it's a small agency or a large digital company, the website doesn't lie.

Choose a Price Within Your Budget

All projects are different, and choosing a web agency should not be based on price alone! Access to a team of experts who are up to date with the latest digital trends is the cornerstone of your online success, so find a compromise between advanced expertise and affordability. Look for the expertise you need at a price that fits your budget!

Why Work with HelloDarwin to Find the Best Web Agency?

97% of Satisfied Customers When Searching for Partners or Services on HelloDarwin

Find the perfect digital solution with a web agency. We are proud to deliver fast, high-quality results and are committed to finding a partner who can provide a service that meets all your web design needs: deliver an exceptional user experience online with the right web agency.

Our Promise - You Will Find a Web Design Agency {{city}} in 48 Hours

Time is precious, and the sooner your new website is up and running, the sooner you can bring in new customers and businesses. helloDarwin guarantees all of its users to find web design agencies that can help them become successful with their online projects in 40 hours or less.

Find Web Agencies {{citySeparator}} {{city}}, it's 100% Free and No Strings Attached

Find business partners on a 100% free and no obligation platform. The right web service for you is available on helloDarwin!

How can I ensure the quality of referenced suppliers?

We are strongly committed to listing only top-notch service partners. To join our platform, each partner must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Have an up-to-date website and/or an up-to-date social media profile where the services offered are clearly represented.

  • Provide you with a portfolio of video marketing agencies along with social proof that demonstrates their expertise in the video services they offer.

  • Every provider on the platform is subject to legal investigation

  • References from former clients are also requested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Is it necessary to establish a budget for my project?

It is essential to establish a budget for your needs. Setting a financial limit helps you get web agency deals that fit your budget and gives sellers more information about the scope of the project.

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