helloDarwin helps companies finance their projects through a range of subsidy programs

Benefit from comprehensive financing support

Take advantage of complete support from a financing expert who will guide you through the grant opportunities available to you. Discover the different financial opportunities available in digital transformation, human resources and marketing, and fuel your company's projects.

Our grant programs to help finance your growth

These programs have been designed to guide companies through the available financial supports so that they can access additional funds and realize their major projects.

Digital transformation

Improve your company's productivity and competitiveness
  • Total grants: $725,000
  • Grants: Can Export Innovation, IRAP, Soutien aux projets d'innovation, Soutien aux projets d'innovation en IA, Scale AI, Invest-IA, Partner.IA

Human resources

Develop and optimize your human resources skills
  • Total grants: $92,500
  • Grants: Mesure de formation de la main d'oeuvre, Novascience, Career Ready, MITACS, MITACS Élévation


Optimize activities such as financial management, production and sales
  • Total grants: $377,500
  • Grants : Incubation vouchers, Can Export PME, PSCE, ESSOR, Élever la PI

What we do & how it works

Here's an overview of how grant programs work and what you can expect. Our team of experts will be with you from start to finish, providing advice and support throughout the program.

Portrait of your current situation

Analysis of your company and its environment. Discover the various grants available for your projects, using our database of over 1,600 Canadian funding sources.

Customized action plan for your business

Setting up a strategy and roadmap tailored to your organization and its ambitions.

Constant monitoring and notification of new financial assistance

Search for new subsidy and support opportunities for your company.

Complete preparation of your grant applications

A turnkey service for creating and submitting your requests.
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