By Shayla Mounayar
June 20, 2024

Unicone : Turning your passion into action

Join Shayla and this week's guest, Yasmine Atouk, co-founder of Unicone bakery and ice creamery located in the heart of Montreal, for an inspiring and heartfelt episode all about believing in yourself and your ideas when starting a company. Driven by their passion for sweets, travel, and business, Yasmine and her sister embarked on their entrepreneurial journey to develop their unique product and open their first location with the aim of gathering people together over their delectable ice cream and desserts. Today, with more than 15k followers on Instagram and many viral flavors, Unicone has become such a popular destination for a sweet treat. In this episode, we sit down with Yasmine to delve into her path to success and uncover the reality that the entrepreneurial journey isn't always smooth sailing. Encouraged by their own self-belief and perseverance, we explore the journey to achieving remarkable success.
So, get comfortable, grab your favorite tub of ice cream, and tune in as we deliver expertly curated business advice for everyday life.
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Shayla Mounayar - Marketing Advisor

Shayla Mounayar

Marketing Advisor
Shayla Mounayar, Marketing Manager at helloDarwin, is the host of the first season of the Cherry Pickers podcast. Formerly a digital consultant at the firm, Shayla also has experience as a radio host and social media manager. Passionate about delivering valuable information and insights on entrepreneurship, Shayla will be presenting biweekly episodes of the Cherry Pickers podcast.

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