Cherry Pickers : Estudio Niksen
By Shayla Mounayar
February 29, 2024

Estudio Niksen : Enjoying the small steps to big success

Have you ever wondered what it could be like to start your own fashion company, to build a business with your significant other, or what it’s like to grow your dream into a successful business? All these topics are discussed in today’s episode with Andrés Barrios and Gabrielle Gagné from Estudio Niksen, a streetwear brand influenced by Seoul fashion. This inspiring couple tells us about their different but complementary journeys that brought them to create and perfect Estudio Niksen’s special concept in the heart of Montreal. Once just an idea scribbled on a piece of paper at two am, Estudio Niksen is now a great success with pop-ups in some of the biggest cities in America and more than 35k followers on social media.
So, get comfortable, grab your favorite fleece, and tune in as we bring you expertly chosen business advice for everyday life.
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Shayla Mounayar - Marketing Advisor

Shayla Mounayar

Marketing Advisor
Shayla Mounayar, Marketing Manager at helloDarwin, is the host of the first season of the Cherry Pickers podcast. Formerly a digital consultant at the firm, Shayla also has experience as a radio host and social media manager. Passionate about delivering valuable information and insights on entrepreneurship, Shayla will be presenting biweekly episodes of the Cherry Pickers podcast.
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