Cherry Pickers : Georges Laoun Opticien
By Shayla Mounayar
February 14, 2024

Georges Laoun Opticien : Working in a family business

I used to think business wasn’t personal, but it’s actually so personal
Laura Laoun
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We are delighted to celebrate this holiday with you by presenting a very special and heartfelt episode of Cherry Pickers. In today's episode, we welcome Laura Laoun from Georges Laoun Opticien, an eyewear company that offers unique pieces by independent artists. Laura, not only the Director of Marketing at Georges Laoun Opticien, is also the granddaughter of the founder and daughter of the current CEO. In this fascinating episode, Laura discusses her experience in the marketing field and reveals insights into how the family business has achieved success to date. Built on values such as innovation, care, and quality, this business was started forty years ago and continues to grow beautifully. We couldn't be happier to present a more accurate episode for a day all about love and attention.
So, get comfortable, gather your loved ones, pick your favorite pair of glasses, and tune in as we bring you expertly chosen business advice for everyday life.
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Shayla Mounayar

Marketing Advisor
Shayla Mounayar, Marketing Manager at helloDarwin, is the host of the first season of the Cherry Pickers podcast. Formerly a digital consultant at the firm, Shayla also has experience as a radio host and social media manager. Passionate about delivering valuable information and insights on entrepreneurship, Shayla will be presenting biweekly episodes of the Cherry Pickers podcast.
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