By Shayla Mounayar
June 20, 2024

MTL Craft cocktails: A company fully based on love, passion and quality

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Cherry Pickers podcast! Throughout this season, we will be featuring a series of inspiring guests who have embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys, conquered challenges, and achieved success. This week, we are thrilled to introduce our first guest, Ashley Tower. As the owner and founder of MTL Craft Cocktails, a bar service, and mixology company dedicated to providing the best experience and quality, Ashley shares the story of how she started her company and what motivated her to create her mixology workshops. Despite having no prior experience in the bar service or mixology industry, Ashley's journey is an inspiration for those looking to build a career based on passion and love for your craft. So, get comfortable, grab your favorite beverage, and tune in as we bring you expertly chosen business advice for everyday life. Cheers to our first episode!
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Shayla Mounayar - Marketing Advisor

Shayla Mounayar

Marketing Advisor
Shayla Mounayar, Marketing Manager at helloDarwin, is the host of the first season of the Cherry Pickers podcast. Formerly a digital consultant at the firm, Shayla also has experience as a radio host and social media manager. Passionate about delivering valuable information and insights on entrepreneurship, Shayla will be presenting biweekly episodes of the Cherry Pickers podcast.

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