Utiva Health HelloDarwin case study

Online Marketing

What is your role in the company?

I’m Faraz, one of the cofounder and one of the owners of the company 

Can you tell us more about your company?

Utiva Health was founded in 2018, created in Canada. It’s a consumer health company focused on chronic diseases such as urinary tract infections. We empower consumers to self manage with clinically proven solutions.We work very closely with doctors and specialists (urologists).

How did you hear about HelloDarwin?

I found HelloDarwin on Google, I was looking for an agency to help us grow our business online. As I was looking for different partners, I realized that you also have a good network. I honestly didn’t know how good your network was, but I reached out. Your team had a couple of good conversations with me to understand what I was looking for. And based on that, I went ahead after I gave you all the information. You guys quickly gave me two options. Both were interesting but one was very strong. 

How did the mandate unfold?

6-month project - to manage all of its online sales funnels (Google Adwords, Instagram, and Facebook) The project started two weeks ago and so far so good. If they (Rank Media) continue to do their work very well, we will work with them in the long term. I can totally see them being part of our business for the long term. 

How would you evaluate the quality of suppliers referred by HelloDarwin?

You helped me find an agency within my budget. You also helped me save a lot of time that I would normally have been founding different agencies myself. You helped me in the search process. That has saved me a lot of time. And you did your screening so obviously the people that I was speaking to were high quality. 

1 sentence to summarize your experience with HelloDarwin?

Effective platform to help screen high quality agencies to produce relevant work for your clients in a fast and easy manner. 

Feedback : 

I’m very happy with the services you provide, it is very easy, personalized, high quality work, you saved me a lot of time. And it is a big step for us to engage with an agency where we are spending a significant part of our budget so it was a very important decision for us and you really helped us out. 

I actually recommended you to very close people that I know. And I know they are already using your service too, that also speaks highly of what you do because I recommended it.

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