Olo fusion case study

Mobile App Project

Can you present your company and your role?

I am the founding president of the company OLO-fusion. We offer educational tools in mathematics for children from 6 to 12 years old. Currently, the proposed tools are oriented towards the integration of mathematics via the analogical clock.

Why did you choose HelloDarwin?

I used HelloDarwin because I needed references to program my mobile application. Not being a professional programmer, I preferred to delegate the search for suppliers to experts in order to obtain quotes that really corresponded to my needs.

Summarize in 1 sentence your experience with HelloDarwin

HelloDarwin allowed me to be in contact with programmers that exactly meet my needs, to have a good choice of programmers, to be able to get in touch with them easily and finally to be able to compare prices offered from the same quote .

How would you evaluate the quality of the referred suppliers?

I was pleasantly surprised to be able to choose among several excellent bidders and the choice was difficult on my side because they were all very good consultants.

Do you think you have saved money/time by using the platform?

Yes, both, it saved me time and money probably because I also had contacts from outside suppliers, but their bids were higher than HelloDarwin'. So using your platform allowed me to be in touch with people who better met my needs. 

How did you hear about HelloDarwin?

I went to Expo Entrepreneurs, I was on the lookout for a supplier for my application development project and your president and founder made a presentation so I got to know your service. 

Would you recommend HelloDarwin to a friend?

Yes absolutely, because the quality of the bidders was truly exceptional.

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