How to Recruit Awesome Guest Bloggers for your Website
By helloDarwin
December 30, 2017

How to Recruit Awesome Guest Bloggers for your Website

Let’s face it, having quality online content is one of the best ways to strengthen and grow your business. Through the creation of custom content that targets your company niche, you’ll be able to attract new leads while also boosting sales. In this regard, guest bloggers are an excellent way to offer your loyal readers a fresh perspective whilst increasing the visibility and credibility of both your blog and your business. Building relationships with other entrepreneurs in your market has many benefits.
But, how exactly do you find someone to publish a guest blog, and what should you be looking for? We’ve got the lowdown on the ins and outs of guest blogging, so if you’re considering it continue reading!

How to recruit an awesome guest blogger!

First, look within your own team

If you’re looking for someone to write a captivating blog post, we are suggesting checking out your team members before moving onto outside sources. Not only should your current employees already know the details of your business, as well as the marketplace, but seeking new talent within your team will build encouragement. With multiple team members sharing knowledge, you’ll have a variety of different perspectives all relating back to your business.
Further, by featuring someone else on your team, your content will be much more diverse and this can work in your favour to keep readers engaged. Of course, not everyone is a natural content creator, so if possible, check in with your team for writing samples or anything similar of the sort. If time allows, lead a content creation workshop and find compelling ways for them to get involved or develop their skills. Also worth considering is providing a style guide for your team members who find it a challenge. Provide constructive criticism and be ready to take on revisions!
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Next, announce your need for guest bloggers

Another surefire way to find guest bloggers is to announce it on your blog! Try writing a post directed at those who might be within your market and interested in writing. This post could even include a little “how to” section detailing how your team constructs their content. Be creative! If guest bloggers are something you’re considering on a long-term basis, you could create a “Write for us” page that includes all details and information regarding how bloggers can submit their posts as well as the subjects and type of content that you’re looking for. Highlight some of the ways that guest bloggers can be an asset, and watch the submissions pour in! Of course, be transparent and upfront about honorariums, the editing process and all surrounding details.

Check out social media

We’re hoping you’re already using social media to market your business, as checking these pages for the possibility of guest bloggers is an excellent avenue to kill two birds with one stone. Social media offers quality content alongside engagement with your followers. When looking for guest bloggers, we’d suggest trying LinkedIn and Twitter before other sites, as this is where you'll likely to find significant talent.
Using the search function and checking out a few key hashtags for your market, you should be able to find strong writers with a wide social media presence. Finding a guest blogger with a strong social media presence will work to increase the number of readers, and possible subscribers, that your blog gets. Increasing the reach of your content is crucial to growing your business!

Ask niche experts in your field for content collaboration agreements

Even if you run a small or growing business, it does not mean you should avoid reaching out to experts within your niche market. Make sure that if you are reaching out to experts in your field that you are confident in the work that you do, as well as considering the ways in which it will be mutually beneficial. It should go without saying that experts will bring new expertise to your site while also expanding the scope of your online audience.
Further, this will help to build a new sense of credibility and trust with your current as well as your prospective followers. Working with an expert in your field will legitimize your business. Although it may be challenging for smaller companies to convince experts to participate, it’s better to put yourself out their rather than wondering what could have been.
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