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All About Content Marketing : Good and Bad Strategies

How can a company display their skills and expertise easily? Often, a simple reading of the online content of a business on both social networks and websites can say a lot about it.

What is content marketing?

The development of a product or service through written content essentially synthesizes the idea behind content marketing. Building on this momentum, we should establish that it pursues many objectives, thus putting informative content at the disposal of the public.

The objectives of content marketing

Find your target audience

By definition, all good content is able to reach its target audience. Undoubtedly, one of the goals of content marketing is to join a specific group of people to get them to do business with you. Not only must your content be of high quality, but it must be able to meet the needs of your audience, answer their questions and convey information that is relevant and interesting.

In order to meet his goal, a thorough knowledge of your audience is essential. To do this, you will need to collect data, whether through the dissemination of surveys or by consulting various forms of data regarding your audience. By offering content that specifically targets and challenges your audience, you are paving the way for a long-term relationship with your audience.

Generate traffic to your website

By delivering quality and informative content, content marketing pursues the goal of attracting more customers to your company’s website and improves its SEO by increasing traffic and advertising your notoriety. Upon reflection, the use of specific keywords within your content also helps to generate traffic toward your website.

Increase your conversion rate

As mentioned, content marketing is in place to facilitate customer acquisition as much as possible. By gaining the trust of your prospective customers, content marketing should lead them to subscribe to your newsletter, to follow your Facebook page or to do business directly with you. While the primary idea behind content marketing is to build a critical relationship of trust between yourself and your customers, this should work to motivate them to respond to your calls to action, and therefore to improve your conversion rate that corresponds to these actions.  

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Explore the possibilities of your brand identity

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As a distinctive trait of your business in the face of your competitors, your brand image is projected through your content marketing. In fact, the content you publish conveys a set of representations about your company. In the same regard, it gets your brand image out there on the market.

Errors to avoid in content marketing

One of the most prominent mistakes you can make, and that which should be avoided in the realm of content marketing, is writing that is only favourable to search engines. When filled with keywords, your content will sound unnatural to those reading, and further, will lack fluidity. For content marketing to work, stay natural and avoid repeating the same terms all the time.

Secondly, it is important to avoid filling your content with too many promotions. This lack of subtlety will quickly become a source of frustration for your readers who will give less credibility to the information mentioned, which is only seen as a simple and persuasive attempt to increase your turnover.

Also worth mentioning, the strategy to publish content on your website alone is a bad idea. It should be noted that the popularity of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are excellent avenues to explore, especially for marketing purposes. It would be important to use social networks, as you will be at a great disadvantage regarding your competitors who will benefit from the visibility offered by them.

Further, the desire to rush a large amount of content is not recommended. If it seems logical that a larger amount of articles will draw the attention to you, a lack of consistency or rigour in the writing of these will quickly counteract any attention. Keep in mind that the quality of the information that is transmitted must always prevail, otherwise, your reputation will be irreparably tainted.

Finally, failing to make your content available on mobile devices is a mistake that should also be avoided. When taking public transport, or walking through a university campus, it is easy to recognize the popularity of mobile devices. Thus, not taking the measures required to ensure the adaptability of your content onto mobile devices will deprive you of serious visibility and this will keep you from making yourself known to a large part of the population.

Is content marketing inbound marketing?

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There is a major distinctive difference between content marketing and inbound marketing. For this purpose, it should be noted that content marketing techniques encompass only the techniques of enhancing products or services through the content.

For its part, inbound marketing specializes more precisely in the entire process of acquiring a customer, from the first contact to the realization of a sale. Therefore, it is possible to affirm that content marketing is, in fact, the starting point of the inbound marketing process.

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