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December 15, 2023

6 reasons to have a company blog

Is it necessary to have a company blog? Any new company that hopes to succeed nowadays must ask themselves this question. Even though you may think that offering attractive prices and promoting your services should be enough, know that this may not be enough. We are convinced that a company blog is instrumental in ensuring that your company be successful, and so we are presenting 6 reasons to add one to your website:

Having a company blog: the key to success for your website

1. Not falling into oblivion

A site that does not have content published regularly on a blog has considerably smaller chances of attracting attention. After all, what is the purpose of a website that receives few visitors? Well, not much… Attracting more visitors and attention, such content will help your website stand out from the competition.

2. Showcasing your expertise

Publishing articles that are interesting and relevant on a regular basis will showcase your skill set in a specific field of expertise. The diverse nature of the articles that are published on the blog will serve to show the breadth of fields in which you possess knowledge.

Moreover, being able to provide answers to web users’ questions concerning your articles will help cement your expertise to your readers.

3. Increasing your visibility on social media with blog articles

A company that has a blog has access to a lot of content to share on social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Therefore, your blog can become a great way to increase your visibility on social media. It must also be noted that Google takes into consideration the feedback that your posts get and that this will help you with your organic referencing (SEO).

4. Improving your company’s image and promoting your products/services

Having a blog also helps you share news concerning your company, whether you’re referring to its expansion, to the availability of new services or products, or to current news items that are relevant to your field of expertise.

A blog also provides you with the opportunity to present your company’s values, which are very important to consumers.

It goes without saying that advertising is often looked at with little interest and the same goes for a basic website that only aims to present products. The natural disdain that it inspires is often associated with the preachy tone that does not directly answer to the audience’s practical needs. 

Both interesting and instructive, a blog will be able to highlight your products or services whilst increasing your readers’ knowledge.

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5. Increasing your visibility on the internet and contributing to your SEO

Publishing articles on your blog on a regular basis will increase your visibility on the internet. This visibility will be exacerbated if you make sure to write high-quality content. 

Moreover, good content will tend to attract favourable attention from other websites. These sites will then share backlinks towards your site, increasing your recognition towards Google and therefore, the strength of your off-site referencing.

Take note that adding more content will work in your favour by giving you the opportunity to mention a larger number of keywords, which help you in being detected by search engines.

6. Develop a relationship with your clients

The interaction that occurs after the articles have been published and the answers you will provide to readers’ questions will help you build a relationship with them. These regular interactions will consolidate the public’s trust for you and your company, and will also give you the chance to meet their expectations and answer their specific needs. This will lead to a progressive increase in your sales revenue.

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