4 Best Social Networks to Increase Your Company's Visibility
By helloDarwin
August 30, 2017

4 Best Social Networks to Increase Your Company's Visibility

There is so much content and information on the web that it becomes hard to keep track of what's interesting and what’s not. Competition is worse than ever, and it’s an especially difficult struggle for new businesses to find and keep clients curious. Increasing the online visibility of your business is crucial to its success, and one of the most valuable approaches to achieving this is by using social media.

Social media is an easy and excellent way to approach online marketing, improving your company’s visibility alongside expanding your creativity and testing out your branding. With so many social media platforms out there, you might have no idea what to begin. Luckily, we’re going to break down the best social networks to use, and how to use them!

Here's how to increase your business visibility by using social networks!

What is online visibility?

Online visibility simply conveys how large of an audience your online content reaches, and this visibility is gained by way of strategically written, designed and placed content. The more online visibility your company obtains, the more likely people within your industry or community will look to your business for products or services.

Sites that are widely recognized will gain more traffic due to many things, including name recognition as well as search engine priority (obtained through paid referencing and search engine optimization). As mentioned, there is a wide range of ways to boost the visibility of your business, and utilizing social media is included in this.

Of course, it’s difficult to determine the best approach to take on social media marketing, but this is a very important task regarding the outcome of your business. A well-marketed company will always be at an advantage versus one which is poorly marketed. Simply stated, online visibility refers to how easy it is for consumers to find your products and services in relevant locations online.

Online visibility will not only foster business longevity, but it will help the public connect with your story and in turn, your branding. We will break down how to accomplish this on some of the most popular social networks.

Top social networks for business marketing

Facebook for business

Facebook offers a free business page for established business and services, alongside those just starting out. Start by creating a Facebook business page, and this will help to offer a personification of what your company does beyond making money. The way to stand out from your competition on Facebook is to engage with your customers new and returning!

An excellent way to gain visibility is to start an online contest or post content that encourages customer engagement and interaction. Offer exclusive deals or content that is available to Facebook fans alone, as you want to offer fans a reason to “like” your page!

Following this, try experimenting with Facebook ads. Facebook ads are great for gaining visibility, as they allow you to target a specific audience as well as help drive people towards your content. 

You can schedule posts and decide how much you want to spend on the ads themselves. Spend a little bit of time doing research on how Facebook Ads works, and soon enough you’ll be an expert.

Experiment with all types of content, including pictures as well as videos. We are an incredibly visual culture, and therefore, you can increase brand awareness and visibility by using infographics and pictures that help potential clients to understand who you are. 

Make your Facebook page as visually creative as possible, as the more aesthetically pleasing the page, the longer people will stay. Finally, create a custom landing page as this will allow you to promote additional content as well as encourage new visitors and page likes. 

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LinkedIn is obviously a business-relevant social media platform that plenty of companies both big and small play around with. Although you may believe it’s all about connections on LinkedIn, like most other social media it’s about interaction. 

Use your profile to start discussions on industry-related LinkedIn groups to network with people and businesses alike. It is also possible to create your own group on a topic relevant to your industry. Of course, this is yet another way to improve reach and gain additional visibility.

Don't forget to optimize your account by including keywords, placing links towards your site and sharing relevant content. To ensure that your Linkedin strategy works well, you need to animate your profile, either by proposing articles, links, videos, photos, statuses, etc. 

Know that it is possible to devote advertising dollars to increase the reach that your posts have. Afterwards, you'll be able to analyze the type of interaction your publications have achieved using Linkedin Company Page Analytics.

Lastly, remember to put in a lot of effort to help increase your number of connections so that your personal profile and that of your company gain a maximum amount of visibility.


Twitter is another excellent platform for businesses to interact with their current and future clients. Although you only have 140 characters per tweet, there are plenty of ways that you can engage with consumers and increase online visibility. Firstly, Twitter is best known for their implementation of hashtags (#). 

Using a company-relevant hashtag not only promotes content and keeps it streamlined, but also helps you keep track of who is talking about your company, products or services. Twitter is a platform that makes it very easy to reach out to significant people and influencers in your industry.

The next time you share a content-relevant article, make sure to engage with these influencers by tagging them directly. Another great facet of Twitter is their polling option.

A Twitter poll consists of asking consumers questions and having them answer them. Holding Twitter polls give consumers a reason to engage as well as offering you free insight into how your products and services are working.

Like with Facebook, engage with your clients using images. As Twitter’s interface may overwhelm some, and tweets can get lost in the shuffle, you can further entice consumers to pay a bit more attention to your page by giving them something to take a second look at. Finally, utilize Twitter lists to keep track of those who are engaging with your profile. 

Twitter lists is essentially a curated group of Twitter accounts based on shared content or likes. This can help you to keep track of followers who have previously visited your page, and while also allowing you to target tweets towards those who are interested. 


Instagram is a photo-based social network and has a newly added Business profile feature which allows business or services with a Facebook page to link the two accounts. Although all your content creation is by way of images, this allows you to explore your creativity as it relates to marketing.

Use your Instagram profile in the best way possible by incorporating a link to your website, blog, product page or even a custom landing page just below your bio description. 

This clickable link will take the consumer directly to your website. You can change this link as often as you like, especially if you have a specific promotion you are trying to advertise. You can also track traffic from Instagram by using a trackable link in your Instagram bio.

Instead of using a full URL, it is recommended that you get a Bitty link or goo.gl that will allow you to track clips by way of Google Analytics. This way, you can know how much traffic you are driving to your website from the platform.

Another innovative way to use Instagram for your business is to connect with your audience by putting your products or services into a relatable context. A photo of someone engaging with your business in a way, whether that means wearing one of your products, speaking to an employee or using one of your services, will do an excellent job of showcasing your service or product.

Contextualizing your products or services will help them to be relatable. Also, if your customers or clients post photos of themselves engaging with your products or services, you can share these as user-generated content (UGC).

Download a re-posting app, which will offer you the chance to give the original post credit. Explore everything that Instagram offers, including the multiple photos feature which can help you to show before-and-after photos that represent your services.

Further, use a textual overlay on images to be very clear about what you are posting. You can use this option to list prices, advertise a sale or promote an upcoming event. Lastly, as with Twitter, use hashtags to gain followers and increase the visibility of your business. 

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