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December 15, 2023

What is a Good Landing Page? 3 Crucial Elements

Directing visitors to the right content on your website is one of the most important ways to find new clients and increase visibility. A landing page is generally the page that consumers and new clients alike will come across. This is the page that a visitor will encounter after clicking on a link or ad that directs them from a search engine or other website to your own.

Often, new businesses and inexperienced marketers will direct traffic towards their homepage. However, the landing page offers a golden opportunity to provide a quality experience for visitors while driving users towards your services to suit their needs.

How can you, and in turn, your business, profit from a great landing page? There are plenty of ways, but you’ll have to know the best practices to complete for your conversion rates to skyrocket! Read on to find out what makes a good landing page.

Example of a landing page from RenoQuotes.com

Here's how to create a good landing page

What to determine before creating your landing page

Before creating your landing page, there are a few things you’ll need to determine to have the most success with creating visibility and growing new customers. Firstly, ask yourself what is the goal of your landing page? To track conversions, you want to first define what it is you are hoping for, in the best-case scenario.

Would you want new customers to buy something, fill out a form or sign up for a newsletter? Whatever the case, your landing page should directly reflect this goal. Next, ask who you are competing against, and how have they gained success? Although you don’t want to copy your competitors, you can mimic their methods if they happen to be doing something that is working for them.

Once you have determined who you are competing against, and some methods you might take from them, you can ponder the question “who is my audience?” You’ll want your landing page to appeal to those who would be interested in your business or services. 

The more attentive you are towards your audience, the more you’ll be able to shift your content towards their needs. It’s hard to write convincing copy unless you know exactly who you are writing for.

Finally, ask how these customers may have found your landing page? When users arrive from specific pages on the web, whether that means from Facebook, Google or Twitter, the landing page they are linked to should differ. 

In an ideal world, you will tailor landing pages to suit the needs of each consumer group. However, that’s a difficult feat, so start with one custom landing page per campaign and go from there. 

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Tips for making a landing page that will get you clients

Now, you’ve determined the questions that need answering before starting your landing page, we can begin to think about the concrete ways in which you can execute an amazing landing page. The main point behind having a landing page is to drive customers towards your business or services, and for this reason, it must be persuasive.

A great landing page should be short, sweet and to the point in a way that offers consumers all the necessary information without overwhelming, and thus, driving them away. Make sure that visible content is of high quality. 

Thorough and confident content will be reflected in the consumer and will inspire faith in customers new and old. However, make sure that it is relevant information and not just a showy landing page without substance.

The main goal of a landing page is to funnel visitors on a path towards your goods or services, and therefore, there shouldn’t be too many ways for them to leave. It’s important to limit the use of hyperlinks or other exit points that veer away from your page. If you do include hyperlinks, make sure they lead back to relevant content.

Once you’ve got potential customers on your website, make the conversion from visitor to client as streamlined as possible. Design your landing page in a way that makes this easiest! If you need potential customers to fill out an online form, make sure it’s eye-catching, if there is something you need them to download, make sure this is noticeable and accessible.

Specifics to include on a great landing page

1- A catchy title

Start by creating an eye-catching headline that tells the consumer exactly what your offer is, as well as a sub-header that expands on the idea. If there is a value proposition, it should be included in the headline or sub-header. 

As we have already mentioned, the copy on your landing page should be engaging. However, you should use specific words to make your copy feel intimate and personal.

2- A precise vocabulary

Use language that helps a visitor to visualize using your products or services and associating this with positive or pleasurable emotions, and this is sometimes referred to as "hypnotic language."Another suggested step to take when designing a quality landing page is to make it all about the consumer. By this, we mean to let the consumer know exactly what you can do for them and how your services will benefit their existence.

3- An incitative

Further, consider offering something, whether that means a discount or free incentive. This will help your conversion rate grow exponentially. Remember, if you are including images or a video that describes your services, they should be of high resolution and of high quality. 

4- Interesting content and testimonies

Bright, eye-catching and fun content will entice visitors to stay on your landing page longer and create an overall better user experience. Lastly, alongside all your content, you should include raving testimonials. If you’ve been around the block and have some loyal and loving customers, see if they can provide you with anything to beef up the copy as well as the quality of your landing page. 

The creation of a landing page in a nutshell

Before the creation

  • determine the goal of you landing page: what do you wish the visitor do on it?
  • visit competitors websites et take example on their best methods
  • determine who's your audience
  • determine how visitors end up on your website

Tips to follow

  • include quality visual content
  • limit the utilisation of hyperlinks and others exit points
  • make the conversion process as simple as possible

What to include

  • a catchy title
  • a precise and evocative vocabulary
  • an incitative
  • customers testimonies

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