8 Web Marketing Techniques for a Salon or Barber
By helloDarwin
March 11, 2019

8 Web Marketing Techniques for a Salon or Barber

You are the proud owner of a hair salon or a barbershop and you want to promote it online? Well, you’re in the right place! The days when advertising was left for the newspaper is over, and a simple storefront display is no longer enough to attract the attention of customers. Instead, you must mark your presence on the web!

The visibility that can be gained from a proper web presence is essential for any company that wishes to stand out and carve a place within the market. But, how can you find ways to stand out from all the competition?

In this article, we present several strategies to highlight your business as well as several examples of hair salons and barbers who have these strategies wisely.

8 web marketing strategies for your hair salon or barbershop

1- Determine your target audience

Before diving headfirst into developing a web marketing strategy that’ll help you advertise your hair salon or barbershop, let’s start by establishing the interest of identifying your target audience. This is an essential preliminary step that will be the foundation of your entire process. From there, you can rest assured that the efforts invested will yield the expected results. 

2- Create a website

Although this recommendation seems obvious, we must absolutely include it in our list if only to try and convince those who haven’t gone through with it yet. Indeed, for those who still don’t have a website for their hair salon or barber, it’s essential to build one. 

But why exactly? There are plenty of reasons, but among them, let us first specify that a website is a source of information accessible at all times in all places. In addition, it allows you to present a range of your services or products without any of your employees lifting a finger. 

For those with a more traditional approach, let us go on to say that a website is easy and inexpensive to update, a feature that greatly contracts paper-based media. Additionally, given the ubiquity of the web in the daily lives of your customers and their consumption habits, a website offers you visibility of which you can’t deny the usefulness. 

To learn more about creating a website, read our article.

3- Develop an SEO strategy

A natural SEO strategy will allow your site to be spotted by search engines and bring you to potential customers. It’s important to have a site, but it’s just as important to make it visible to your target audience, otherwise, your efforts will be in vain. 

If necessary, consider using an SEO agency. This will make sure to put in place all the necessary parameters (integration of keywords, obtaining backlinks, good content structure, etc.) and will make your hair salon or barbershop website a headliner in search results.

4- Launch an email marketing campaign

In order for the different facets of your target audience to receive content that is specially dedicated to them, launching an email marketing campaign is an excellent idea. However, you’ll need to have a good database to avoid sending the same content to everyone. This practice is not recommended because it tends to cause disappointment. 

We should mention that it’s possible to plan your email marketing campaigns based on the actions of users, and therefore, it’s easier to meet specific needs such as tracking a delivery or offering a rewards program. 

5- Use social networks

In order to keep a close link with your target audience and to keep those interested in your company hooked, it’s crucial to have a social media presence. This will allow you to tell them about your new products, services or promotional offers that may be of interest.

The visibility offered by social networks is essential to any company that wants to make itself known and keep your customers interested. In addition, promotional content or contests published to your page will make it much easier to get leads. Sharing your content will be very useful when it comes to promoting your business.

6- Content marketing

Creating interesting and well-referenced content offers a multitude of benefits. Among these, let’s first mention the possibility of demonstrating the breadth of knowledge in your field.

In a second step, content which utilized good SEO practices will improve the positioning of your site in the search results. In addition, effective content marketing will undoubtedly bring in a good deal of traffic and help you to build a reputation on the web: consider posting about current trends, experts on your salon team or any valuable advice on daily hair care. 

7- Used paid references

Although this strategy is not sufficient in itself, paid referencing is an avenue to consider. Purchasing keywords through Google Adwords.is an effective way to allow your business to quickly gain a few echelons in search results. As conducting an Adwords campaign has some specifications, do not hesitate to work with an agency. 

8- Illustrate your success

In general, the best way to give your customers an idea of what it’s like to visit your salon while in the comfort of their home is to offer them proof beyond doubt that they won’t regret it. Whether on your website, your Facebook page or in your newsletter, don’t forget to include attractive visuals and find ways to highlight your expertise. Whether its cuts, dyes, or hairstyles, every opportunity is a good one to brag about your merits and attract additional customers.

4 examples of hair salons and barbers with a great content marketing strategy

1- Les Coiffeuses 

You may already know about Les Coiffeuse, as they were listed in Elle Quebec as one of the best salons in Quebec. Their social media presence is certainly an example to follow: photos that are simple and elegant, a constant presence and the presence of mind to respond quickly to information requests from potential customers.

Moreover, the tone of their facebook page contributes further to the charm of their company, that of a joviality and lightness, proving to us that one can be proud without falling into pretension.

2- Local B

A visit to the website of Local B, a salon to brag about on all sides, it enough to understand the reason for its growing popularity. It’s indeed with great aesthetic concern that Local B displays its success through an Instafolio, essentially a collection of photos published on Instagram. This features cuts, or hairstyles offered by the salon, as well as some clients. In terms of putting in value effectively, Local B found the winning recipe.

3- Glam Salon Boutique

Glam Salon Boutique has earned a leading position in the field of high-end hairstyling and bases its entire content strategy on showcasing its avant-garde character as well as its ability to express hairstyle trends. As a result, the salon’s target audience is clearly identified, which certainly allows capturing their attention fully.

4- M Coupe Beauté

The website of M Coupe Beauté salon perfectly illustrates why it’s essential to have a website. The site displays all that’s worth knowing about this hair salon: team members, services, photos, and news. Moreover, the news section displays all media outlets that mention the company. This offers a quick overview of the popularity and good moves of the company, without ever needing to leave the site.

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