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February 20, 2024

Top 5 Ways to Create a Good Corporate Video

One of the best ways for a growing company to reach new clients and gain visibility is to learn how to tell an engaging story. Storytelling might seem like it has little to do with business, but quite the opposite.
Creating content that engages with its viewers in a unique and entertaining way is an excellent device to bring in new clients, rather than just blatantly selling them something. In today’s technological climate, using corporate videos to communicate with consumers will help your business to grow and better understand its clients.
For smaller companies, taking on a corporate video might feel intimidating at first. As well, not every small or new business will have the funds to support an expensive corporate video. However, with a few basic tools and the right information, even the least savvy business owner can make a high-quality and creative corporate video. Want to find out how? We’ve got the lowdown below.

Here are the top 5 ways to create a good corporate video!

1- Choose a direction

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Not all corporate videos are made to serve the same purpose. Some are created to attract new clients while growing the visibility of your business, while others are in place to build brand awareness as well as potentially gaining new employees or partners. You may be looking to promote a specific product or the entirety of your business.
Regardless of the case, it is important to figure out what exactly you are looking to promote. Consider exactly what your company has to offer and start from there, thinking about the ways that you can express this is a video.
Get creative with your methods, thinking about utilizing customer feedback or testimonials from your current employees to entice new clients or employees. If you’re looking to highlight a product, consider a product overview or a full-blown business profile, helping prospective clients learn the ins and outs of your business.
A good corporate video will come down to great planning, but all that planning will need to begin with a focused direction.
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2- Planning is key

As we’ve mentioned, tight and focused planning of your corporate video is one of the keys to its' success. As a business owner, you may not consider yourself an artist but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to channel your creativity. Logistically, filmmaking can be tough, but there is plenty of overlap between running a business and making a corporate video.
If you’ve got the time management skills and planning down pat, we’re certain you can create something meaningful and engaging. Once you’ve come up with the direction and overall goal of your video, you can begin to put a plan together. Ask yourself some important questions including the following:
  • Who in your company will be contributing time and energy to the video?;
  • What resources will you need to look for outside of the company?;
  • What is the overall budget that you are allocating to the production?;
  • What is the timeline you are allowing for this project?.
Having a well-though-out and focused plan will make sure that no aspects of the corporate video are overlooked. These initial questions will allow you as well as those working with you on the video some structure in the consideration of what needs to get done, as well as who is going to do it and when it will happen.
Further, make sure that your corporate video is a joint effort, as this is far too large a project to take on yourself.
Have a meeting with employees you want to work with and ask them for suggestions regarding methods they would be interested in exploring. </p><p>Lastly, if there isn’t anyone in your company interested in expressing themselves creatively, it is advised that you consider hiring professionals to help get your corporate video up and running.

3- Consider concrete ways to engage an audience with your commercial video

Corporate video production
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Let’s be honest, finding ways to keep the interest of your prospective audience is half the battle of producing a corporate video. With a huge amount of content available on the internet, you’ll have to find a way to craft a corporate video that is engaging while providing an emotional pull for the audience you’re targeting.
Since the video production itself will take time, energy and money, it is recommended that you consider how to tell stories in the strongest and most relatable viable way.
As mentioned, one way to engage with clients is through current customer testimonials. Enlisting your current customers to participate in your video creation will also offer you a chance for more widely shared content. It is likely that a featured client will share your corporate video with their users, thus helping you to enlist their friends and family!
If you got some confident employees, get them in front of the camera to advocate for your company. If you’re working within a niche market, try using your corporate video to find a common thread between your product or business and everyday problems and issues. Converse with your team and ask them what they think makes engaging and quality content.

4- Quality over quantity

If you want your corporate video to increase your company visibility as well as having a larger impact on the success of your business, then it can’t be shot on your iPhone. Invest in your corporate videos as you would any other marketing effort.
The best way for your company to guarantee that your video is produced beautifully is to hire professionals. Not every company is able to afford to hire professionals, but if you’ve got a bit of a budget, shop around and look for video professionals.
Ask aligned business-owners or friends for their recommendations, making sure to complete ample research including reviews of their work. If you are hiring a professional, you’ll want to work with someone who can see your vision and turn it into a product in both production stages as well as the outcome. If you do choose to work alone, make sure to rent or purchase a professional grade camera. This will help you get as close to your creative vision as possible.

5- Share, share, share your corporate video

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Launching your video effectively will have a massive impact on how it is received, and in turn, how you can increase your visibility. The marketing and distribution of your corporate video are just as important as the production process itself. YouTube is one of the best places to host your videos, as it is one of the most widely used video hosting sites, and it holds a prominent place in Google searches.
Once you have found hosting for your video, you will need to find outlets to promote it. Think of all of your social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, your company site and even an e-mail list. This will give your corporate video the most visibility. Beyond social media, consider other ways to promote your corporate video. Try pitching it to publications or influencers in your industry and look for any channels that might be receptive to your corporate video!
Here are some examples of corporate videos that hit the mark:
: a funny video that perfectly reaches its target market.
: another fun and effective video.
: an explanatory video that has nothing boring about it!
: an animated video that sticks to the essential info and manages to remain captivating from start to end!
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