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By helloDarwin
September 19, 2018

The essential tools for corporate video production.

In today's digital age, video is taking center stage as the must-have online content, attracting attention and captivating web users in unprecedented ways. From instructional tutorials to personal narratives, this universal form of expression, video, is making its mark on the web. In this age of constant visualization, creating quality visual content is becoming a crucial skill, whether you're a passionate creator or a company looking to stand out in the online cacophony.
In this context, our aim is to guide you through the multitude of video tools available, offering total autonomy in the creation of visual content. Whether you're a novice looking to hone your skills or an ambitious company looking to strengthen your online presence, this article will immerse you in the varied world of video tools. By simplifying the process, our aim is to equip readers with the knowledge they need to produce compelling video content and captivate their audiences. Get ready to explore the captivating world where creativity and technology meet to bring memorable, engaging content to life.
As we've already mentioned in another article, video is an essential tool in web marketing, and all the signs are that it will become even more so in the years to come. The medium can be used for advertising, content marketing or to illustrate the steps in a process.
As a company, you need to grasp the full potential of video and use it to your advantage. Do you have a company Facebook page or Instagram account? You should know that video content generally achieves the best results in terms of engagement and conversion rates. This type of content is also very useful for websites and newsletters, where it helps to make the layout more dynamic and pleasant to consult.

Why make your own video ads?

The production of personalized videos is much more than the simple transmission of content; it's a winning strategy for captivating and building audience loyalty. One of the main advantages is the uniqueness of a custom-designed video. By infusing your identity and vision through every visual and audio element, you create an immersive experience, setting your content apart from the often uniform mass. This personalization extends beyond the simple message to reflect the authenticity of your voice and style, establishing an emotional connection with viewers.
The strength of this emotional connection translates directly into increased user engagement. They arouse interest, prompting the audience to become more involved by viewing the content for longer and reacting actively, whether through comments, shares, or concrete actions. By fostering a participative experience, you turn viewers into actors, establishing an engaged and loyal community.
From the point of view of online visibility, the benefits are equally substantial. Search engines and social algorithms often favor video content, placing it at the top of search results and news feeds. This increased visibility boosts brand awareness and has a positive impact on your online presence. In short, creating personalized videos represents a multidimensional strategy, combining creativity, authenticity and engagement to propel your message beyond conventional boundaries and strengthen your positioning in the digital world.
The aim of this article is to introduce you to tools that allow you to create your own corporate videos. In fact, there are a number of advantages to using these tools. For example, if you need them quickly, these tools will enable you to obtain a perfectly acceptable, if not excellent, result in a very short time. The software is easy to use and requires no special skills. If you don't mind that your video might look like those of other people using the same tools as you, this is a good option to consider.

Criteria for creating a good corporate video

Before embarking on the creative process, you should make sure you know more about the criteria you need to meet in order for your video to achieve its objectives. See our article How to create a good corporate video to find out more.

Here are the best software packages for creating your corporate videos:

Free video editing software

  • DaVinci Resolve : A Powerful Editing Suite with Comprehensive Options
DaVinci stands out as a complete and professional editing suite, offering advanced features for filmmakers, content creators and industry professionals. With an intuitive user interface, DaVinci Resolve effectively combines editing, color grading, visual effects and audio post-production tools, all in a single package.
DaVinci Resolve's strengths :
Its strengths lie in its rich functionality:
  1. Professional Color Grading: The software is renowned for its advanced color grading capabilities, offering exceptional precision in color correction and manipulation.
  2. Advanced editing: DaVinci Resolve offers comprehensive video editing tools, with options for trimming, merging and adding special renders, meeting the needs of a wide range of projects.
  3. Visual Effects and Audio Post-Production: The suite also integrates advanced features for visual effects and audio post-production, consolidating the entire video creation process into a single software package.
  4. Integrated workflow: The seamless integration of all production stages improves workflow efficiency, enabling editors to move easily from one stage to the next without the need for multiple software packages.
Weaknesses of DaVinci Resolve :
However, certain limitations remain:
  1. Steep learning curve: Due to its wide variety of options, DaVinci Resolve can present a steep learning curve for novice creators.
  2. High hardware requirements: The software's advanced features may require high hardware specifications, which could be restrictive for some users with less powerful equipment.
All in all, DaVinci Resolve positions itself as a complete solution, ideal for those looking for a professional suite integrating all phases of video production. Its advanced options make it a powerful choice for demanding projects, although the learning curve and higher hardware requirements may represent initial challenges for some creators.
Important points to remember :
  • Comprehensive, professional editing suite.
  • Exceptional color calibration.
  • Full integration of production steps.
  • Strong learning curve.
  • High hardware requirements.
  • iMovie: Apple's Intuitive Editor for Accessible Creation
iMovie is Apple's user-friendly editing software for Mac and iOS device users only. Aimed primarily at novice Mac users, the application offers an intuitive workspace that simplifies the editing process.
iMovie's strengths:
Its strengths lie in its ease of use:
  1. Intuitive interface: The workspace is carefully designed to offer a user-friendly experience, making it easy for novice users to navigate and understand.
  2. Integrated Media Library: iMovie features an integrated media library that simplifies storage and access to multimedia files, making it easy to organize the elements needed for video editing.
  3. Preconfigured effects and themes: The software offers predefined visual renders, themes and transitions, enabling editors to give their videos a professional look without requiring advanced expertise.
  4. Integration with other Apple products: iMovie integrates seamlessly with other Apple products, making it easy to share projects between different Apple devices and applications.
iMovie's weaknesses:
However, it does have some limitations:
  1. Limited advanced options: Experienced editors may find the advanced options limited, as it focuses more on simplicity than feature complexity.
  2. Restricted Customization: While the pre-configured themes and effects are handy, some creators might feel a limitation in the advanced customization of their content.
In conclusion, iMovie stands out as an accessible video tool, ideal for novice creators or those looking to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and options tailored to basic needs make it an attractive choice for those who value simplicity.
Important points to remember :
  • User-friendly software from Apple (and Mac users).
  • Intuitive graphics environment for beginners.
  • Limited advanced options.
  • Efficient integration with other Apple products.
  • Ideal for quick and easy editing projects.
  • VSDC: The Free, Versatile Editor for Creative Projects
This free, versatile software stands out for its extensive feature set, rivaling some of the payware on the market. Adapted to Windows, it offers a complete range of editing tools, suitable for novices and advanced users alike.
VSDC strengths:
Its strengths lie in its advanced features and versatility:
  1. Free Advanced Editing: it offers advanced options such as masking, color correction and distortion correction at no cost, making it a powerful option with no purchase price.
  2. Extensive format support: The software supports a variety of video, audio and image formats, offering great flexibility in the choice of media to edit.
  3. Customizable Effects and Transitions: Allows in-depth customization of renders, transitions and filters, giving editors complete creative control over their project.
  4. High Resolution Export: With the ability to export videos in high resolution, it ensures optimal rendering even for demanding projects.
VSDC weaknesses:
However, there are a few points worth noting:
  1. Initial learning curve: Because of its advanced options, it may have an initial learning curve for novice editors.
  2. Less Intuitive Interface: Some editors may find the workspace less intuitive compared to other more popular software.
Conclusion: In short, VSDC positions itself as a free, robust option for those seeking advanced options without sacrificing their wallet. With its extensive tools, support for multiple formats, and high-quality export capabilities, it's a viable solution for a variety of creative projects.
Important points to remember :
  • Free editor with advanced features.
  • Extensive support for different multimedia.
  • Customizable animations and transitions.
  • Initial learning curve for beginners.
  • Interface may be less intuitive for some users.
  • Shotcut: The Free, Versatile Editor for All Levels
Shotcut stands out as a free, open-source video editor that offers a wide range of options, making it a powerful choice for content creators and amateur filmmakers alike. Available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS and Linux, it combines an accessible graphics environment with advanced tools.
Shotcut's strengths:
Its strengths lie in its versatility and features:
  1. Open Source and Free: As open source software, it's accessible to all designers at no cost, making it a cost-effective option for those looking for advanced features without spending money.
  2. Modular interface: Its modular workspace offers flexible customization, allowing users to organize panels according to their specific needs and preferences.
  3. Extensive format support: Shotcut supports a variety of file types, making manipulation of diverse media types simple and convenient.
  4. Advanced video-editing features: it offers advanced options such as masking, image stabilization and multi-track editing, meeting the requirements of complex projects.
Shotcut's weaknesses:
There are, however, a number of limitations:
  1. Learning curve: Due to its rich functionality, it can have an initial learning curve for beginners new to editing.
  2. Initially Complex Interface: Some users may find the graphical environment complex at first, requiring adaptation time to master all features.
In conclusion, Shotcut positions itself as a comprehensive and flexible video editor, ideal for those seeking advanced options without having to pay for a license. Its open source status encourages the community to contribute to its ongoing improvement, making it an attractive option for a variety of creative projects.
Important points to remember :
  • Free open source software.
  • Modular workspace for optimal customization.
  • Advanced video editing options.
  • Initial learning curve for beginners.
  • Graphical environment may initially seem complex to some users.

Paid video software

Adobe Premiere Pro is the undisputed leader in professional video editing, offering a complete suite of tools for filmmakers, content creators and audiovisual experts. Available on Windows and macOS platforms, the software is prized for its advanced features and seamless integration with other Adobe products.
The strengths of Adobe Premiere Pro :
Its major strengths lie in its wealth of options and professional status:
  1. Full Suite of Tools: Premiere Pro offers a complete range of video editing tools, including advanced editing, special effects and sound post-production options.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud integration: Integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite offers seamless interoperability with other software such as After Effects and Photoshop, making it easy to create a consistent workflow.
  3. Extensive format support: With extensive support for video, audio and image types, the software guarantees maximum flexibility for the manipulation of diverse media.
  4. Stability and performance: Adobe Premiere Pro is renowned for its stability and performance, even in complex projects requiring advanced resource management.
Weaknesses of Adobe Premiere Pro :
However, a few weak points can be noted:
  1. High cost: this is a paid-for software package, which can represent a barrier for creators on a limited budget.
  2. Learning curve: Due to its rich functionality, learning Premiere Pro in its entirety can take time, which can be a challenge for beginners.
Conclusion: In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Pro remains the preferred choice of industry professionals for its comprehensive toolset and unquestionable reliability. Although its cost can be an obstacle, the advanced features and stability offered justify its status as the benchmark in the editing world.
Important points to remember :
  • Complete suite of professional editing tools.
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud for a smooth workflow.
  • Exceptional stability and performance.
  • High cost as paid software.
  • Initial learning curve for novices.
Adobe After Effects: The Power of Film Post-Production
Adobe After Effects is the essential software for film post-production. Designed to complement video projects created in Premiere Pro, After Effects offers an array of advanced tools for visual artists, animators and editing professionals.
Adobe After Effects strengths:
The major strengths of After Effects lie in its unique capabilities and synergy with other Adobe products:
  • Advanced Visual Effects: After Effects excels in the creation of sophisticated visual animation, enabling editors to generate stunning animations, 3D compositions and special effects.
  • Seamless integration with Premiere Pro: Tight integration with Premiere Pro simplifies workflow, allowing users to switch easily between platforms, ensuring consistency and efficiency in post-production.
  • Text and graphics animation: The software offers advanced tools for text and graphics animation, providing extensive creative freedom for the creation of animated titles and graphic elements.
  • Extensive plug-ins and scripts: The active After Effects community has developed numerous plug-ins and scripts, further extending the software's functionality to meet specific needs.
Adobe After Effects weaknesses:
However, there are a few weak points to consider:
  1. Learning curve: Due to its complexity and diversity of features, After Effects can present a steep learning curve, especially for novices.
  2. High Material Requirements: Manipulating advanced visual effects can require substantial computing resources, necessitating powerful hardware.
In conclusion, Adobe After Effects remains an essential choice for advanced visual post-production. Its seamless integration with Premiere Pro, powerful tools and animation potential make After Effects an indispensable tool for video creation professionals.
Important points to remember :
  • Cinematic post-production tool for advanced visual effects.
  • Seamless integration with Premiere Pro for a seamless workflow.
  • Extensive text and graphics animation capabilities.
  • Steep learning curve, especially for beginners.
  • High hardware requirements for smooth handling of advanced options.
HitFilm : The Efficient Fusion of Video Editing and Visual Effects
HitFilm stands out as an all-in-one editing software, skillfully fusing standard editing with advanced visual rendering features. Designed to meet the needs of amateur filmmakers and ambitious content creators alike, it offers a complete solution for the production of animation-rich videos.
HitFilm's strengths:
Its strengths lie in its versatility and unique combination of video editing:
  • Complete Video Editing: Offers comprehensive video editing tools, including editing, titling and effects features, providing an all-in-one solution for video creation.
  • Professional Visual Effects: The software excels in the creation of professional visual effects, enabling editors to integrate explosions, 3D animations and other advanced visual elements into their projects.
  • 3D Integration and Animation: It offers advanced 3D integration and animation options, giving creators the ability to realize complex visual sequences.
  • Affordable price: Compared with other software offering similar features, it offers a more affordable option, making it an attractive choice for users with tighter budgets.
HitFilm's weaknesses:
However, a few weak points can be noted:
  1. Learning curve: Due to its rich functionality, HitFilm can present an initial learning curve, especially for novice designers.
  2. Hardware-dependent performance: Advanced features may require substantial hardware resources, which may affect performance on less powerful configurations.
In short, HitFilm presents itself as a complete solution for those seeking both comprehensive video tools and advanced visual effects options. Its affordable price and solid performance make it an attractive option for ambitious content creators.
Important points to remember :
  • All-in-one software combining video editing and visual effects.
  • Excellent professional visual effects options.
  • 3D integration and advanced animation.
  • Affordable price compared with similar alternatives.
  • Initial learning curve and hardware-dependent performance.
Filmora: The Accessible Video Editor for Creative Projects
Filmora, developed by Wondershare, stands out as a user-friendly video editing software, suitable for novice users looking to create quality videos without requiring in-depth technical expertise. With its intuitive interface and basic functionality, Filmora is particularly aimed at novice content creators.
Filmora's strengths :
Filmora's strengths lie in its simplicity and accessibility:
  • Intuitive interface: Filmora offers a user-friendly workspace, making it easy for novice creators to navigate and understand.
  • Integrated Media Library: The software features an integrated media library, offering resources such as titles, transitions and music to simplify the creative process.
  • Easy Video Editing: With simple video editing tools, Filmora lets you trim, cut, add effects and make adjustments without requiring advanced expertise.
  • Creative options: Despite its simplicity, Filmora offers creative options such as filters, graphics and overlays to personalize videos.
Filmora's weaknesses:
However, there are a few limitations to consider:
  1. Limited functionality: Filmora may be limited for advanced editors looking for more advanced editing and effects options.
  2. Restricted file formats: Support for certain file types may be limited, compared to more advanced software.
  3. Paid watermark removal license: Although it offers a free version, some advanced options require the purchase of a license.
In conclusion, Filmora is an ideal solution for beginners looking for simple, effective video editing software for basic creative projects. Its accessibility, intuitive workspace and user-friendly options make it a popular choice for those new to video editing.
Important points to remember :
  • User-friendly video software for novice creators.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Integrated media library to simplify creation.
  • Limited options for advanced editors.
  • Creative options despite simpler ones.
Lightworks: The Professional Video Editor for Cinematic Creation
Lightworks stands out as professional video editing software for filmmakers, audiovisual professionals and film creation enthusiasts. With a comprehensive range of options and a well-established reputation in the industry, this editing software offers a powerful solution for video production.
Lightworks strengths:
Its strengths lie in its advanced options and professional use:
  • Full Suite of Professional Tools: it offers a complete suite of skilled video editing tools, including editing, color correction, image stabilization and much more.
  • Extensive format support: the software supports a wide range of video types, guaranteeing maximum flexibility in handling diverse media.
  • Advanced editing features: it offers advanced multi-track editing options, enabling users to complete complex projects with precision.
  • High Resolution Export: The ability to export videos in high resolution ensures optimal rendering for cinematic projects.
Weaknesses of Lightworks :
However, there are a few weak points to consider:
  1. Learning curve: Because of its advanced options, it can have an initial learning curve, requiring time for complete mastery.
  2. Paid license for certain features: Although it offers a free version, some advanced options require the purchase of a license.
In short, Lightworks is an essential choice for experts seeking to create high-performance cinematographic projects. Its advanced options, extensive video type support and professional use make it a preferred tool in the video creation industry.
Important points to remember :
  • Professional video software for film creation.
  • Comprehensive suite of advanced editing and correction tools.
  • Extensive video type support for maximum flexibility.
  • Initial learning curve due to advanced features.
  • Paid license for certain advanced features.

Video editing on the phone

CapCut: The Intuitive Mobile Video Editor for Instant Creation
CapCut, developed by Bytedance, stands out as a mobile video editing application, offering a simple and intuitive solution for creators looking to create engaging videos directly from their mobile device. With user-friendly features and a workspace adapted to touch screens, CapCut aims to make it easy to create quality visual content.
CapCut's strengths :
CapCut's strengths lie in its accessibility and mobile orientation:
  • Mobile-friendly interface: CapCut is specially designed for mobile devices, offering an intuitive touch interface for convenient editing from smartphones.
  • Easy editing features: The application offers basic editing options such as trimming, adding music, and effects options for a simplified editing experience.
  • Varied effects and filters: CapCut offers a wide range of effects, filters and transitions to enable users to personalize their videos and add a creative touch.
  • Direct Sharing: CapCut facilitates instant sharing of videos on social media platforms directly from the application.
CapCut's weaknesses:
However, there are a few limitations to note:
  1. Limited Functionality for Complex Projects: For complex video projects requiring advanced options, CapCut can show its limitations compared to more robust desktop editing software.
  2. Screen Size Constraints: Video editing on a phone screen can be limited in terms of accuracy and comfort, especially for detailed projects.
Conclusion: In conclusion, CapCut is positioned as a practical mobile solution for fast, creative video editing. Its accessibility, easy-to-use options and focus on direct sharing make it an ideal option for mobile users looking to create visual content quickly.
Important points to remember :
  • Intuitive mobile video editing application.
  • Touchscreen-friendly interface for convenient editing.
  • Basic editing options for a simplified experience.
  • Limitations for complex video projects.
  • Ideal for quick edits and direct sharing on social networks.
Instagram Video Editor: Instant Creativity for Social Networks
It stands out as a tool integrated into the social media platform, offering a fast, intuitive solution for creating compelling video content. Designed specifically to meet the needs of Instagram users, the app aims to simplify the video editing process for quick, visually captivating shares.
Instagram Video Tools strengths:
Its strengths lie in its user-friendliness and straightforward integration:
  1. Seamless integration with Instagram: Instagram's video editing platform is directly integrated with the Instagram platform, allowing editors to create and share their creations without leaving the app.
  2. Simplified Editing Features: The interface is designed to be simple, offering basic editing capabilities such as trimming, adding music and effects for a fast user experience.
  3. Creative options for Stories and Reels: The interface offers specific options for Stories and Reels, with options tailored to Instagram.
  4. Easy sharing on the Platform: Once the video has been created, sharing on Instagram is simplified, allowing creators to instantly share their creations with their audience.
Weaknesses of Instagram's Video Editor:
However, there are a few limitations to consider:
  1. Limited Functionality Compared to Dedicated Tools: Compared to dedicated video editing software, it offers more limited options, aimed at a quick editing experience.
  2. Oriented Primarily for Social Content: The platform is focused on the specific needs of social networks, which may restrict its possibilities for more complex video projects.
Conclusion: In conclusion, Instagram's video tool positions itself as an ideal tool for the rapid creation of visual social content. Its ease of use, direct integration with the platform and specific options for Stories and Reels make it an effective option for Instagram users looking for instant video creation.
Important points to remember:
  • Integrated directly into the Instagram platform.
  • Simplified editing options for a fast experience.
  • Creative options tailored to Stories and Reels.
  • Easy sharing on Instagram.
  • Limitations for more complex video projects compared to dedicated software.
TikTok Video Editor: Playful Creation for Instant Success
The TikTok video app stands out as a tool integrated into the social media platform, offering a playful, intuitive experience for creating short, engaging video content. Designed to meet the specific needs of TikTok creators, it aims to simplify the editing process for videos that quickly captivate audiences.
TikTok Video Editor's strengths:
Its strengths lie in its user-friendliness and direct integration with the platform:
  • Seamless integration with TikTok: The platform is directly integrated with the TikTok application, enabling editors to create, edit and share their creations without having to leave the platform.
  • Short-form editing features: Designed for short sequences, the platform offers fast and fun editing features, such as special effects, filters and audio synchronization options.
  • Music and Sound Library: The platform offers access to a vast library of popular music and sounds, making it easy to create videos synchronized with musical trends.
  • Creative Effects and Challenges: Creators can explore a variety of built-in creative effects and take part in TikTok challenges directly from within the application.
TikTok Video Editor weaknesses:
However, there are a few limitations to consider:
  1. Limited functionality for more complex projects: The platform is optimized for short formats, which may limit its options for more elaborate video projects.
  2. Primarily Social Content Oriented: The platform is specifically designed for TikTok's needs, which may restrict its usefulness for other platforms or project types.
In conclusion, the TikTok video editing platform proves to be an essential tool for creators looking to immerse themselves in TikTok culture with captivating creations. Its simplicity, short-form options and seamless integration with TikTok make it an effective choice for content creators on this platform.
Important points to remember :
  • Integrated directly into the TikTok application.
  • Fast, fun editing options for short formats.
  • Integrated music and sound library.
  • Creative effects and challenges available.
  • Limitations for more complex video projects compared with dedicated software.

Why use an expert in corporate video creation at all?

In the preceding paragraphs, we've outlined the various tools you can use to create your own videos. That said, they are far from replacing the expertise of a professional videographer or animation designer. If you need a simple video and you're not concerned about originality, you'll be satisfied with the features offered by the aforementioned tools. On the other hand, if you use the services of a videographer or production company, here are some interesting advantages to consider:
  • Creativity;
  • Experience
  • Efficiency;
  • The strategy you can establish together.
To find out more about why you should work with an expert for your project, read our article: Corporate videos: why hire an agency?
Want to get an idea of the cost of a corporate video created for your company? Here's our article: How much does a corporate video cost?
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