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June 06, 2023

How Much Does A Corporate Video Motion Design Cost?

Are you looking to create a corporate video for your business but unsure about the costs involved? Do you wonder how much it would cost to create a motion design for your brand? If you're planning to allocate funds for your marketing and advertising expenses, then it's essential to know the costs involved in creating a corporate video motion design.
Creating a corporate video can be an investment in the future of your business. Not only does it showcase your brand, but it also helps engage prospective customers and clients. However, it's important to understand that the cost of creating a corporate video motion design can vary based on several factors. In this article, we take a closer look at the elements that influence the cost of a corporate video motion design. 

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is an exciting field of visual design that uses moving elements to create engaging, visually stimulating experiences. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from creating explainer videos and animations to enhancing live-action footage with special effects.
Motion graphic video production is all about combining art and technology to bring stories and concepts to life. By collaborating with talented graphic designers, animators, editors, and other creatives such as voiceover artists, businesses can craft stunning visuals that capture their audience’s attention. A professional motion graphics studio has the resources necessary to develop custom motion graphic videos.
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What Is The Average Rate Of A Motion Graphic Designer?

Average motion graphics hourly rates vary according to factors such as the artist's skill level and experience, production company size, and whether the project is handled by an independent motion design studio or freelancer. Rates tend to start at around $50 per hour but could increase up to $200 or more.
Motion graphic artists are highly sought after for their motion design skills. Companies often hire motion graphic designers to create promotional materials or advertisements and the cost of hiring one can vary greatly depending on skill level and experience.

How Much Do Motion Graphics Cost?

The cost of motion graphic services varies greatly depending on the complexity of the project, the level of expertise and experience of the designer, and the length of the final product. On average, basic motion graphics may cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000, while more complex projects can range from $10,000 to $50,000 or more. 
Factors that can impact the cost include the number of revisions, the number of video elements, and the amount of time required for the designer to create the graphics. It is important to get quotes from multiple designers to compare prices and services to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
Here's a look at there key elements that affect how much your motion design videos will cost:
  1. Types of animation: From 2D character animation to the creation of 3D elements and digital landscapes, each type of animation has its own price tag. Flat-design animation is generally less expensive than 3D animation.
  2. Video pop: Opting for trendy effects like kinetic typography and other graphic treatments could add to costs. Product marketing goals may come into play here. Depending on the desired outcome, this could mean additional costs in terms of script writing, voiceover talent, and other elements.
  3. Complexity: The time required to create complex visuals will drive up the overall cost. Product videos featuring complex concepts tend to have higher budgets than those with simpler themes or messages. Additionally, some motion graphic styles require more work than others.
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What Are Motion Graphics Used For?

Motion graphics is a powerful tool used to create visually engaging, animated videos. They offer immense potential for making unique and complex video content that stands out from typical static graphic designs or imagery. When it comes to using motion graphics in your projects, there really is no limit to what you can do.
Motion graphics can be used for many purposes, from explainer videos and marketing videos to making 3D characters come to life through the art of animation. Visual effects such as lighting, texture mapping, shadows, reflections, and color grading also play a major role in the creation of motion graphics animations. Top-rated motion graphics studios can create videos that attract attention, add depth to your message, and craft stories that appeal to viewers’ emotions, all while providing stunning visual enhancements that draw people into your concept or brand message.

Different Costs Associated With A Motion Graphics Project

Average costs
Pre-production costs
Planning, scripting, storyboarding, and concept development.
$1,500 - $5,000
Creative costs
Cost of hiring a creative team, such as motion graphics designers, animators, illustrators, sound designers, and writers.
$75 - $250 per hour or $1,500 - $10,000 flat project rates
Production costs
Actual production of the motion graphics project, including animation, editing, sound design, and special effects.
5 000 $ - 20 000 $ +
Coûts de post-production
Touches finales apportées au projet d'animation graphique, telles que l'étalonnage, le mixage audio et le mastering.
$2,500 - $10,000+
Licensing costs
Cost of licensing any third-party assets used in the project, such as music, stock footage, or sound effects.
Variable (depends on asset and terms of license)
Distribution costs
Cost of distributing the motion graphics project, such as hosting fees or advertising costs.
Variable (depends on platform and marketing strategy)
Revisions and changes
Cost of any revisions or changes made to the project after it has been completed.
$75 - $250 per hour

How Much Does A Corporate Video Motion Design Cost By Provider Type?

Provider Type
Hourly Rate Range
Project Cost Range
Boutique Animation Studios
Large Animation Studios

What Are The Major Factors That Influence Video Production Budgets?

There are several factors that can influence video production budgets. Video production houses take these into account when creating estimates for potential clients.


Pre-production includes concept development, client reviews, and purchase decisions that must be made before the shoot day. A good budget should include enough funds for pre-production, as doing so provides services like concept design, storyboarding, scriptwriting, and other activities necessary for a successful end product. Getting adequate resources from the beginning helps avoid costly revisions later on in the editing stage.
An effective pre-production plan prepares you for success further down the line by making sure all details have been taken care of prior to shooting; this saves time and money while still guaranteeing quality results. Investing wisely in pre-production allows you to bring your vision to life with ease and confidence, ensuring your final product meets or exceeds expectations.

Video Agency Experience

One thing to take into account when working with an established agency is their level of expertise within the industry. Working with a motion graphics production company that is well founded and experienced in animation production and motion design can be beneficial when it comes to producing corporate video motion designs.
Finding a motion graphics company that understands both your vision and budget is essential when creating a successful corporate video motion design. This can provide clients with confidence that their work will be done correctly and efficiently. Additionally, working with a professional studio that understands the current trends within the motion design industry helps create pieces that stand out amongst the competition.

Custom Animation

Custom animation can be used for explainer videos or any other type of corporate video motion design. Custom graphic animations provide a vibrant, engaging look that brings even the most complicated topics and elements to life. Several factors influence the cost of custom motion graphics video projects. The complexity of the project and any premium rates associated with certain services will affect how much you spend on bringing your ideas to life through these video types.
Here is a list of some of the things you should consider when budgeting for custom animation:
  • Animated explainer videos: These require more time and resources than simpler projects because they need to include voice-overs, sound effects, music, etc.
  • Video production: Professional equipment and services may increase motion graphics video costs significantly.
  • Challenging tasks: Depending on what kind of visuals you want to be included in your video, graphic designers may charge higher fees for their work.
  • Explainer video cost: Complex topics often require extra attention from animators so make sure you factor this into the overall price tag before committing.


Editing is an important step in the video animation process. When you work with a motion graphic agency, they provide you with experienced editors who understand how to make the most out of your project's elements and characters. Editing helps ensure everything looks perfect and makes sure all details meet the specifications outlined by the client.


Voiceover can be used in various types of videos such as animation, graphic video production, interactive music video, etc. Whether you're making an Internet video or are producing video content as part of a marketing strategy, It's important to ensure you get a quality voice that fits your product. Factors such as the type of script and length will determine how much you pay for a voice actor or vocal artist. The complexity of the delivery style may also affect the price as variations like accent, tone, and pace all require different levels of experience.

Motion Graphic Services

Handling the animation production process alongside an experienced team will make sure that you get the most out of your project and create something truly unique. At HelloDarwin, we can connect you to top-tier video production companies ready to bring your video ideas to life. Whether you're creating a single short-form video or an entire production, you can use our vast network and expertise to find the right video production company for your specific needs.
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