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April 09, 2024

3D Animation: How to Use it

We best know 3D animation for its role in animated film, giving life to colourful characters. Of course, it didn’t take long for this tool to stand out in other areas such as advertising and marketing. But in actuality, what is its benefit and potential for companies and why decide to use it? Without waiting any longer for an answer, here we offer some insight into the various benefits of 3D animation when used by a business.

3D animation: from possibility to possibility

1- Explain and animate the use of a product

Of course, the way a product works can be easily explained through words or a brochure. Nevertheless, is there a better way to get the point across? Seemingly more evocative than a collection of lengthy explanations, which tend to generate a lot of sighs, 3D animation has the potential to clearly indicate to buyers the specific ways to use a product.
Everything is clearly presented in front of your eyes and takes place in real-time. This simplifies the explanation process a lot. Moreover, it has the ability to show various functions of the marketed product as well as the benefits the buyer can derive from it.

2- Test out a new design

In the field of marketing, animation has a world of possibilities. First, let’s say that the creation of an animated short can be used for market research purposes, testing the reaction of the public in relation to new packaging or the new design of a product. Following comments, concerns and suggestions made, it’s then possible to modify the initial design without wasting time and money promoting a product that cannot meet the expectations of your customer base.
Apart from this external use, we should also mention that 3D animation is used in the early phases of product design, and thus, makes possible the development of a design that takes into account all its facets. Moreover, for those who wish to present a product before it is officially released, 3D animation is the perfect solution for doing so. A presentation in this form certainly fuels the interest in the arrival of your product in-store, while drawing more attention in the direction of your business.

3- Highlight the emotional dimensions of a product

In the same way a movie or short film can, a well-designed 3D animation has the ability to move and create a reaction. Working in a more dynamic way than with traditional advertising, 3D animation makes it possible for the viewer to experience something that’s more able to both capture and maintain their attention. By staging a product or service within a particular context, 3D animation can be used to create a story and accentuate the emotional dimension of an advertisement.
With such compelling appeal, it goes without saying that the informative content as conveyed through 3D animation is more likely to stick, rather than sink into oblivion. On the same note, an interesting 3D animation marketing campaign will offer a better chance of word of mouth marketing.

4- Enhance the design of products

A quick reflection on the wide range of products available on the market will offer insight that in fact, some are simply unattractive. So, when working with an unattractive product, how can you create visual interest for your customers? Creating a 3D animation will help to challenge marketing unattractive products including home appliances, tools and so forth.

5- Create a theme

3D animation makes it possible to place a product or service within a specific context, and it’s important to recognize the power inherent in this. Indeed, the staging of a product allows for the creation of a theme surrounding it. In doing so, it’s possible to frame it in the context of a universe, which will have the effect of defining it beyond its personality. This will allow you to change the perception that people have about a product. Not to mention, the marketing of your product will now be tinged with a form of originality, which is generally favourable to popularizing it.

6- Illustrate the design phases of a project

Architects and building experts are well aware that the development of a project as major as the design of a building will require detailed plans. But, how can you offer life to these plans? This is where 3D animation comes into play. The latter makes it possible to give life to all different plans and offer a visualization of the various stages of its realization. Then, it’s easier to have a global vision of the project as well as a realistic overview once it's completed.

How much does 3D animation cost?

As is the case with many projects, the price you pay will vary according to its complexity. 3D animation obviously does not live outside of this rule. If the project you want to carry out is similar to that of a corporate video, then you’ll pay a standard price. Though, the more complex the project, the more it will cost. Indeed, we can estimate that the cost for a standard corporate video will cost between $85 to $175 per hour. For the editing of a 3D animated video, it’s important to continue to review the cost. The cost for this will be between $100 and $300.
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