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November 24, 2023

The Creation of a Business Logo : 14 essential tips

A true hallmark of your company, your logo is meant to be the visual catalyst of your ideas and the representation of your aspirations as a company. When designing the logo, you will have to think of a multitude of aspects simultaneously, which can cause you a few headaches.

In order to guide you through the process, here is all you need to know about creating your company logo.

What is the purpose of a company logo?

Above all else, it helps to understand the role of the logo. What is it for? A logo is often a brand's symbol. It evokes the mission, the values and philosophy of a company. It stands out due to its colour, shape and the message it shares. Through its image, a company is able to attract people and convince them that it has the solution to their problems. 

A logo wants to stand out and anchor itself in peoples' imagination in order to create a positive image that reflects the positive service that is offered by the company.  For example, we can recognize that Apple or Nike have been able to implement a strong visual identity over the years. They have evolved whilst adapting to trends in different eras. Their logos create sense and value for the company.

Define your needs

In order to design a logo this is representative of your company, start by answering a few questions:

  • In which sector do you work?
  • What are your long-term development goals?
  • What values do you want to promote?
  • What ideas or terms do you want to see associated with your business?
  • What image of your company do you want to convey?
  • What are the symbols or graphics that appeal to you in your field of activity?

The characteristics of a good company logo

At this stage, you have a vague idea of what you want. In order to decide if you should go ahead with the realization of your logo, ask yourself if this one is:

Simple and easily identifiable

Stick with simplicity while developing a design that is sufficiently original and distinct so that it sticks in the minds of viewers and potential clients easily. Be imaginative and do not be afraid to go against the current; your audacity will allow you to mark the spirits and all will remember your logo. However, avoid the effects of light or other design elements to create a relief effect. 

The idea of simplicity also refers to the typography of the logo, always allowing for the quick identification of your typeface and as a result, your logo. Nevertheless, feel free to use a mixture of bold and italic without a problem. However, it is best to avoid choosing more than two fonts for your logo. In order for consumers to quickly grasp what marketplace you’re working in, try to subtly suggest it with your logo.

Make your logo stand out from the competition

If your competitors have a business profile similar to yours, you will need to be vigilant about the risk of developing a logo that is too similar to theirs. Once you have a rough idea of a logo that suits you, compare it to your competitors. Not only must the visual aspect be distinctive, but it must evoke unique ideas and concepts.


Are you aiming for an international market?  If so, you must make sure that the translation of your concept can be easily transposed into a foreign language or identifiable within that culture. This will allow you to have as strong an impact abroad as in your own country. Therefore, pay attention to choose a logo which works universally.


In another regard, you should keep in mind that your logo will be available on a large number of media as well as in different formats. Therefore, it must be easily adaptable without the need for changes to maintain its aesthetic qualities. For your logo to be well represented in a variety of formats, use a vector drawing program. Illustrator is fairly standard and is the most commonly used.


Of course, it may be tempting to enter into this project by taking advantage of what’s on trend and current in the world of design or in your current marketplace, relating it back to your company logo. However, more thought is needed when it comes to creating a company logo. A company logo, unlike the logo of a product, must be timeless. Since most products gain recognition at a certain point in time, it is only logical that they take advantage of the influences of their time.

However, a corporate logo must mark the spirits in a way that is sustainable. If you are hoping for members of your audience to have your logo in mind and to be able to easily identify it for many years to come, it is important to avoid embracing the trends of the era. Unfortunately, this would not allow you to survive the passage of time.

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Stay true to the values of your company

Lastly, keep in mind that your logo should reflect the values of your company. If the perception people have of it contrasts with the image you want your company to convey, ask for advice to make adjustments to your concept. In addition, if the values of your company do not show enough through your logo, consider making changes to the latter to increase its evocative power.

How much does a company logo cost?

The price of a logo will vary greatly and will depend first on who you choose to create it. If you’re dealing with a freelance graphic designer, you can pay anywhere between $10 and $500. Everything depends on the expertise of the designer as well as his location. If you choose to have your logo designed abroad, the price will be lower than that which a local graphic designer may charge.

In the case that you decide to work with an agency, the prices will most likely be anywhere from $500 to $2000. 

How to choose colours for your company logo?

Finally, it should be noted that the choice of colours must be coherent for several reasons. In the first place, the colours selected must be similar to those used in the content of your Facebook page and of your website in order to create a continuity in your marketing strategy.

Some tips for creating your logo

source: Wikimedia 

Use negative space

Negative space, which is not used in the illustration, can be used to create a second image by way of the space created by the original image. One of the best examples of this is the FedEx logo. The negative space between the E and the X forms an arrow, which clearly evokes the sending of a package. It is, therefore, possible to see two images in one.

Use double meanings

It is a visually interesting concept to explore the double meaning of an image. But what is meant by double meaning? To illustrate this concept in a way that is not too abstract, take the example of the NBC peacock. While the majority of us pay little attention to the peacock’s head, its position is not unimportant.

It is not by chance that the peacock looks to the right: it looks to the future to project the image of the company in the future and to mark its evolution over time. Not that this version is very different from the previous version where the head looked in the opposite direction.

The clever use of the double meaning can work to illustrate the creative power and ingenuity of a company while refining the meaning of the image.

The mistakes to avoid when creating your logo

Among the possible mistakes you must avoid at all costs, let’s first point out the use of a monogram. Of course, you will be tempted to highlight the fact that some large companies have chosen this strategy. While its true that we can recognize each of them easily thanks to their monogram, it is important to understand that these companies have gained a lot of notoriety in their respective market over time.

It was after this increase in popularity that they were able to afford to change their first logo into a monogram and adopt their particular form of representation. For market entry, it's not easy enough to identify.

How to create your own company logo

If you are able to work with software and don't have the budget to hire a pro for your logo design project, you can create one yourself using sites like Canva or Freelogodesign. These sites offer the possibility to create professional logos for free. Let's not forget however that this requires a bit of creativity and computer skills in order to create a brand identity that works and stands out.

Another element to take into consideration is that there is a risk that the logo will not be unique as these sites host different logos. Therefore, several users will be able to use images that are similar to yours.

Investing in an image or a process

For a company that is just starting up or growing rapidly, the logo has an important role with regards to the perception and trust that consumers develop. Considering the investment in both time and money, it is important to properly think about your decision, as once the logo has been shared with the public, the company will have to deal with the reaction.

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