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April 09, 2024

Why hire an agency for your SEO

Whether you have an e-commerce site or a showcase site, the website is an essential tool to develop your business. A website is a communication tool that will help you find new customers and business partners. However, a poorly positioned site will be of no use to you. Indeed, having a beautiful online platform is useless if no one can find it.
To increase the visibility of your website, it is necessary for your online platform to be well referenced to appear in search engine results. To maximize traffic and audience to your website, the content must be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
How to optimize a website for SEO? And what is the usefulness of hiring a professional for this task? These are the questions we answer in this article.

Why hire an agency for SEO?

Writing for the web requires not only mastering grammar and spelling rules. SEO writing is much more complex than that. The work of an SEO writer requires hard work in researching keywords. These keywords must be strategically placed to align with users' queries and search engine requirements.
Hiring an agency for your SEO can turn out to be a winning strategy for a good return on investment. By calculating your turnover or analyzing your website audience, you can quickly determine the impact of SEO on your sales and website traffic.

Improved natural referencing

A specialized agency will help you optimize your website to gain relevance and improve your ranking on search engines. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and only a professional knows the steps to take to meet their requirements.
In simple terms, the role of an SEO specialist is to maximize your company's visibility through the website. Thus, a specialized agency will have the dual objective of creating attractive and interesting content for users and attracting search engine robots with optimized texts.
In addition to increasing your site's visibility to users, the agency will work to convert customers who visit your website (whether through product purchases, newsletter subscriptions, or quote requests). The texts will be clear, explicit, and encourage action.

SEO strategies and maintaining results

There is nothing more frustrating than investing time in a task and finding that your efforts have not paid off. This is the reality you may face if you do your optimization yourself, without a background in the field. Turning to an SEO professional is also an assurance of achieving the expected results.
Several tools are available to help you monitor these improvements. Using Google Analytics, you can accurately track the results obtained. An agency will design a strategy tailored to your needs and adjust it at any time based on progress observed.
However, achieving good results is not an end in itself. For example, if your agency has done a great job of SEO, and you now rank first on Google's ranking, don't think you will keep that position indefinitely. Online, nothing is set in stone, and SEO must be continuously worked on. Your website optimization must be maintained based on the evolution of your competitors' positions.

SEO training and personalized advice

You will quickly see that the advice provided by an SEO professional is very different from tutorials you find online. Indeed, an SEO writer will offer you personalized advice tailored to your website's ranking and your needs. There's no chance of receiving general advice that doesn't apply to your industry. Everything will be precise to achieve defined goals.
The advantage of working with a professional is the training they can provide you to take over your website once most of the work is done. They can teach you which keywords to use in your content and how to improve your text presentation. Some site owners do not delegate all the work to the agency and only use them to establish an action plan to carry out tasks internally later. Finally, turning to a specialized agency also offers you a certain flexibility and the freedom to request only the services you need.
The agency should not be a strict and opaque entity to whom you delegate all optimization work. On the contrary, it is your website, and you are probably the best person to talk about it. Ideally, a collaborative work approach between you and the SEO writer will yield valuable and relevant information. So, do not hesitate to get involved; you will be all the more satisfied!
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Writing is time-consuming work, but SEO writing is even more so. Unless you're willing to spend a fortune on paid advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads/Adwords), natural referencing would be a very good option.
A writer will propose to write one or more optimized articles in addition to improving the SEO of existing articles on the site. By delegating this crucial task to an experienced professional, you save time while maintaining peace of mind. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business development.
Engaging an agency or freelancer for writing optimized content comes at a cost, but by making accurate calculations, you will realize that taking care of this task yourself will cost you more. Indeed, the time you invest in SEO optimization will be time taken away from your main activity. Plus, you have no assurance that you are doing it right for this task that requires a certain level of knowledge in web practices. To get an idea of the costs involved in optimizing content, check out our article on the prices of SEO articles.
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Professional expertise

Turning to an SEO agency also means tapping into the expertise and experience of professionals for whom search engine optimization is a daily job. These professionals are familiar with the latest web trends and the new requirements of search engines.
A web agency will undoubtedly bring you more than you thought. These service providers employ multi-skilled specialists (web writing, SEO, graphic design) and will provide an objective perspective on your online platform. Besides offering SEO advice, a multidisciplinary agency can pinpoint areas for improvement on your platform. If your site is well optimized but does not have a mobile and tablet version, the results you achieve will be insufficient since Google does not promote sites that do not adapt to different screens.
Turning to an agency to guide you will allow you to aim higher in optimizing your site, or even focus on other aspects that you may not have considered and that could help you stand out.
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