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January 19, 2024

Why have an email marketing list?

It's rare these days for someone not to have an email address. It's become necessary to sign up for many services, and even to access our personal government files! Then, of course, it's used to communicate with each other, no matter where we are in the world. We really can't live without it!
The ubiquity of email: more than just communication
  • A universal necessity: Today, having an e-mail address is virtually indispensable. It's required not only to sign up for various services, but also to access important personal information, including government-related information.
  • A global means of communication: Email enables us to stay in touch wherever we are in the world, underlining its essential role in modern communication.
The key role of email in marketing
  • A massive audience: According to a study by Radicati.com, at the end of 2018, there were around 2.8 billion email users worldwide. This represents a huge market for marketing strategies.
  • Impressive traffic volume: Every day, around 108.7 billion emails are sent and received, offering an unrivalled opportunity for email marketing campaigns.
Integrate email into your marketing strategy:
  • Sign-up lists: Use email to create targeted sign-up lists, enabling effective personalized marketing.
  • Capture page optimization: Develop pages specifically designed to encourage email sign-ups, thereby increasing your database of marketing contacts.
In short, email remains a powerful tool in the world of marketing. Its ubiquity and effectiveness make it an essential channel for reaching a wide and diverse audience. Integrating email into your marketing strategy, by optimizing sign-ups and capture pages, is essential to maximize your impact in the digital space.

So here are 7 good reasons to create an email list for your marketing in 2024!

1. Easy way to reach people

  • Borderless reach: Emails, accessible via smartphones, tablets and laptops, make it possible to reach potential customers almost anywhere, at any time.
  • Integrated into our daily lives: Our daily routines frequently involve checking e-mail - as soon as we wake up, during public transport journeys, during breaks, and before going to bed. This habit makes e-mails particularly effective at capturing your audience's attention.
Emailing: a direct and effective communication channel
  • Constant contact with customers: The ubiquity of email in everyday life offers a unique opportunity to maintain constant communication with potential customers.
  • Optimizing emailing pages: To take full advantage of this channel, it's essential to optimize emailing pages, ensuring better customer engagement and conversion.
The Impact of Email on Marketing Practices
  • Extended reach: The strategic use of email in your marketing campaigns can significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of your messages.
  • Increased engagement: Email enables deeper, more personalized engagement with customers, strengthening the relationship between them and your company.
By integrating these elements into your marketing strategy, e-mail becomes much more than a simple communication tool; it's an essential vector for effectively reaching your target audience and strengthening your brand's presence in the digital space.

2. It's almost free!

Continuing our series on improving brand image through email marketing, let's take a look at why email is both a cost-effective and powerful option. Here's your SEO-optimized text, with integrated keywords and an easy-to-read structure:
Email: a low-cost marketing tool
  • Near-zero cost: Sending emails is extremely affordable. This makes it an effective way of keeping in touch with current and potential customers without adding to your marketing budget.
  • Freedom of distribution: With email, there's no limit to the number of messages you can send. However, it's crucial to strike a balance to avoid overwhelming your subscribers with too many mails.
Using autoresponders: maximizing the effect of email campaigns
  • Low-cost automation: Using an autoresponder, such as MailChimp, you can send email campaigns to an entire list of subscribers in a single action. For lists of less than 2,000 subscribers, this tool is often free.
  • Extended reach at minimal cost: Imagine reaching 2,000 people, or even 100,000, with a single email campaign. This represents a derisory cost compared to the potential impact on your audience.
Optimizing pages and forms for email marketing
  • Effective page design: Create optimized sign-up pages and forms to encourage email subscriptions. This increases your subscriber list and the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Choose the right tools: Select the right email marketing tools to optimize the management and delivery of your campaigns.

3. Build trust

Sending e-mails to those who have subscribed to your newsletter or your list is an excellent way of building a bond of trust between the user and your company. This is a great opportunity to gradually show your customers and potential customers how much you care about them.
A good way to build trust is to send regular e-mails with interesting content such as free information. Give advice, show them you're an expert at what you do and be generous! This is the right time to really make yourself known and show what your mission is.
Continuing our series on improving brand image through email marketing, here we discuss the importance of building a bond of trust with your audience. Your text is optimized below for SEO, integrating the requested keywords and using a clear structure:
Email: A powerful tool for building trust
  • Engaging with your subscriber list: Sending emails to those who have signed up for your newsletter is a proven method of building trust with your customers and potential customers.
  • Demonstrating your commitment: This is the perfect opportunity to show your care for your customers and reinforce their loyalty to your brand.
Use email content to strengthen customer relationships
  • Distribute valuable content: Sending regular e-mails containing free, useful information, such as tips and tricks, establishes your company as a reference in your field.
  • Display your expertise: Share your know-how and expertise through your e-mails, reinforcing the perception of your company as an authority in its sector.
Optimization of contact and mailing pages
  • Create compelling sign-up pages: Optimize your sign-up pages to encourage more users to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Develop effective distribution strategies: Make sure your email campaigns reach the right audience and generate the desired engagement.
In short, the strategic use of email marketing to build a relationship of trust with your customers is a crucial element in strengthening your brand image. By providing quality content, demonstrating your expertise, and optimizing your contact and broadcast pages, you create a solid foundation for long-lasting, beneficial customer relationships.

4. Promos and coupons to boost sales

You can advertise your promotions by sending coupons or promo codes to your list. Announcing promotions to people who already know you greatly increases your chances of making sales!
According to a 2013 study by National Retail Federation, half of all internet users in the US claimed a digital coupon during that year. Of that half, 48% were claimed by smartphone. That was in 2013, so we can imagine that it's very possibly more than that now! Also, most consumers are prone to requesting online coupons via email as much as paper ones.
Another interesting fact is that receiving online coupons would also trigger more online searches about the company distributing the coupons. This would also increase website traffic.

5. More effective than social media

Although social media is an important part of marketing, web presence and interaction with your future customers, not everyone actively uses social networks. On the other hand, they probably have an e-mail address...
Of course, you can interact with your users on your Facebook or Twitter account by announcing promotions, providing content or simply offering a bit of entertainment and still get good results. But when it comes to converting these people into consumers and creating sales, e-mail is still more effective.
According to a study conducted by Custora in 2013, the acquisition of new customers by email quadrupled in the 4 years preceding that study! It's a highly effective way of converting your list into sales.
Continuing our series on improving brand image, let's explore why email marketing can be more effective than social media. Here's your SEO-optimized text with the keywords "page" and "mail" integrated, and structured for better readability:
Email vs. social media: a comparison of effectiveness
  • Universal reach: While social media are crucial for interaction and online presence, it's important to remember that not everyone is active on these platforms. On the other hand, most people do have an e-mail address.
  • The limits of social media: On Facebook or Twitter, you can engage your users with promotions, content or entertainment. These interactions are beneficial, but they don't always guarantee effective conversion into sales.
Email: a more powerful tool for customer conversion
Compelling statistics: A 2013 Custora study revealed that new customer acquisition via email quadrupled in the four years prior to the study. This underlines the remarkable effectiveness of email in converting subscribers into buyers.
A direct and personalized medium: Emails enable more direct and personalized communication, increasing the chances of converting a prospect into a customer.
Optimizing pages and e-mails for better conversion
  • Create attractive sign-up pages: Optimize your web pages to encourage newsletter sign-ups and grow your email list.
  • Personalize emails: Tailor your emails to meet the interests and needs of your audience, boosting the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
In conclusion, although social media play an important role in overall marketing strategy, email marketing is proving to be a more powerful tool for converting prospects into customers. By optimizing your sign-up pages and personalizing your emails, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and boost your sales.

6. Easy to track data

Studying data in marketing is very important for knowing where to focus our efforts and what works and what doesn't.
Tracking our email marketing data is a simple task, even if you don't have much experience! It's easy to see who's opening your emails, who's clicking links and also to see who's unsubscribing from your list. This lets you know what's working and what's not.
Seeing whether people are opening your e-mails lets you know whether you're presenting topics that are interesting enough for them. If you see a lot of people unsubscribing, it also gives you a good indication of what your list thinks of you! It also gives you a good overview of your marketing strategy.

7. Permission to contact your list

When someone subscribes to your list, he or she agrees to receive e-mails from you. And that's a big step towards conversion and building trust!
Imagine if you received several e-mails from strangers and companies you'd never heard of before, without your consent? In fact, you do receive them, and that's what ends up in your spam folder! And that's what we want to avoid! If someone subscribes to your list, you know that they expect to receive e-mail from you, and that they know who you are. It also means that this person is already a little "warmed up" and trusts you at least a little.
Il est beaucoup plus facile de convertir quelqu’un d’un peu “réchauffé” que quelqu’un qui est plutôt “froid” et qui n’a jamais entendu parler de vous! Et surtout, il est plus facile de convertir quelqu’un qui a CHOISI de recevoir vos courriels.
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