By helloDarwin
November 24, 2023

Marketing automation is more than just sending emails

Pandemic, labor shortages, changing consumer habits, and diminishing attention spans, what if marketing automation was the solution to all these ills?
Marketing automation, also known as automated marketing, is much more than just an automated mailing. A good strategy allows you to contact your current and potential customers in a variety of ways: via email, text message, or other relevant channels whenever you want, without even thinking about it. It's a solution that delivers personalized, targeted content to consumers at the right time in their journey and supports them throughout their customer experience.

The benefits of marketing automation

With the shortage of labor making it difficult to personalize customer service, the advantages of such a solution are many and considerable. Marketing automation allows you to:
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Accompany your customers in their purchasing process
  • Promote registration to a webinar or newsletter
  • Stay in your customers' top choices
  • Grow your relationship with your customers
  • Provide a complete customer experience
  • And much more!

The key: an optimal Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM)

How does this automation work?
Your customers' information stored in your company's database (CRM) are first sent to the marketing automation platform.
All you have to do is customize communication scenarios that are then developed within the platform. These scenarios are triggered by specific actions of your current customers and prospects.
The principle is simple: the automated marketing platform reacts to your customers' actions automatically, without you even having to think about it!

Build a solid and personalized relationship with your client

Of course, it is possible to have both automatic and personalized communication using marketing automation.
Depending on the information gathered about the customers, the messages will adapt and the interactions will be personalized and relevant to them. If the messages customers receive are in response to demonstrating a specific interest or action, it's much easier to send content that interests them, right? In this context, building a strong customer relationship is easier.
You also gain much more loyal customers. Because a customer who feels that a company is listening to him and responds to his needs will be much more inclined to be committed to it. Marketing automation is therefore a good tool to integrate into your loyalty strategy.

For an automated sending, it's all about timing

Automation allows you to personalize content for your current and potential customers, but it also allows you to deliver it at the right time. No matter how relevant, a message sent at the wrong time will not have the same effect as a well-timed message.
It is therefore really important to know the conversion process of customers, meaning the path they go through to reach the purchase or to perform any other action relevant to your business. To find the right time to send your automated communications, it is even possible to assign points to a customer for each action they take (this is called lead scoring). From there, it is possible to predict when a potential customer is ready to make a purchase and when to contact them.
Sounds complicated? The good news is that our marketing team can help.

Don't waste time on manual sending

Automation means time savings. Indeed, marketing automation allows you to save time by automating certain marketing tasks. You improve your time management and you can devote more time to other tasks, which is also the case for your team in the field.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it anymore! Like any effective marketing strategy, marketing automation must be monitored and improved as needed, whether it's by changing the scenarios, the media used, or other criteria. The more we use the tool and collect data, the more we can adjust accordingly and optimize results.

Let's prepare your game plan

Marketing automation is an incredible tool that can be very beneficial for your business. It can help you build a loyal customer base and a personalized customer experience. However, if executed poorly, the tool could let you down. Contact our team of specialists to use marketing automation to its full potential and get better results. They are here to help you!
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