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February 02, 2024

The Various Printed Communication Media

For some years now, digital advertising has been gaining ground. But for all that, printed communication media haven't said their last word. More tangible, less aggressive, sometimes better assimilated, they offer many advantages. Here are just a few of the printed communication media you can use to promote your company.
Among these, the business card remains a must. Small but powerful, they convey your brand identity with concision and professionalism. Flyers, meanwhile, are ideal for mass distribution at events or site visits. They are often used to promote special offers or events. Leaflets and brochures offer more space for detailed communication. They are ideal for presenting more comprehensive information about your products or services, often accompanied by attractive images to capture the public's attention. In terms of graphic design, it's crucial that these materials reflect your corporate identity and convey a clear, consistent message. High-quality printing on high-quality paper reinforces the visual impact and perception of your brand. Finally, choosing the right type of media and graphic design is essential to effectively reach your target audience and strengthen your market presence.

Print marketing

Despite the digital age, print marketing remains an essential component of any communications strategy. When visiting prospects or attending events, printed materials such as business cards, flyers and brochures play a key role in getting the company's message across. These tools, often produced in different formats, enable tangible interaction with the target audience. For example, a well-designed business card is not only a means of sharing contact information, but also a visual representation of the company's identity. Flyers, meanwhile, are ideal for rapid dissemination of information or promotions, while brochures offer a more substantial space for detailed, visual presentation of products or services.
The creation of these media requires a well thought-out strategy: the choice of colors, the quality of the paper, and the overall design must be in line with the company's brand image. A graphic design agency can play a crucial role in creating these elements, ensuring that the message conveyed is consistent and professional. In addition, signage, another important aspect of print marketing, helps reinforce a company's visual presence in physical locations, helping to attract and orient prospects. In short, a judicious combination of these different print media can greatly enhance the reach and effectiveness of a company's communication.

Media for communication at trade shows and events

If you want to be visible at the events and trade shows you attend, there's nothing better than advertising media such as tarpaulins, kakemonos, cromalin or advertising stands to help you stand out from your competitors and attract attention. The advantage of these communication aids is that you can easily move them around, since they're foldable and easy to transport. They're the ideal way to showcase your products and/or services and stand out from your competitors. Don't hesitate to call in the professionals to create your visuals, to ensure perfect rendering and optimum quality. Here are just a few of the communication media you can use at your events:

Tarpaulins and banners

Advertising tarpaulins and banners are widely used communication tools. You can use them at events such as trade shows, but also outdoors, as the materials are designed to withstand the elements. There's no better way to be seen by everyone!


Often used at events and trade shows, kakemonos are very practical, as they can be rolled up and stored in suitcases, making them ideal for travelling.

Advertising stand

An advertising stand is the ideal communication tool for showcasing your company and raising your profile. Like tarpaulins, banners and kakemonos, an advertising stand is mobile and can be moved wherever you like. You can take it with you to trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as to your business or store.

Communication media to help you stand out outdoors

A promotion, something new in your company, an event: there are plenty of opportunities to communicate with your target audience. In addition to communicating online via your social networks, newsletter or website, it's sometimes a good idea to back up your communication with printed materials such as posters, billboards, stickers and so on. All day long, we're exposed to online advertising, and it's difficult for consumers to keep track of all this information. A well-crafted, high-impact printed communication can therefore more easily leave its mark on your target audience. Here are just a few of the communication media you can use for your outdoor campaigns:


Do you have an event, an offer you'd like to publicize or a new service you'd like to offer? What better way to communicate than with a poster! The key is to create an impactful advertisement, giving your target audience the information they need, but not overloading it with content. The poster should be legible in a few seconds, and the information should be easy to remember. Once again, if you're not feeling creative, consider calling in the professionals to create your visuals. You'll certainly have to make an extra investment, but the result will be all the better for it.

Advertising panels

Whether for advertising, building sites or real estate, billboards are very inexpensive and allow you to communicate easily with your target audience. They're a great way to get your message across without spending a fortune.

Outdoor POP

Do you own a store? This could be the ideal communication medium for you! You can install your outdoor POP on the sidewalk to entice customers inside, indicate a current offer or show your opening hours.


Positioned in your shop window or on your employees' cars, either permanently or temporarily, stickers are a great way to catch your target's eye.
Vous l’aurez bien compris, les solutions de marketing imprimé sont encore très nombreuses et assez peu couteuses. En plus d’une campagne marketing numérique, une campagne de marketing classique vous permettra de sortir du lot et marquera peut-être plus les esprits qu’une publicité numérique perdue parmi la quantité immense de contenu sur le web.
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