How to Write a Good Company Newsletter: 4 Essential Tips
By helloDarwin
July 17, 2017

How to Write a Good Company Newsletter: 4 Essential Tips

Newsletters can be very beneficial for companies. In the following paragraphs, we will go over some important things to take into account when writing a newsletter, so that you can turn it into an efficient promotional tool for your business.

The types of content to include in a newsletter

Bet on relevant content when writing your newsletter

Even before you start writing, it will be useful to ask yourself: "What information does my audience need?". The answer to this question should always serve as a guide when selecting and preparing the content for your newsletter. While it is essential for any company to praise its own products and services, always keep in mind that a newsletter must focus on new content instead of being purely promotional.

It is indeed important to captivate the reader by avoiding repeating information that is already on your website or Facebook page. Likewise, try to explore the requests that come from your target audience in order to provide answers to the questions they have about your company or about content that is already present on your social media accounts. 

Through the content of your newsletter, you should also invite your readers to take action to promote the establishment of an active relationship with them instead of simply providing them with information.

Moreover, it goes without saying that most individuals will probably not read the whole newsletter. Therefore, be sure to mention key information from the start. As recommended in our article about content creation, try to avoid writing a very long and dense text. Short paragraphs with content that is well-identified in the headings are best. 

Lastly, make sure you are original and avoid using a monotonous tone at all costs. A touch of humour or an anecdote will definitely be of interest to your readers.

Determine the appropriate length

But what is meant by an appropriate length? Although it may be difficult to provide an answer to this question detailing a specific number, most will venture to say that 500 words are enough to transmit your content if it is well synthesized. 

However, the best advice to give on this subject is that you should complete A/B testing to verify several formats and identify which one gives the most positive results. 

Elaborate a catchy title and intro

The best title you could use will not only evoke the core subject of your newsletter but also be able to pique your audience's interest. In that regard, action verbs are very useful when trying to reach this goal, as they will clearly and quickly establish the intentions behind your newsletter. 

With regards to the introduction of your newsletter, this section should follow the same guidelines that apply to the title. 

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Choose images that complement the writing

In order to choose your images wisely, remember that they must be used to highlight the content of your newsletter. Also, don't forget that the way they are laid out will be very useful in creating a newsletter that is streamlined. On the other hand, to avoid creating the contrary effect and affecting the readability of your content, try not to overload the page. 

Adapt the newsletter's content to different audiences

It may just be that several categories of individuals are a part of your target audience. In that case, it will be necessary for you to segment your audience by looking at the behaviours that they adopt on your website. 

In doing so, you will be on the right track to creating personalized offers through your newsletter and this will serve you as a guide when you create the content for it. 

Use a vocabulary that is diversified

No matter what type of content you're working on, try to use vocabulary that is varied. Not only would repeating the same terms in a short text be tedious for your readers, but it would also be unattractive to search engines like Google which tend to dislike the overutilization of keywords. 

Of course, these words still have an important role in terms of content marketing but know that overusing them is strongly discouraged. 

Avoid spelling and syntax errors

Predictably, it would have been impossible to talk about writing a newsletter without dedicating a small paragraph to the quality of the text's grammar and spelling. If you are unsure as to whether there are any errors in your newsletter, do not hesitate to consult reference material or to get the help of a close one to carry out a revision of the text.

A few aspects to consider when creating your newsletter

Integrating the possibility to unsubscribe

In order to conform with legal measures that regulate email marketing, you must without fail include a mention indicating the possibility of unsubscribing from your newsletter.

Including hyperlinks and ways to contact you

Including hyperlinks will play a major role in increasing the amount of traffic on your website, helping you attract as many visitors as possible on the site. Moreover, a link to your Facebook page or Twitter account will result in added visibility. 

On another note, you should invite your readers to contact you by including your email or your phone number.

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