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November 24, 2023

6 reasons why video is the future of web advertisement

Video marketing has been around for a while, but its continued growth and popularity work to prove it’s heavily rooted in the future. In the world of content marketing, there are plenty of avenues worth exploring, But, if you’re a business looking to break out on the forefront of what’s hot, you should spend some time getting to know all about video advertising!

Especially in the case of web advertising, it’s been revealed that video marketing is incredibly effective when it comes to convincing consumers to purchase a product. Want to know the reasons why video is the future of web advertising? Read on!

6 reasons why video is the future of web advertisement

1- Video improves conversion rate and sales

Videos are an excellent way to engage potential customers and work to make a significant impact on conversion rates and sales. With video marketing, it’s easy to present a lot of information in a short, attractive and concise way. Therefore, due to the nature of video content, you can build some serious brand awareness.

Consumers will feel more connected to your brand through the use of sound and image. Adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions significantly. If you’re curious, take a look at how pages or social media posts with videos perform in comparison with those without. Get back to us about your findings!

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2- Increasing buying potential

Video marketing allows for your products or services to be demonstrated in a concrete way. Videos are often used to review products or services, offering customer and client testimonials to add relevance to what you’re selling. If a customer knows how a product is used, chances are they’ll feel more comfortable purchasing it online.

Seeing someone use or review a product in a video allows customers to feel more involved with the brand, and this deeply impacts buying behaviour. If your video offers all of the important information upfront, it will lead to a boost in sales. Another thing to consider when working with video marketing is employing influencers in your field to try out and review your products.

Based on consumer trends, people are much more likely to buy a product or service recommended by an expert. Working with someone consumers trust to provide insight into your products will offer you a definite leg up on the competition.

3- Spruce up your social media presence

If you’ve used Facebook or Instagram in the last few days, chances are you’ve come across a brand video or two. As mentioned, videos are easily consumable and thus, are widely popular for spaces like social media, With the introduction of smartphones into all walks of life, it should be mentioned that everyone’s attention span is significantly shortened. Using videos to target customers and increase visibility is a great strategy.

Videos are engaging, with even the shortest offering a long-lasting impact. Since consumers' attention spans are growing shorter and shorter, the chances that they’re going to read through an entire article is unlikely. Conveying the user experience by way of a video bypasses this completely, and offers a solution for communicating the functions of your product or services outside of the written form.

4- Videos give a voice to your brand

By now we know that videos are more engaging than written content, and have the ability to hold consumer attention.  Due to their attractive qualities, consumers will find it easy to share your content on different platforms, working to increase your visibility as well as your reach. Not only does your video have to look good, but it’s important for it to have a message as well as a concrete storyline.

If you work with a specific content creator who is able to translate your message through your video content, your brand can become easily recognizable. This is crucial for assisting consumers in understanding the voice of your brand. Having a well-rounded marketing approach that includes video builds trust in your products or services, educating your clients and calling them into action.

5- Dealing with a high bounce rate

Do you know about your website's bounce rate and how it's affecting you?  In a nutshell, the bounce rate signifies how much time users spend on your website. If the content on your site is not engaging, it’s likely your bounce rate is high. However, when it comes to using video content on your landing pages, you’ll be able to increase engagement and keep potential customers around longer.

Visitors who end up on your landing page may be enticed to spend more time interacting with a video as opposed to an article, blog post or even an infographic. This works successfully to decrease your bounce rate while grabbing the attention of the visitor. This is just another way that video marketing can be used to improve your business. If you want to know more about your website's bounce rate, check out our article “6 reasons why your website has a high bounce rate”

6- ROIs

If can be argued that visual marketing gets the maximum return on investment. Visuals always come across as attractive and can help customers to engage with content, but by now it should be obvious that videos are at the forefront of this. Employing videos for a high impact and output will have the average user staying significantly longer on your website. This will allow you to generate more leads and more sales.

It should be clear from this article that video advertising is an excellent investment for your company. If you’re a novice when it comes to video production, and you’re looking to create one, we’d suggest checking out our article on the subject: “How to create a good corporate video”.

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