5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Agency for Content Translation
By helloDarwin
August 18, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Agency for Content Translation

Are you looking to translate your website? Several options are available: you can do business with a freelance translator, use an automatic translator or hire an agency. In this article, we will explain all the benefits of opting for the latter possibility. 

Why hire a translation agency? 

1. An agency offers a better guaranty for deadline compliance

Life being unfortunately filled with unexpected situations, hiring a single translator for a project may cause potential delays. Whether it be due to a computer failure or connection problems, the translator that you have hired may not be able to complete the work within the original deadline. 

If it is a pressing job, this will cause major annoyances. On the other hand, if you do business with an agency, this type of problem will not occur. Teamwork makes it so that it will be possible to give the work to someone else who will take on the job and respect the planned schedule. 

2. An agency has access to translation aid tools

Some translation tools are very costly, which makes them hard to buy for an independent translator. It must be noted that this software makes it possible to standardize the vocabulary used in the documents and provides access to specialized dictionaries. 

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3. The agency can complete the work more quickly

Are you sending in a large-scaled project? In that case, more than one translator will work on it, meaning that the project will be completed much more rapidly than if one person was taking care of it. Moreover, the quality will not be affected, as the project will benefit from the expertise of several translators. Each translator has their own strengths and therefore, these areas of expertise can be drawn upon to carry out the work with as much precision as possible. 

4. High-quality work

Regarding this aspect, we must admit that an independent and experienced translator will be able to provide work of equal quality to that completed by an agency translator. However, if you consider translating the document yourself with an automatic translator, bad surprises and criticism will make themselves known quickly. 

Not only is this type of tool unable to understand the subtleties that make up a language, but it will also have a hard time efficiently translating cultural references and technical terms. Finally, it must be stated that a translation agency will be able to work in tandem with a marketing agency that will share precious advice regarding the compatibility of your slogans, commercial offers or product names in different markets that you are hoping to reach around the world. 

Although this option is the least expensive of the bunch, it also has the lowest degree of quality. Don't forget that your credibility and that of your company are at play, and you should, therefore, avoid thinking only about the financial aspect of your decision. Instead, you should focus on long-term results. 

The quality of the work completed by agency translators also stems from the contribution of proofreaders. Their review work brings the final touch and an objective view of what has been done. It also helps avoid mistakes and slight inaccuracies. 

5. A translation agency can complete a multilingual project

One of the distinctive aspects of working with a professional translation agency is being able to manage a translation project in different languages. Entrusting this project to a team of translators enables the different translations to be centralized. 

Otherwise, you would possibly have to hire independent translators to complete the project, making it harder to manage due to a large number of communication channels. Moreover, translating a website into several languages is often necessary if you wish for your company to expand on the international market. 

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