What is off-site SEO?
By helloDarwin
July 21, 2017

What is off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO is of great importance, to make sure that your website gets the visibility it needs on the web. In order to maximize your reach, it is important to be well informed about the appropriate measures that need to be in place to do so!

Off-site SEO, in a nutshell

Essentially, off-site referencing or off-site SEO refers to measures put in place to improve your website’s ranking on search engines, like Google and so on. Keep in mind that this is done without having any effect on the internal aspects of the site itself. As the popularity of your website is a key element in determining its' search engine ranking, it is important to play with specific tactics, as this will work to ensure an increased visibility for your business.

But what are off-site SEO tools?

Link-building or link creation

One of the most important practices of off-site SEO is having other, reputable sites which insert hyperlinks. This works to redirect traffic towards your website. These incoming links (backlinks) are generally motivated by the quality of your website's content, in comparison with other credible sources of information on the internet. By trusting your content, websites of high-quality and credibility will look to pair.

The creation of partnerships with other websites and the constant development of contact networks is another excellent way to take on link-building. This represents an exchange of services between you and your contacts, with both networks feeding on one another. In order to maximize the effects of this mutual reinforcement, it is crucial to maintaining long-term relationships with your contacts. 

Do bear in mind that this isn't just a question of numbers. Indeed, it is important that referring sites are of good quality, but in addition, they must be relevant to your field. This is because their relevance will weigh heavily on the value of your off-site SEO in the eyes of Google.

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Visiting forums

Visiting discussion forums within your market or area of knowledge offers the perfect opportunity to position yourself as an expert. Not only do you have the chance to convey information about your blog posts, but you now have the ability to offer a link which leads directly back to your website.

However, remember that many forums take the initiative to make sure links published on their site are transformed into “no follow” links, which are links that will not affect your SEO. Although this technique can be useful to increase the visibility of your site, it should not be the core of your SEO strategy.

Cultivate a strong presence on social networks

Another way to optimize incoming links on your site is to ensure a constant presence on social media. This includes the most popular channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. These represent a place to easily attract the attention of a very large number of individuals who, because of the interest generated by your publications, will be tempted to visit your website and learn more about your business!

Still, be aware that Google will consider some statistical indicators from your social networks, such as the number of subscribers you have on Twitter or the number of “likes” you collect on posts and publications on Facebook, Instagram or otherwise.

What are the benefits of good off-site SEO?

Taking the aforementioned aspects into consideration, we can confirm that good off-site SEO will offer:

  • Improved visibility of your website due to the amount of increased traffic;
  • An improvement of your quality score, which is a score out of 10 attributed by Google and calculated by an algorithm that tends to determine the value of your site based on several criteria including the quality of your SEO on-site and off-site.

To find out more information regarding on-site versus off-site SEO practices, check out our article on the subject.

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