By Sotheary Chan
April 09, 2024

How to create effective landing pages for mobile phones

Now that your website download speed is fast thanks to AMP pages and you have identified the visitor profiles on your site, it's time to focus more precisely on landing pages to increase their conversion rates.
It is necessary to create attractive, simple, and intuitive landing pages to ensure people subscribe. Moreover, people are increasingly buying via their mobile phones. This has been a growing trend since 2014. According to Cefrio, on average, 57% of Quebec adults made purchases via their mobiles in 2016, increasing to 80% for adults aged 25 to 44 years.
As the figures demonstrate, online purchasing is profitable for businesses. Thus, it is necessary to design them in a simple, attractive, and interactive way. A simple and customized process provides a pleasant experience for users.

How to create an effective landing page for smartphones

Integrate responsive design criteria

A responsive design page is a web page that automatically adapts to the device on which it is displayed. The settings are configured to be received on both a computer desktop and a mobile device. Therefore, the user experience is pleasant and people are less likely to leave the application.

Fast loading

It is recommended to use Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) settings so that images and texts load quickly since mobile users have short waiting times. After 3 seconds, they leave the page.

Clear and concise offer

Try to present a clear and simple offer so that the mobile user does not have to scroll the screen to enter their email. Use short words and be direct. Employ words that will prompt action. Pay attention to your grammar and spelling mistakes. Avoid any unnecessary information on the landing page, as it should call for an action, not explain the product in detail. Font sizes should be legible to prevent the user from pinching to zoom the screen.
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Keyword analysis

You must analyze the keywords of your target audience to know where they are at. If we go back to the sales funnel article, we can determine at which stage the visitor is in the process. This way, different landing pages can be created for each step of the process.
Using the right word at the right time with the right product can lower the cost per click while generating a sale.

Visual aspect of the landing page

The appearance of the landing page must be attractive to avoid conversion rate issues. For example, if an image is desired, it must be of good quality. The image must also convey something related to the company and the product purchase. Additionally, the colors and format should be suitable for the screen displaying them.
Location of the button or email box affects the registration rate. You can use A/B tests to validate which configuration is better. By making optimal choices, the conversion rate can be higher. Button size and colors are also factors to consider.
Have you ever had to decipher what was written on a webpage because the text was too small? Are the words used suitable for the presentation? Are the words used clear? Is the reading easy and straightforward? These are questions you can ask yourself to have legible text that also includes a call-to-action.
You can also include social media buttons so visitors can follow you on those platforms. Create a field to enter an email easily and quickly. It is crucial to provide a pleasant experience so the visitor leaves with a good impression of the company. With these elements, the landing page will be better designed to increase the conversion rate.
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