12 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate
By helloDarwin
August 16, 2017

12 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Having a good conversion rate is essential to supporting your company's growth. Beyond this fact, it is important to question the means through which you will be able to reach this goal. In order to provide an answer to this question, helloDarwin shares their best recommendations: 

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How to improve your website's conversation rate: 12 techniques to put in place

1. Using a Call-To-Action that is personalized and visible

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to clarify certain specificities regarding the customization of a call-to-action (CTA). To this end, we must first establish the fact that the possibilities are very diverse, as your company can offer different services and products. 

In order to increase your conversion rate, it will be important to incorporate CTAs that match with each of these services/products. Otherwise, the visitor risks not feeling concerned by your intervention. Do not hesitate to include a call-to-action that is directly linked to each of your articles. Obviously, this CTA needs to be as visible as possible, as it could risk going unnoticed and having no effect on your conversion rate. Try to use colours that contrast with the background of your page. 

As a conclusion on this point, don't forget to use action verbs. The imperative form is always recommended when we wish to urge someone to act in a certain way.

2. Using a subscription form that is short and convincing

Here, the key is to be concise: go straight to the point and limit the number of fields to fill out, because a form that is too long will turn off more than one person. It is strongly recommended that you carefully consider the relevancy of the information that is being asked. The more the information that is presented is limited and precise, the better your conversion rate will be. 

However, don't go thinking that that's all there is to it! Unfortunately, an additional effort will be necessary. Although short, your form still requires a certain time investment. Taking this into account, you must provide arguments that convince your client to take action by putting forward: 

  • the fact that the subscription is free;
  • the safety concerning the transmission of personal information;
  • the ease of the process.

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3. Being original

If your competitors seem to have found the key to success for their business, this does not necessarily mean that you should copy what they are doing. Why? Because this option will make it so that you will blend in with other companies offering the same type of service. Make it a priority to stand out from the crowd, otherwise, no one will want to do business with you.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What do you offer that others don't?
  • What are the subjects that have not been covered in your competitors' articles?

4. Presenting content that is relevant, organized and devoid of errors

If presenting original content is a given when it comes to improving your conversion rate, its quality, the way it is organized and the care applied to grammar and syntax are also important aspects. Each of these three factors is representative of your degree of professionalism and gives a preview of the quality of what you can offer in each facet of your work. After all, what image would a lack of organization and articles riddled with mistakes give off regarding your company? Nothing flattering, you will agree! 

5. Knowing how to target your audience

To get your customer base to grow, your articles will need to reach your target audience. In order to be sure, collect all of the articles that you have written and determine in what way the chosen keywords are relevant to this customer segment. A tool like Google Analytics will help you with this approach. 

In the same sense, revising your paid referencing strategy will be a good way to optimize your keywords according to your target and therefore, to improve your conversion rate. 

6. Integrating a chat to retain deserters

It has been well established that the installation of a chat function on a website is a great option for anyone that wishes to retain a maximum amount of clients. Despite all of your efforts, a client may have a question that is very specific and that has not been answered through your website. In order to avoid this person leaving without finding an answer to head to a competitor's website, you should integrate a chat box on your page. 

Being able to communicate with a member of your team will facilitate the creation of a trust-based relationship between the new client and your company, whilst also demonstrating that you really want to fulfill their needs. It must be specified that a client that feels secure and that is not left in a state of uncertainty will logically be more likely to respond to your call-to-action and to do business with you.

7. Creating a sales funnel that is logical

Amongst all the different factors mentioned in this article, sales funnels are probably one of the most important. When a potential client arrives on your website, it is essential that they follow a process that brings them to complete a transaction.

If the steps are not clear or do not follow one another quickly, your chances of gaining another client will have gone up in smoke. You will have to make sure that everything happens rapidly but without skipping any steps.

Although these steps often vary depending on the specific characteristics of your company, your client should follow a course that is comparable to this one: whilst searching for a product or service, they will land on your front page and/or on a blog article, which will bring them to notice your call-to-action (which should be located on the same page, as previously mentioned).

If you have been able to convince them, they will fill out your form and sign up for your newsletter to find out about your promotional offers that are meant for them.

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8. Reducing the download time on your pages

It goes without saying that pages that take a lot of time to download will use up the users' patience. Tired of waiting, they will probably leave and it will become impossible to convert them into clients. In order to limit the losses caused by a long wait time, be wise in the way that you choose the images and videos that will be used on your website

Also, be sure to use a caching plugin; this tool will create a static version of your site that will make it load more quickly. 

Lastly, it is important that you choose a web hosting service that is adapted to your needs. It must be noted that shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting all have different performances in terms of download speed.  

9. Consulting your clients' opinion

Since gaining your clients' trust is essential in increasing your conversion rate, you should integrate a section that allows them to share their opinion.

In order to showcase proofs of excellency regarding your services and your capacity to find a positive outcome for the problems that may eventually occur, be sure to put forward relatively detailed comments and whose length amounts to more than just a few words.

Of course, even if you invest sincere efforts in bringing satisfaction to your clients, certain individuals will, unfortunately, share negative feedback. Although it may seem like only bad things can come out of this, there may still be a silver lining as you can take this opportunity to show your problem-solving attitude in the face of a problem. 

In one case or the other, letting your clients express themselves illustrates the fact that you are transparent and have nothing to hide. The likely result is that you will probably increase customer trust towards you and therefore, improve your conversion rate. 

10. Paying attention to the visual aspect of your website

The degree of professionalism that you invest concerning the appearance of your website will have a direct effect on the confidence level that visitors on your website have towards you. Whether talking about design, images, videos or user-friendliness, each of these aspects will have a strong impact on the image that your website gives off.

More specifically, you must know that your visual elements should support the written content in order to create a coherent package. A subdued and well-arranged colour scheme, images that have an added value towards your written content as well as a general design that avoids overloading the viewer's senses will be great tools in improving your conversion rate. 

11. Testing things out! 

In general, A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of a website which are differentiated through one single element. If your current conversion rate is low, the best way to target the source of the problem is to isolate your variables. 

When you see a significant difference in the results that are brought in by each version, you will be able to identify which has the best conversion rate. Our article about A/B testing will tell you more about the tools that will help you to carry out these comparisons and to attract more clients through your website. Note that this type of test is very efficient when optimizing your calls-to-action. 

12. Putting forward your competitive advantages

To improve your conversion rate, it is important to know how to stand out from your competition. The best way to do so is to share promotional offers that are different from those presented by companies operating in the same field as you are.

Also, ask yourself what are the advantages that a client would experience by doing business with you? These advantages could be :

  • a guaranty against shipping problems;
  • the absence of extra shipping fees;
  • the response time for customer requests.
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