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April 12, 2024

How to choose a web marketing agency?

No matter the field in which your business operates, it is highly likely that you will have no choice but to use an agency to meet your technological needs related to web marketing or communication.
Creating content, photos, videos, or websites, through the development of a CRM or an ERP, the needs of a company evolving in the 2.0 era are as numerous as they are diversified. Since the choice of the agency to which you will entrust the task of meeting these needs will have a considerable influence on the success of your business, this approach should not be taken lightly.
But how can you navigate among all these agencies promoting their expertise? To shed light on the matter, here is an overview of the aspects to consider in finding the right fit for your needs.

How to choose a web marketing agency?

Does the agency have a good reputation?

As in many other fields, reputation often says a lot about the reliability of a company as well as the quality of the services it offers. To find out, there is nothing better than to inquire and speak directly with a few clients who have dealt with the same agency. Since they will give their opinion impartially, there is no need to doubt it.
Are you busy on both sides and find that this approach would take too much of your time? helloDarwin takes care of checking the background of all the suppliers proposed via its services. As you certainly do not want to be overwhelmed with proposals (which would be counterproductive, we can agree), only the top three will be suggested to you.

Can the agency meet my needs?

If you are at the stage of choosing an agency, it is because the process of identifying your needs is now complete. Now that you have your list of criteria in hand, you will need to use it to compare it with the services offered by the agencies. Although this point may seem obvious, it is worth pushing this reflection further by emphasizing that the agency must be able to offer a strategy capable of meeting the specific needs of your business.
Thus, a provider of natural referencing services must be able to tell you how to improve your positioning on search engines and what aspects are harming your conversion rate as well as the measures to implement in the development of an effective linkbuilding strategy. Finally, it should be able to suggest the right methods of engagement based on the field in which you operate.
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Do you need a CRM or an ERP? Is the targeted agency able to provide an ERP that will meet your organizational needs as well as a CRM capable of tracking the relationships maintained with your customers? And what about the adequate tracking of sales and the outcomes of your marketing strategy? These are some worthwhile questions if your needs are in this area.
An agency providing services in the field of social networks must, for its part, be able to identify the platforms that can meet your visibility needs. Should you stand out more from the competition, are you able to reach your target audience sufficiently? These are questions an agency should be able to answer. Moreover, it should set you on the path to the best ways to improve interactions with your clientele through social networks.
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What is the level of expertise of the company?

Would a plumber who cannot fix a leaking faucet inspire your confidence? Certainly not! Like in all fields, you would want to be sure that the agency you hire indeed possesses the skills it boasts of having. To do this, why not put its skills to the test by asking a few questions? The ease with which an agency member can respond to you, as well as their ability to present a number of alternatives in case of a problem, is generally a good sign.

What about transparency and follow-up?

Of course, a professional relationship must be based on trust. The best way to establish and maintain this trust over time is to ensure that the agency you deal with is transparent. While it may be somewhat difficult to
be sure of this before having started this relationship, it is still possible to address this issue directly during your first meeting. As the success and prosperity of your business are at stake, you must have access to all the information concerning the strategies put in place, as well as a report on the results generated by them.
Thus, make sure that the agency is able to meet you as needed and to transmit detailed reports on the progression of your website's conversion rate, on the results generated by the shaping of your web strategy, or even by the effectiveness of the Adwords campaign put in place. On this point, let's reiterate the importance of having access to the performance indicators of the tools used by the agency responsible for your project.

Can the agency respect my budget?

Yes, it's still a matter of money... That's why we cannot overlook this point. To avoid unpleasant surprises and cost overruns, make sure that the agency you deal with is able to meet your objectives, and this, within the framework of your financial plan. In the event that a cost overrun would jeopardize the balance of your company's finances, you could find yourself in a precarious situation.
If your needs are in the field of web marketing, make sure to choose an agency that allows you to pay on a package basis, that is, based on a rate set on the basis of a service rendered and not per hour. In this way, you can pay a price corresponding to the work done.

What about intellectual property and access to your accounts?

Here are two other important points on which you must base your choice of agency. Out of respect for the efforts invested to guarantee your own success, inquire about the respect for your intellectual property. Following the end of your agency relationship, the entirety of it must be returned to you without any restriction.
In a second time, make sure you can keep your access to all your accounts (social media, Google Analytics and others) before confirming any partnership. It is essential that you never be left out of anything that affects the management of your business.

Get three quotes

Among the recommendations to follow to succeed in your approach to finding the right agency, obtaining three quotes offering the range of services you need is definitely essential. This array of choices will allow you to obtain the best price possible without necessarily spending several weeks going from meeting to meeting.
That's why helloDarwin offers this formula, taking charge of obtaining the quotes for you. A saving of time combined with a saving of money, isn't it the best of both worlds?
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