9 examples of companies with excellent on-site SEO strategies
By helloDarwin
December 03, 2018

9 examples of companies with excellent on-site SEO strategies

For companies looking to cultivate a presence on the web, SEO is an essential tool. Despite this, it's not always easy to understand what SEO is and how to put it into practice. There's a lot of talk about SEO in theory, but rarely any concrete examples of interesting strategies to illustrate the objectives of this tactic.
With this in mind, we've put together nine examples of companies using SEO to develop their brand on the Internet. As we don't have access to precise statistical data, we must point out that we've chosen these companies because we know they employ effective techniques, and that these techniques achieve good results in search engines, which is the primary goal of an SEO strategy.
These companies excel in using key tools to conduct in-depth SEO audits, an essential process for identifying and correcting elements that may be negatively impacting their rankings. Detailed analysis of their site enables them to understand not only their own performance, but also that of the competition in their field. This includes an assessment of keywords used, organic search volume, and site structure.
The aim of these audits is to determine the steps needed to improve the site's ranking in search results.This may involve modifying the site's structure, improving content, or adjusting meta tags and descriptions to better target relevant keywords.
By focusing on these aspects, these companies manage to increase the volume of their organic traffic, which is a key indicator of SEO success. They understand that SEO is an ongoing effort and are constantly adapting their strategy to remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital environment.
Therefore, we're going to focus on what we see, which is therefore part of these companies' on-site SEO strategy.Please note that in this article, we won't be going into detail about the different approaches you can try to improve a website's SEO.We already have several articles on this subject, which we invite you to consult:

What is on-site SEO?

We've already touched on the subject in a previous article. In a nutshell, it's all the tactics applied on site (versus elsewhere on the web) that have an impact on your search engine ranking.
Examples include:Meta titles and meta descriptions;
  • Heading tags;
  • Alt text for images;
  • Written content (keywords);
  • Keywords;
  • Loading speed;
  • Responsive website (for cell phones and tablets);
  • Any other element that may have an impact on the browsing experience.
SEO research and strategy revolves around optimizing these elements. Google, being the most widely used search engine, is often used as the benchmark for these strategies. The use of relevant keywords and the creation of quality content are crucial to improving a page's ranking on the web. It's not just a question of inserting keywords, but of integrating them in a natural and relevant way into your content.
Links also play a vital role in SEO. Backlinks, or inbound links, from quality, relevant sites can considerably increase visibility and traffic to your site. That's why it's important to develop an effective netlinking strategy, targeting quality links rather than quantity.
Finally, it's essential to monitor your competitors' strategies. Understanding their methods can help you identify opportunities and keys to improving your own SEO strategy. This involves regular analysis of the market, keyword trends, and the techniques used by competitors to rank on search engines.

What is off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO is a crucial aspect of Google search engine optimization, often seen as the indispensable complement to on-site optimization. Unlike on-site optimization, which focuses on the internal elements of a website, off-site SEO involves techniques and strategies applied outside the site to improve its positioning in search results. One of the most significant tools of off-site SEO is the creation and acquisition of quality backlinks from other relevant websites in the same field. These external links are perceived by Google as a sign of a site's credibility and authority, thus positively influencing its ranking.
In addition, an off-site SEO audit is a tool that can reveal valuable opportunities to outperform the competition by identifying the backlinking strategies used by competitors. This includes analyzing the quality and relevance of inbound links, as well as understanding which content attracts the most links. Off-site SEO techniques are not limited to backlinks; they also include strategies such as social media marketing, guest blogging, and mentioning the brand on forums or other online platforms. These methods help to strengthen a brand's online presence and generate indirect traffic to its site, which is an essential element for effective SEO on Google.
To find out more, read the article SEO on-site vs. off-site.

9 companies with successful SEO strategies

As promised, we've put together 9 examples of companies that have understood the role of SEO (and probably work with good agencies!). In this list, you'll find SMEs as well as large corporations, American multinationals as well as Quebec flagships. Let's see what they have to teach us!
Each of these companies has mastered the art of driving traffic to their pages through well-honed SEO strategies. They understand that SEO is not just a technique, but a crucial step in achieving their business objectives. These companies have implemented key tools to analyze web user behavior and adapt their content accordingly.
One of the keys to their success lies in the technical optimization of their pages. This involves not only quality content, but also a page structure that facilitates navigation and indexing by search engines. In addition, these companies have identified and targeted the right pages to focus on to capture the attention of web users, whether through product pages, blog posts or case studies.
They also understood the importance of setting clear, measurable SEO objectives. This enabled them to monitor their site's performance and adjust their strategy accordingly. By regularly analyzing traffic data and user behavior on their sites, these companies were able to fine-tune their approach to always stay one step ahead.
Note also that we have chosen companies in a wide variety of fields, so that we can give different ideas that may apply to more people:

1) Chase Bank

We start big! Why name a huge American bank? Because even though big companies start out with a certain lead in the search engines, that doesn't mean they don't need to put effort into improving the SEO of their website and their business!
Many large companies have neglected to develop their online presence and have seen their market share shrink as a result, overtaken by young, technology-driven companies. As a result, even giants like Chase (JP Morgan Chase) need to create strategies.
In their case, they have put a lot of emphasis on the online user experience and have integrated a lot of relevant content on their website, notably through their blog. In this respect, the articles published on the site, far from being purely financial, offer a glimpse into a lifestyle to which Chase's customers aspire.

2) Whole Foods

Second on this list is another great American company. Whole Foods has had an interesting journey on the Internet. A few years ago, Whole Foods was bought by the giant Amazon, one of the FAANGs (Big 5 technology companies). We'll be keeping a close eye on the company's future web presence!
Already, we note the presence of an excellent blog featuring articles that can easily be shared on social networks, namely Facebook and Pinterest. The online store is also well developed to meet the needs of the target audience, and there's a growing cross-marketing strategy between Whole Foods and Amazon.

3) Jean Coutu

As mentioned above, just because you're already an established brand, known to all Quebecers, doesn't mean you should sit on your laurels when it comes to marketing! Jean Coutu understood this, so they took the time to properly develop their website, including a blog that answers questions on beauty and health, two themes that receive a lot of search engine queries. In addition to this initiative, Jean Coutu has also integrated advanced SEO techniques, using key tools to analyze and optimize their online content.
This includes keyword analysis tools to ensure that their content is not only relevant but also ranks well in search results. The technique of targeting relevant keywords, combined with a strategy of rich, informative content, has enabled Jean Coutu to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. This approach shows the importance of not simply relying on brand awareness, but continuing to innovate and use effective SEO tools and techniques to maintain and improve online presence.

4) CAA Quebec

With a well-honed social networking strategy, a useful blog and effective Adwords advertising, it's safe to say that CAA Québec has a very successful web marketing strategy. CAA Québec offers a wide range of services, from trips to the South to driving courses, roadside assistance and insurance. This makes it all the more difficult to promote the company. That's why the company has to be very creative to establish a strategy that delivers good results in search engines and on social networks.

5) Outdoor gear lab

Outdoor gear lab is first and foremost an outdoor clothing comparison site. In order to achieve their goal and attract visitors, they need to take the time to optimize the website, opting for beautiful images, clear titles and a concentration of well thought-out keywords. In many cases, they stick to classic formulas like "The 11 best ski jackets for women", which works well because most people still write this type of formula when they search the internet to buy products.

6) Altitude sports

In a similar vein, but this time with a Quebec-based company, Altitude Sports is a company that has enjoyed strong growth in recent years, and the Internet strategy has contributed greatly to this success. The company has set up an attractive transactional website with a sales tunnel that seems to run smoothly, as well as a friendly blog to present new collections, sales, products and buying tips. It's a simple strategy, but a proven one!

7) SoumissionRenovation.ca

So when someone writes "Prix de l'isolation au Québec", the article published on the company's website is among the first to appear in search results. Imagine the number of keywords that can be targeted with over 1,200 articles! Not every company can afford such a strategy, as content creation involves costs as well as the time it takes to create and test strategies.

8) Catherine Dumontet photographer

We're switching categories altogether, and presenting a tiny website belonging to a photographer specializing in weddings. Why did we choose her for this list? Because she stood out from the crowd by appearing among the first organic results when you type in the query "wedding photographer Montreal" - quite a feat, considering how many people work in this field!
So, how did this photographer manage to achieve such a fine result? Once again, the blog probably had something to do with it, as did the judicious use of keywords. Last but not least, the site is easy and pleasant to visit, which means that people probably spend a lot of time browsing through the different pages to admire the photographer's work.

9) Centris

Auto-generated content websites like Centris' have one big SEO advantage: the constant appearance of new content. What is auto-generated content? Well, they're generally sites where users can add content automatically. In Centris' case, the real estate listings are generated by the real estate brokers in the network.
As a result, the site is constantly updated and features content that is extremely relevant to users. Centris also has a very useful blog, as well as various tools that can be exploited for SEO purposes.

What we can learn from these companies

In conclusion, these 9 company examples clearly demonstrate the importance of on-site SEO to the success of any digital strategy. Google remains the primary search engine, and optimizing your page for this web giant is a must. Successful companies understand that obtaining quality backlinks, judiciously using SEO auditing tools, and implementing strategic steps are essential to improving their online visibility.
L'audit SEO est une étape clé qui permet de détecter les domaines nécessitant des améliorations et de s'assurer que le site est en bonne place dans les résultats de recherche. Ce processus comprend l'analyse des mots-clés, la structure du site, et le volume de trafic organique, assurant ainsi que le site répond aux attentes des clients actuels et potentiels.
En mettant l'accent sur ces éléments clés, ces entreprises ont réussi à se positionner de manière avantageuse sur Google, gagnant ainsi une visibilité accrue et attirant plus de clients. Elles démontrent que, quel que soit le secteur d'activité, une stratégie de SEO on-site bien pensée et bien exécutée est cruciale pour le succès en ligne.
Ces cas d'étude servent d'exemple inspirant pour d'autres entreprises cherchant à améliorer leur présence en ligne. Elles prouvent que, avec les bonnes pratiques et une compréhension approfondie des mécanismes du SEO, il est possible de se démarquer dans un monde numérique en constante évolution.
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