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November 24, 2023

5 tried and true content marketing strategies

The world of the internet is fast-paced and forever changing. What’s on-trend one week may not matter the next. This is why it’s crucial for content markets to stay on top of things, as this is the best way to reach a wide audience while attracting new customers.

If you’re a content marketer, you’re probably well aware of the various levels of creating content. It’s much more than simply writing captivating blog posts, it’s also about SEO, the depth of your brand and finding other ways to interact with your audience. So what are some tried and true strategies for every marketer to know?

Well, we’re going to go over marketing trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Keep reading if you’re curious and want to know more!

5 tried and true content marketing strategies!

1- Refer to past results to move forward

Even though we’re working towards the future, let’s start with the past. Check what happened with your content marketing strategies last year and carefully analyze the data you’ve collected. Look for specific steps you took that worked as well as those which didn’t. Ask yourself these questions when moving forward:

  • Which blog posts offered the most visibility and brought in the most leads?
  • Which subjects led to the most engagement?
  • In what instances were consumers more interested in your brand and business?
  • What strategies lead to specific sales or the results you’d hoped for?

Narrowing down specific things that worked for you last year will help you to move forward with the best intentions in mind. However, we’d recommend that you be critical and strict when assessing your results. Based on some of your old strategies you can begin to create a new marketing plan.

2- Remarketing

Remarketing is fairly self-explanatory. This strategy comes down to engaging with people who’ve already been on your website or interacted with your brand in the past. Many marketers continue to invest time and money into remarketing, as it’s a proven strategy that continues to show results.

Conversion rates for businesses who explore the realm of remarketing greatly increase. It appears the more a customer is exposed to an ad, the more they engage with it and are twice as likely to convert. It’s not too difficult to set up a remarketing campaign, but this can only be done if you’ve already collected existing customer data.

Look for people who have engaged with your content but haven’t quite made the jump to becoming a customer yet. Create a few different lists depending on how people engage with your business. You could employ both Google Ad Remarketing as well as Facebook remarketing to retarget customers from various angles. In contrast, you might consider an app that covers all of your technical bases and social media streams such as AdRoll. Try a few different strategies in order to determine which works best for you.

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3- Personalized content

If you’ve been working in content marketing for a while, then you should already know a thing or two about creating personalized content. Making the most of the user experience doesn’t only gain a customer, but a loyal one at that. A personal and intimate user experience goes a long way and definitely helps your business to stand out from your competitors. This year, many marketers are moving towards providing an exceptionally personalized experience as it leads to an increase in sales opportunities as well as converting more commonly than a general approach might.

Many customers feel comfortable providing their personal information in order to receive a tailored experience when shopping or interacting online. Therefore, it’s important to find ways that you can interact with your customers on a personal level. This will heavily depend on the data you have collected, as the more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to engage with them. If you haven’t collected any customer data, don’t fret.

Start by getting the simple stuff first such as name, email and even the city where they reside. When collecting data, make sure to break up the process into multiple layers or steps so that new customers are able to trust you. This information can be used to create targeted content that is plugged into landing pages, presented as specific banners or calls-to-action.

4- Adapt to natural language searches

With the rise of voice search continuing to grow, the way that consumers search for things has fundamentally changed. Voice search makes up 20% of all Google mobile searches. Therefore, all content marketers should be focusing on how to adapt to this trend, as it isn’t going anywhere. Also worth mentioning, younger audiences are more accustomed to using voice search and these could be your future customers.

Of course, the way we speak is arguably different from the way we type and thus, your content needs to respond to this and be adapted for natural language search. In the past, many content marketers would focus on keywords. Now, it’s important to focus on answering full questions. Make sure the content you’ve created appears in full sentences, even if this requires editing older articles.

Adopt this style of writing to your headers and titles as well, not just within the body of your content. Not only this, but your website should also be mobile-friendly as the majority of voice searches are completed by way of a phone. Having content that has adapted to natural language searches will give you a better chance of appearing at the top of Google and thus offer more visibility.

5- Video content

As we move through 2019, the rise and dominance of video content continues to grow. The consumption of digital videos has sprouted exceptionally over the last few years and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  When it comes to creating a successful content marketing strategy, video should be one of the main focuses. This should include finding innovative and creative ways to include video in your regular content.

Many consumers view videos from their mobile phones, and this is something you should also bear in mind. Direct more of your marketing budget towards funding video content. Remember, this doesn’t necessitate it being made by a professional. Use your own skills and try your hand at creating some simple behind-the-scenes footage or short video clip to let your customers know more about your business.  Also, consider investing in other video formats including Instagram or Facebook live video. These platforms offer extended visibility because they already have audiences built in.

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