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April 10, 2024

Web marketing: cost for content creation writing

To communicate with their customers, businesses update their websites in various ways. The content of each page is written according to the target audience and a specific need. It is, therefore, necessary to know the types of services offered to do effective web marketing. When it comes to content creation, various models are available to businesses. So, depending on what we want to say to our target, we can find different costs.
Here are the main types of web writing: the landing page, the blog, e-commerce product sheets, the ebook, and newsletters.

Price for writing a landing page

The landing page collects information from the visitor. The company can then send them information, among other things to invite them to see purchase offers or redirect them to another page with content that might interest them. It is therefore necessary to present a well-formatted page that embodies the brand's identity in order to spark the visitor's interest in learning more about the company.
The price of a landing page depends on the company's needs, that is, what kind of information it wishes to include on its website. Some companies offer flat rates, monthly or per unit. Here are some examples:
*Price for 1 landing page
Included elements
About 500$/agency package
  • Basic search engine optimization;
  • Google Analytics setup;
  • Custom design.
About 150$/month for a monthly package (1 landing page per month)
  • Content editing;
  • A/B testing;
  • Support by phone and email.
About 7$ for a freelancer on Fiverr
  • 1 page with 500 words (basic service, sometimes unreliable quality)
*The prices given above are indicative. Prices vary according to agencies, freelancers, and web companies and also according to added services.

Cost for writing an SEO blog article

Here is a summary of the prices for writing SEO content.
Web marketing agency
From 150$ to 300$
Local content creation freelancer
From 50$ to 100$
Article written by an overseas writer
From less than 10$
The prices given below are indicative
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Price for writing e-commerce product sheets

In some companies, the price of product sheets is set according to the size of the company and the additional number of products. Moreover, it is possible to pay either by package or by bid. This can be interesting for a company that wishes to outsource these tasks to an external company.
Monthly package
  • Between 99$ and 2500$ per month
  • 100$ to 250$ per month for each additional product
By project
  • According to the requested bid
  • Between 1269$ and 4000$ according to the proposal made by the company Acomba
The prices given below are indicative.

Price for newsletters and e-books

For newsletters, prices start at 350$. For an e-book page, the prices are similar to those listed above in the section cost for writing an SEO blog article. Web writing can also be set per word at a price ranging between 0.12$ and 0.25$.

Value for money

The quality of the writing plays an important role when it comes to publishing content on the website. Knowing how to choose the right keywords and topics to interest the target audience requires extensive research. Therefore, it is necessary to find the company that can best meet your needs so that your company can have a positive impact on your target audience.
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