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February 18, 2024

4 tips to have a beautiful website

When approaching the design of a website, one often thinks about planning its configuration and aspects related to functionality. However, design and visual aspects should not be overlooked.
Of course, beauty is often considered a concept that will fluctuate based on individual tastes and trends. Nevertheless, some recommendations exist regarding the rules to follow to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your website.

Some tips for having a beautiful website

1. Adapt the design of your site to your company

The question of the adaptability of the chosen design to your company's mission will be a determining factor. What is acceptable for a company that offers a service related to organizing children's birthdays may not be suitable for a website dedicated to selling beauty products.
In the first case, you could include very bright colors as well as animals or fairies. However, it goes without saying that this type of visual may not be able to appeal to an older clientele looking for quality beauty products. So, what is beautiful in one case may not be in another context.
It is essential to keep in mind that anyone searching for information on the web has expectations regarding the visual appearance of the sites they land on. If what is displayed on the screen does not match expectations, it can only result in a feeling of disappointment.
Given this, you should pay particular attention to the colors of your site, the font, or the logo of your company highlighted on the homepage of your site. Regarding images and videos, the care taken in their selection or creation will necessarily be a plus to ensure the beauty of your website.

2. Avoid overload: moderation is much tastier

Although it may be tempting to integrate a large number of graphic elements, remember that an overload of elements will drastically contradict the idea of beauty. It will result in more of an impression of disorganization.
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3. Have organized and structured content

While images and everything related to the visual aspect represent a fundamental dimension in the aesthetics of your site, the structure of your textual content, as well as the overall organization of your site pages, will also play a role in how visitors appreciate their visit. In fact, it must be remembered that a site with well-organized elements will present a visual aspect closer to the ideal of beauty, while a disorganized site will be off-putting.

4. Rely on the skills of a professional

If your skills do not allow you to plan or create the design of your site yourself, a web designer can take care of it. Their expertise will ensure the implementation of the techniques required in creating a beautiful website, including:
  • Creating visual effects suitable for your company.
  • Arranging colors, shapes, and sizes of various graphic elements.
  • Enhancing visual elements to make them well-defined.

Why put so much effort into the appearance of your website?

Several studies indicate that the ease with which a user navigates your site will have a considerable influence on their perception of its aesthetic aspect. Thus, the aesthetic aspect will not only be related to the design of the site but to its usability. This criterion will greatly impact the general impression that visitors will have of your site during their navigation.
Regarding the strictly aesthetic aspect, know that the user will take less than half a second to form an idea (source: HOT Laboratory, Human Oriented Technology). According to the same study, this judgment seems to be unchanging. In line with this reflection, it should be noted that this perception will directly influence the trust that the user has in your website. And what does a user who trusts you do?
Logically, they will be open to the idea of doing business with you, whether it is availing your services or purchasing products through your e-commerce site.
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