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December 15, 2023

This is how much you should pay for an e-commerce website

Making online sales implies having an e-commerce website. Like in many situations where it becomes necessary to hire professionals, it is normal to ask oneself how much this type of project will cost. In order to provide an answer, here is some info that you must take into account: 

The different types of e-commerce websites

Before going forward with a presentation of the average prices that apply to different ranges of e-commerce websites, it is important to start by explaining what we mean by this term. 

E-commerce stands for an exchange of goods or services between two parties by means of computer networks. It must be specified that several types of e-commerce websites exist, and here is a brief presentation: 

  • E-commerce between a company and consumers (business to consumer);
  • E-commerce between a company and its employees (intranet); 
  • E-commerce between the government and private companies. 

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The different price ranges of e-commerce websites

A small-scale e-commerce site

A small e-commerce website allows a newcomer in online sales to have a website that is both complete and easy to use. Generally, all of the functionalities that come with this type of website include online payment, the possibility to select items and to put them in a shopping cart, the possibility to pay items online, as well as the necessary security measures for these types of transactions. 

In order to pay somewhere between $5000 and $10 000, the client will, however, have to provide the written content, the company logo as well as the information pertaining to the products. For this price, the site will contain approximately 4 to 6 pages and will offer up to 100 products. It will also be possible to add a registration form, a contact form and a form for quotes (if necessary) as well as a blog.

A mid-range e-commerce website

Mid-range websites share numerous similarities with small websites. The first thing in common is that the company that is commissioning the website will have to provide the same elements as mentioned above to benefit from the prices cited below. The second similarity refers to the elements that are included in the configuration of the website. 

Where lies a difference when compared to smaller websites is the number of products on the website. Here, we're talking more about somewhere between 100 and 500 products. Moreover, this website can contain between 11 and 20 pages, which represents more than double what the previous option held. Due to these aspects, the price will vary between $11 000 and $30 000. 

Large-scaled e-commerce websites

For large-scale e-commerce websites, prices start at $31 000 and can reach millions of dollars. Since prices in this category vary so much, it is important to have a well-defined idea of the functionalities that we want to include on the website. Although the budget may seem excessive in some ways, this type of project is a turnkey solution that will not require any contribution on your part (except for the budget). 

An important specification concerning the price of an e-commerce website

The previously-mentioned prices are for unilingual e-commerce websites. For bilingual sites, prices will be about 50% more expensive. 

Type of e-commerce website

Average price

Basic e-commerce website

$5000 to $11 000

Mid-range e-commerce website

$11 000 to $30 000

Large-scaled e-commerce website

$31 000 and more

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