15 examples of successful content marketing campaigns
By helloDarwin
June 20, 2018

15 examples of successful content marketing campaigns

In today's marketing world, innovation is key for companies. Content marketing, a strategy in which a company creates quality content to enrich its brand image, is becoming essential. This content, often shared via blogs, is not limited to promoting products, but aims to develop the company's identity and mission. This illustrates the importance of blogs as strategic tools for companies in disseminating quality content.
To introduce the 15 examples of content marketing, we can emphasize the importance for companies of creating quality content that reflects their brand image. These examples demonstrate a variety of approaches adopted by companies to effectively engage their customers through blogs and other content formats. Each case illustrates the innovation and creativity required in today's content marketing.

What kind of content can be produced for a content marketing campaign?

There are no limits or constraints on the type or quantity of content a company can create for this kind of strategy. It all depends on the company's objectives and target audience. Here are a few examples of the types of content we often see that can be effective:
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Tools
  • Software
  • Games
  • Applications
  • Blogs
  • Publishing on other blogs
  • User-generated content.
Sometimes it can be as simple as creating a series of GIFS or memes that are shared on social networks. In many cases, these are cross-platform strategies that aim to capture the attention of the target audience on all fronts.

Here are 15 examples of content marketing campaigns

1) Frank and Oak's The Handbook magazine

Clothing company Frank and Oak produces an online magazine that shares articles about a specific lifestyle associated with their target audience's tastes, interests and aspirations.

2) Blendtec videos:

Blendtec's "Will it blend?" campaign is a striking example of content marketing, using videos to demonstrate the power of their blenders. In these videos, a scientist blends unusual objects, including smartphones, captivating the audience. These original videos not only strengthened the brand, but also generated significant traffic to Blendtec's pages, increasing their visibility on the internet. In short, these videos demonstrate how creative content can effectively attract attention and engage viewers.

3) Charmin's Sit or squat app

Toilet paper company Charmin has launched a useful app that helps you find your nearest public toilet. Now that's a concept that's both practical and promotional. Do you have a marketing content project? Contact us to be put in touch with certified suppliers!

4) The Shutterstock trend guide

Shutterstock dominates the world of royalty-free images. As such, they have a unique perspective on current trends in visual content. Every year, the company produces a trend report that they make available to the general public. Of course, this kind of content is primarily made for people who work in the field or have an interest in design. This type of coveted content is therefore well suited to one of the company's target audiences.

5) The success of Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign is an emblematic example of successful content marketing. This initiative, first launched in Australia, symbolizes how innovative creative can transform the online shopping experience and brand interaction.
The central concept of this campaign was personalization: Coca-Cola replaced its iconic logo on the bottles with popular first names. This creative means engaged consumers in a personal way, encouraging them to actively participate in the campaign by searching for and sharing bottles with meaningful names.
The impact of this strategy on digital content was immense. On social networks, consumers shared photos of their personalized bottles en masse, using hashtags like #ShareACoke. This activity generated considerable traffic to Coca-Cola's online pages and content, significantly improving its visibility on Google and other search engines.
In addition, Coca-Cola offered consumers the opportunity to create their own labels via a dedicated website, reinforcing the interactive aspect of the campaign. This online activity not only boosted engagement, but also fostered a sense of ownership and connection with the brand, an effective way of strengthening customer loyalty.
The "Share a Coke" campaign demonstrates how the creation of personalized, interactive content can enrich the customer experience and increase sales. Coca-Cola used content marketing to create a memorable campaign that resonated with its audience around the world, setting a model for other brands looking to innovate their digital marketing strategies.

6) Netflix's multiplatform strategy

Netflix's marketing campaign for "Altered Carbon" illustrates the company's expertise in content creation. With a strategy that blends mystery and innovation, Netflix was able to captivate a wide audience, both online and offline. The campaign focused on content quality, with interactive installations and surprising interventions, such as 3D bodies in bus stops. At the same time, Netflix reinforced its approach by publishing articles on popular blogs such as Buzzfeed, adapting their content to further engage viewers.

7) Brita's Best roommate ever campaign

Who would have thought that Brita would target a younger audience? You'd think this water filter company would be more interested in reaching adults. However, they have produced a series of successful videos with YouTuber Kingbach and star basketball player Steph Curry.

8) Hubspot Ebooks

Hubspot is a company that develops software dedicated to inbound marketing and sales. They're also known as content marketing geniuses. One of their strengths? E-books. On their site, visitors have access to over 189 e-books on a variety of subjects, including web marketing, social networking and SEO.

9) Airbnb's paper magazine

Many will be surprised to learn that a modern company like Airbnb has decided to publish a paper magazine! It may seem a surprising choice. However, this magazine reaches its target audience and is very much in line with the brand's image and mission. Airbnb also uses many content marketing strategies on the web, including user-generated content about the cities they live in. After all, Airbnb's new goal is to offer experiences, in addition to accommodation.

10) Patagonia's The Cleanest Line blog

Patagonia's "The Cleanest Line" blog, focused on ecology and nature, reflects the company's image and reinforces its marketing content. Targeting customers concerned about the environment, this blog underlines Patagonia's eco-responsible mission, while optimizing the company's SEO. By focusing on ecological topics rather than products, Patagonia reinforces its commitment to its values, while cultivating a strong bond with its target clientele.

11) Spotify playlists from Soulcycle

Soulcycle, a fitness company, has developed an innovative content strategy by creating playlists on Spotify. This approach strengthens the company's image and improves its SEO ranking. The playlists, designed to reflect Soulcycle's spirit and values, attracted customers thanks to the visibility provided by influencers and celebrities. This method enabled Soulcycle to stand out in the fitness sectors in Canada and the United States, by actively engaging its target clientele.

12) Pinterest account and user-generated content for Anthropologie

Clothing retailer Anthropologie relies on visual content to attract a loyal customer base. They have a Pinterest account that features images where their products are showcased. Pinterest is a well-suited platform for this kind of content, and it ensures plenty of reach for photos created by Anthropologie. The company also encourages its fans to share images of the products they've purchased on social networks and showcases these photos itself on its accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

13) Bon Appétit's funny videos

Bon Appétit's marketing strategy involves the use of a YouTube account, which boasts over 1.6 million subscribers. The strategy centers on weekly videos, including a popular series in which a pastry chef recreates "junk food" classics into gourmet dishes. Examples include Cheetos, Twinkies and Kit-Kats. This approach targets customers interested in innovative culinary research, demonstrating the company's effective use of content marketing.

14) Heineken's "Worlds Apart" campaign.

This campaign features a video in which individuals with opposing opinions build a bench together and share Heineken beers, generating captivating discussions. This approach goes beyond a simple advertising spot, creating content that stimulates thought and dialogue, while being brand-related.
Heineken's "Worlds Apart" campaign illustrates how a blog can deliver quality information, capturing the attention of prospects. By creating engaging content, Heineken demonstrates the importance of quality and relevant information in content marketing. This approach, in line with the brand's objectives, effectively reaches prospects, underlining the importance of a blog as a strategic tool for disseminating quality information and capturing the interest of the target audience.

15) Scotia Bank advertorials

Scotiabank is innovating the advertorial concept by creating articles that don't directly address the product they're trying to sell, the Scene card. To attract a young, hip audience, they decided to collaborate with Buzzfeed to present fun content.
Here are two examples of recent sponsored articles:
Of course, not everyone has the same content marketing budget as Netflix or Scotiabank. However, it is possible to draw inspiration from them and adopt certain ideas on a smaller scale, depending on your company's objectives.
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