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November 24, 2023

The Importance of Having a Website FAQ Page

There's a variety of reasons why someone might find their way onto your website, whether that’s to make a purchase, to engage with your content or to know more about your business. Regardless of the reason, it’s important for the user to be able to find all of the necessary information about your business on your website. With that in mind, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page of a website comes in handy, allowing for the concentration of a lot of important information in one place.

This page is often overlooked in the planning process of a website, but we’re here to offer reasons as to why you should start paying attention to it!

Here’s why you should have an FAQ page on your website!

Why include a website FAQ page?

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Of course, there are plenty of elements that play into how a website performs. Quality content is at the top of the list as well as a beautiful and responsive design that creates a great user experience. Even still, an FAQ page will round out the encounter while helping to convert more customers. You may be asking how and why? Well, FAQ pages act as an integral part of good navigation, aiding in the journey of the customer. If a customer is looking for specific information about your business, including your products and services, they can rest assured that they will find it in your "frequently asked questions."

Build trust

One important note about having an FAQ page is that it gets rid of unnecessary barriers on your website. Say a customer is about to make a purchase, but they’d like to know your return policy or your shipping costs and these don’t happen to appear on the purchase page. So, where should they look? Especially in the case of smaller brands who require time to build trust with their consumers, having all of this information on a carefully crafted FAQ page will offer confidence to the customer.

Having the answers to each and every question readily available will work to convince even the skeptic of your business' legitimacy. Not only does it help to build brand legitimacy, but it also plays a role in building credibility and identity for your customer. An FAQ page works to show that you’re thinking from the perspective of the customer. For the consumer, not having to think too hard about how a business or brand functions is an appealing prospect.

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Make it easier on your business

It’s impossible to predict every single question that customers will have, but for the most part, you should be able to put together a general list of your most frequently asked questions. It’s true that most consumers will have for the same questions and FAQ pages allow you to direct people towards the answers they’re looking for without having to spend time answering each one individually. This is a great time saver, helping to reduce the number of repetitive calls and emails that will likely be directed at your various staff members, costing you not only time but also money.

Additional benefits from the business side of things include the increased visibility that an FAQ sheet creates. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most consumers target search engines with specific questions. If the engine recognizes the answer to this question as addressed by your FAQ page, then it’s likely you’ll begin to rank higher. This can help to strengthen your reputation both in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of your prospective customers!

How can you make an informative FAQ page?

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As mentioned, the FAQ page should have all of the most important prospective questions listed in one place. This could start with the most basic ideas and move to more complicated questions. Don’t overwhelm the consumer with too varied a selection of questions and answers. Also, keep the answers themselves succinct. Avoid using overly flowery language or excessive amounts of narrative to get your point across. These potential customers aren’t on your website to read a novel, they’re likely looking for direct info about your business.

If you’re already privy to a list of questions that your customers have inquired about, whether by e-mail, across your social media pages or over the phone, start with them. Next, break them down into categories to help the customer access the information easily and find exactly what they’re looking for.

Think like the customer!  

When running a business, always keep the customer at the forefront of your mind. If you’re selling a specific product or service, it’s likely that a potential customer is on your website to collect the necessary information. This is what the FAQ page is for! Emphasize the circumstances where your product or service can come in handy. Bear in mind that this is not a place to push sales. Instead, you should focus on how you stand out in comparison with your competitors. Without boasting, look to emphasize the ways in which your company performs better.

Especially true if you’re an eCommerce site or online store, it’s necessary to put your shipping, payment and return policy information front and center. These will be some of the most commonly asked questions and the information should be readily available. The more hidden, the less trustworthy your business will come across. Another necessity is clearly outlining any restrictions that might exist, including warranties and guarantees that you offer on products or services.

Personal brand

Remember, any copywriting that appears on your website is an extension of your branding, and this includes your FAQ page. Make sure the tone of this copy is in line with everything else on your website. Further, include contact information on this page to make your business more easily relatable to the customer. You want potential clients to see the person behind the business, and finding ways to do this will allow you to be successful!

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