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April 09, 2024

Is traditional advertising still relevant?

PlaceholderTake a walk to your local corner store, market or movie theatre, what do you notice? Yes, people young and old are glued to the screens of their phones. It’s definitely no secret that humans are spending more and more time online as technology advances. But what about more traditional forms of media?
Newspapers, radio and television are still widely used by advertisers to get their business noticed. But, is traditional advertising still relevant?
Traditional advertising isn’t dead. In fact, the masses still pay close attention to traditional media sources. These sources still have a massive impact on driving new clients towards your business as well as offering you a way to increase visibility aside from your online presence. If you’re still not sold on the idea of traditional media sources, let us convince as to why they’re still more than useful for a growing business or otherwise.

Here’s why traditional advertising is still relevant!

Traditional media connects brands with a wider audience

Traditional media sources work by connecting directly with consumers and clients alike. Where online media sources and advertisements may connect to a wide audience, a large portion of that audience is spammers, bots, and those interested in hacking activities which run alongside real live users. The benefit of a more traditional media source, such as a newspaper or a television advertisement is that it works by interacting with real people in real time.
For this reason, they generate an impact that online media can’t necessarily fulfill. Specifically, radio and television advertising use the intersection of sound and image to create an emotional connection with potential clients. Therefore, many may argue that traditional forms of media are more trustworthy than newer, digital or technologically advanced media outlets.
It is also important to note that plenty of digital media only reaches a specific audience. Older generations may not have integrated these newer technological devices into their daily lives, and will still look to the television or radio for information.
In consequence, it is crucial to keep in mind that traditional media is still relevant, and could be even more relevant depending on the market you are hoping to target. Digital media has quite a long way to go before it can completely replace traditional media and the possibilities of its outreach.
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It’s all about balance

It would be difficult to suggest that one form of advertising is more effective than another. The effectiveness of most advertising comes down to several factors, including target audience, budget as well as the type of information being dispensed. As an advertiser working on a marketing campaign or a business looking to expand marketing efforts, it is necessary to consider both digital and traditional forms of advertising and using them in tandem.
Again, the most effective form of marketing for your business will come down to who you are trying to reach, so it is recommended that you weigh costs involved with each method of advertising versus the number of people it will reach. Bear in mind that your advertising campaign should be flexible, so leave enough room in terms of budget.

How to use both traditional and digital advertising

Print media: web and paper

Remember, over half of all newspapers are print-only. However, to target varying tastes, newspaper companies generally print content while also including it on their websites. This is important to keep in mind if you’re building a relationship with a specific newspaper publication or contacting newspapers with a press release by way of e-mail, it should be formatted to fit both online and offline publishing.
Your press release should include all the relevant details while being short, sweet and consistent in order to keep readers engaged. If you’re taking out an ad in a newspaper, make sure you determine whether it will be in print, online or both. In some cases, print advertising will be cheaper and could be more budget-friendly depending on how much you’ve put aside for advertising.

Cross-advertising on the radio

Regarding traditional radio, a large majority of the North American population still listens to traditional AM/FM radio. Advertising on the radio can generate a large amount of revenue, but this will depend directly on the industry you’re working in. Further, the time of day the ad plays will affect the success it generates. For the most visibility, it is suggested that you search for an early morning timeslot, as most radio listeners are those commuting to work or school.
Whether you’ve got an advertisement or a live guest spot on a show or station, make sure to use this time to promote your brand while directing listeners to your online channels. If you have a website, landing page or otherwise, promote it. This not only increases website visibility but works to move listeners from offline to online.

TV advertising

Obviously, advertising for television isn’t for every business. This is easily the most expensive form of marketing, and a TV spot does not come cheap. However, the majority of consumers argue that they trust television advertising over online videos.
Of course, this doesn’t mean you should abandon your online marketing strategies in favour of television ads. If you can afford a television ad, make sure to include it as part of your video marketing efforts.
Content can be created for both television and online sources, and sharing this will allow you to save a bit of your budget. Of course, combining traditional and digital advertising can greatly affect your marketing strategy, allowing you to reach a wider audience.
No matter which advertising element you choose, the most effective marketing strategy is to have a target audience in mind, so think about this when moving forward.
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