By Shayla Mounayar
June 11, 2024

SOSprof: "I was a victim of my own success"

We were delighted to welcome Chantale Alvaer, founder of the SOSprof company, for an interview about her experience with a digital transformation project: the creation of her platform to offer private tutoring sessions.Teacher, mother of 3 and impressive businesswoman, Chantal threw herself headlong into designing a personalized platform 9 years ago. Despite the pitfalls, her positivity, open-mindedness, curiosity and perseverance enabled her to design a revolutionary product that is today one of her greatest successes and a source of pride.In this discussion, we look at: - the difficulties he encountered on his journey - lessons learned for an improved process - tips for a successful approach to digital transformationIf your company or organization would like to share its digital transformation experience, please don't hesitate to contact us! Find SOSprof here!
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