By Karine Dutemple
June 14, 2024

3 Reasons to Translate your Company Website

Why translate your website? This is a question that many companies are asking themselves. Some may be reluctant to pay for the services of a professional translation agency, some may abandon this project to maintain a unilingual site.
To convince you that you should translate your website, here are three reasons why you should move forward with this project.

The main reasons to translate your website!

1- A translated website has better referencing

Since the SEO of your website directly depends on its visibility on the web, it is crucial to stack the odds in your favour by translating the content. The idea that a bilingual or multilingual site will stand out more in search results is evidence of the necessity to translate your content.
The more your site can attract a large audience, and thus, many clicks, the better it will be for its SEO. It should also be noted that the SEO of your website is ranked by search engines according to the keywords that you’ve integrated into your content.
As you have the equivalent of these in French & English, you significantly increase your chances of reaching a better position in search results.
Bear in mind that the visibility provided by a bilingual or multilingual site is of great importance, especially if you are working in a very competitive area. This is especially true in Canada, where having a bilingual website opens you up to a much broader audience.
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2- A translated website evokes confidence among readers

This statement might raise questions at first glance, but we’re here to explain why it is, in fact, logical information. When arriving on a bilingual website, it should be agreed that the addressed audience will be much broader than that of a site which is unilingual. This will show that a considerable number of customers trust you, as you would have otherwise avoided that extra effort to translate your website.
In the same perspective as the above paragraph, it should be emphasized that a translated site is the mirror of professionalism. It can only be perceived by your customers as an additional sign of your business skills.

3- A translated website will reach a wider audience

Even if a client can understand the language used on your website despite the fact that it is not his or her mother tongue, it goes without saying that they will be reluctant to make this extra effort. Getting them to take a thorough visit and stay on your website will be much more arduous than if your site was translated.
Also, having your site translated into a language that is accessible to more individuals than just yourself will send that idea that you care about the needs of your clients. In addition, this will work to reassure their understanding of the information contained in your content and will avoid the fear of misunderstanding or being cheated.
No need to mention that if your site is only in English, a translation into French is a major asset (in Canada). This language will give you access to the national market, as well as offer you a platform on the international scene that shows your ambition crosses borders.

Why not use an automatic translator?

To ask this question is to almost answer it. An automatic translator will work without reflection, which is quite annoying when one considers that a translation should be done with the meaning of the text and not a word-for-word translation. Automatic translators will not do justice to the nuances of your articles as well as the technical specificities of your domain or the expressions specific to the language used.

Who should you hire for a website translation project?

In the previous paragraph, it was clearly established that automatic translators should be avoided. Knowing that, which option should you be leaning towards? Most of the time, you will have to choose between hiring a translator who operates as a self-employed worker or who works for an agency.
Prices can vary depending on the translator's experience, the number of words, the complexity of the content and several other factors. In general, agency work is somewhat more expensive due to the structure and the number of resources that are available but in exchange, this will provide considerable benefits including the fact that the agency can complete the job more quickly.
For more reasons to work with an agency for this type of project, check out our article: 5 reasons why you should hire an agency for content translation
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