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November 24, 2023

What is Page Authority and how can you improve yours?

A company website is one of the best ways for your business to explore the world of online marketing. Social media, search engine optimized content, as well as other marketing strategies, all play into how successful your website will be. Since knowing the correct strategies and methods is the best way to achieve success,  you should focus your efforts into those which are working for you. In order to know how your website is performing, it’s crucial that you consider page authority. If you haven’t heard of this concept and want to know how to improve yours, read on!

What is page authority and how can you improve it?

Important things to know about Page Authority

To really understand how your site is performing online, you’ll need to have a way to see how each page is doing. This is where page authority comes into play, as tracking the pages of your website can offer insight into which inbound marketing strategies work for you. If you find specific pages of your website aren’t performing well, then an aspect of the page itself is likely affecting the ranking. To determine which aspects of certain pages aren't working for you, you’ll need to compare these pages to others which have managed to maintain a high page authority ranking. This will allow information about what needs to be altered as well as what you can do to keep a high ranking in the future.

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How exactly does Page Authority work?

In a nutshell, Page Authority works by predicting how a specific page is ranking in search engine results, also referred to as SERP’s. Essentially, page authority uses an algorithm that corresponds with thousands of SERP rankings and produces your web page scores based on these calculations. Pages are ranked between one and one-hundred: the higher the score, the better your page will rank. It’s important to mention that this calculation should be thought about as a comparative metric and for this reason, try not to think about your web pages in terms of good/bad or right/wrong. The ranking will never be 100% accurate, but it can offer you some serious insight into your web pages.

The difference between page authority and domain authority

You may have heard of Page Authority, but don’t confuse it with Domain Authority. This is because Domain Authority refers to how well a domain or subdomain is performing, whereas Page Authority focuses on how strong a single page is performing. However, both of these calculations use the same method, so you're welcome to think about them in similar terms

How to improve your Page Authority ranking!

Good content

If you’ve already got a team of copywriters, then you should know a thing or two about good content. Creating fresh, informed and high-quality content is the most essential way to have a good Page Authority ranking. The more frequently your content is read, shared, commented on and liked by readers, the better your Page Authority will be. We know that bad online content won’t perform well, so stay on top of your game by being certain that your content is interesting, easy to read, relevant and informative.


Images have a huge impact on your Page Authority, as they help readers to better engage with and share your content. Original images will work to improve SEO and both consumers and Google can appreciate the use of images to highlight your written content. An accompanying image will help to make posts stand out to followers, as it will allow readers to scan your content and know exactly what the article is about. A relevant image provides an extra layer of potential customer engagement.

External links

Exposing your brand to a wide variety of individuals and audiences is why you have a website in the first place. External links will help to move traffic towards your website, and the higher quality the site is that links to your pages, the better the traffic will be. Also, links from strong websites will give your own some serious authority. Promoting your content on social media will help to encourage external links, writing guest blogs is another excellent way to get some cross promotion!

Regardless of your marketing goals, increasing traffic to your website will allow for a much better Page Authority rating. If you find certain scores to be low, make sure you play around with these strategies to try and improve that rating!

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