How to Find the Right Web Developer for Your Project
By helloDarwin
September 25, 2019

How to Find the Right Web Developer for Your Project

If you’re running a business and you’re hoping for it to be both lucrative and successful, having a beautifully designed and well-functioning website is crucial. However, if you’ve never worked in web development yourself, the task of hiring a developer could feel confusing or daunting. Luckily, hiring a skilled and professional developer isn’t too difficult if you know what to look for.

If this is your case, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the lowdown on qualities to seek out when searching for a great developer.

Read on for the important steps to find the right web developer!

Web design, development or both?

The right designer or developer will need to understand your brand as well as what you’re looking to accomplish. However, this will also come down to your business needs, so it’s also important to know what you’re looking for in a developer. 

In the creation of a website, there are two fundamental elements and these are design and coding. Further, there are three separate roles that developers can take on and these are graphic design, web developing and coding. Not all developers will have design experience and not all designers will have coding experience

Therefore, during the hiring process, it’s crucial to distinguish if you’re looking for one developer to take on both roles or if you’re looking to hire two or three separate people.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers will be focused on creating images and assisting in the building of your brand and this will include logo development, headers, button and icon designs. 

If you already have a basic website that runs to your liking, then this may be the candidate you need. Bear in mind that most graphic designers don't know how to code using HTML or CSS, and thus,  won’t be able to deal with back-end bugs or changing around the fundamental structures of the site itself. However, some may come equipped with the skills to both design and code. Be certain that you take stock of their specific skills during the hiring process.

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Web designers

Hiring a web designer is for those looking to have ideas about a website translated into the actual thing as they specialize in designing and building websites. Those with these skills will be able to design the layout of a website and this can include helping to further develop your brand. They'll be able to translate visual design elements into a fully functioning website. 

However, don’t expect all web designers to know how to code. It is fairly common for web designers today to use drag-and-drop, hosted e-commerce or no code website platforms. This makes the need to code unnecessary and allows designers to focus on the design alone.

Developers and coders

An excellent developer will be able to create almost any kind of website. With that in mind, the majority of developers are not good designers. When hiring a developer, it’s likely you’ll also have to look for a capable designer. 

Working with more than one person to develop a website has both pros and cons. If you’re looking to include complex or intricate features in the functionality of your website, then you’ll want to hire an excellent developer first and foremost. Developers are great at understanding and debugging coding conflicts and will be able to solve complex technical problems.

As mentioned, this will still require you to hire someone to take care of the visual elements. Unfortunately, this will double the works costs as you’ll be hiring and managing two people. However, since each individual has specialized skills, you will get a level of attention to detail that doesn’t necessarily come with a single person.

Specific skills to look for when hiring a developer

Critical thinking and problem solving

Now, when you think of web development, these qualities might not be the first that come to mind. However, working with someone who has excellent critical thinking skills as well as problem-solving skills is essential regarding their ability to adapt your ideas into a website. 

In the wide world of web development, you’ll need someone on your team who has the hacker mentality and the ability to figure out solutions to difficult or complex problems. This is especially true if you have no development or design experience yourself. Your developer will be required to translate your ideas and wishes for your website into concrete form.


Another key component of a strong web developer is the ability to be self-motivated, and channel efforts into a clear and concentrated direction. A developer that knows exactly where they want to go will greatly assist the end result of your website. You’re looking to work with someone who aligns with the common goal of your company. 

Once you’ve determined your needs clearly, look for someone who understands them but doesn’t require you to hold their hand when approaching the specifics of the development process. When choosing developers, look at their portfolios and try to find someone who has ideas as well as aesthetics that are in line with your business.

Comfortable with collaboration

Especially if your company is small or mid-scale, a collaborative spirit is key. Although it’s important that the developer you hire is able to work independently, they’ll also need to be able to work as part of a team. 

Collaboration is necessary when it comes to web development, as the developer you hire will need to work with your ideas. It’s important that your team be dynamic, with many different strengths on the table. A good ebb and flow are necessary for work to be completed quickly and efficiently.

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