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December 15, 2023

All About Facebook Ads: From Prices to Content

For any company interested in widening their audience to a growing number, this task can be difficult to undertake without help from Facebook. This popular social network is the go-to platform to advertise and breathe new life into the growth of a business.

What do you need to know about Facebook sponsored advertising?

Determine your target audience on Facebook

To determine your target audience, Facebook offers you several options, the first of which is to select your audience manually. This selection is based on features such as the following:

  • Place of residence;
  • Interests;
  • Demographic data (including sex, age, marital status, employment);
  • Behaviours (including buying habits and devices used).

The second option is to use custom audiences as well as members of your personal contacts to find customers. What do we mean by personal contacts in this particular case? We are referring to visitors on your website, which become potential clients. Review your contact list to target individuals that fit into this category. 

The final option is to target your audience by choosing the category of similar audiences. As the name suggests, similar audiences have the ability to find individuals on Facebook whose profile is in line with that of your current customers. More explicitly, the determination of your similar audiences is based on statistics derived from your marketing activities on Facebook, which work to join specific categories of individuals.

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What are the different types of Facebook ads?

Photo advertising

Facebook advertising appears first in its most basic form: the photo. Whether to showcase a product or service, photography helps to highlight specific details. The creation of this advertising is done directly from your page, simply by putting forward a publication containing an evocative or compelling image for your services or products.

Make sure the chosen photo is clear and concise, as too many details or elements make it hard to see what you want to highlight in the illustration.

Video advertising

In the second case, create video ads if possible, as they are hugely popular on Facebook. Since a large number of Facebook subscribers will view your advertising on their mobile devices, it’s best if your ads are short and therefore do not exceed 15 seconds. Indeed, videos with the highest rate of viewing on Facebook are those that respect this time limit.

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Writing your ad on Facebook

As all advertising will necessarily be accompanied by written content, it is imperative to take note of some information. At first glance, let’s mention that Facebook only allows titles that do not exceed 25 characters. As for advertising messages, these cannot exceed 135 characters. As a result, it is necessary to carefully choose the main terms and keywords of the message you’re looking to convey. Do not beat around the bush! Instead, encourage action and be direct. Keep in mind that your message must incorporate an effective call to action.

What are the different Facebook ad formats?

The carousel format

So, what exactly is the carousel format? This one consists of the possibility of presenting several videos or images in one advertisement. This format makes it possible to highlight a much larger number of products or to provide a greater number of details in relation to them.

Not only does this offer more flexibility regarding the information presented, but you may also benefit from the interactive nature of this format which allows users to click on a specific element of your advertising. In addition to the presentation of your products or services, this advertising is particularly useful for the presentation of a process, which can be detailed in stages and, therefore, in separate images.

The slideshow format

An advertisement presented in slideshow format allows you to recover images or an existing video. Although similar to a video, the slideshow advertising differs in that the images are presented in a jerky pace. Economical in every sense of the term, an advertisement in slideshow format can easily be created in minutes, even from a mobile device.

Collection format

A collectable ad is designed specifically to allow people who view your ad to learn about multiple products simultaneously while staying on Facebook. The user is able to browse a list of products or promotional offers as desired.

Should you invest in a Facebook advertising campaign?

To gain visibility, most professional pages spend money on advertising. Indeed, advertisements that are distributed for free appear considerably less often in newsfeeds of Internet users. There is, therefore, a price to pay to take advantage of a presence on social networks.

Since your budget won’t leave very much room to manoeuvre, you can still promote your page in an organic way. Of course, you can’t expect to get the same results with this approach as with a paid approach. However, if you play your cards right you can easily reap some benefits. To maximize your visibility as much as possible, rely on your network of contacts. If it is large before you launch your advertising initiatives, you will significantly increase your chances of success by way of this approach.

Facebook advertisements: how much do they cost?

Before answering this specific question, let’s say that there are two types of payment on Facebook: pay per click and bill payment

Pay per click (PPC)

For pay-per-click, the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad. To prevent money spent from being unpredictable, the advertiser sets aside a maximum budget per day for advertising. (which is generally in dollars, ex $3 or $5.) So, it’s hard to tell how much you’ll pay, which varies from advertiser to advertiser. However, be aware that the minimum bet is $0.01 per click. 

Payment on display

For billing purposes, this is a fixed price payment. The advertiser must pay for a fixed amount of advertising postings, the minimum being $1000 for $0.02.

Why not consider launching an event offer?

Facebook offers you the opportunity to launch an event promotion, but these promotions are naturally limited in time. As a first time user, this feature is available free of charge. However, for the following offers, you will have to pay. Several variations are available, and they are:

  • An “online only” offer;
  • An “in-store only” offer;
  • An “online and in-store only”offer.

Regardless of your choice, you will be able to choose all the characteristics of your advertisement: the main illustration, the titles as well as the specifics conditions of use. In the same regard, you will be able to determine the budget that you want to grant this advertisement.

Facebook ads as a result of your newsletter

In advertising, Facebook offers you the opportunity to promote your newsletter. Thanks to a tool called Wix Shoutout, your newsletter can be transformed into an advertisement without having to modify any of the aspects, including text, images, or general design.

In addition to the variety of promotional options it makes available, Facebook has many advantages for any new company that wants to gain a footing into the market. To learn more about this, check out our article “5 reasons to have a Facebook page for your company".

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