E-Learning for New Employees
By helloDarwin
February 21, 2019

E-Learning for New Employees

What if your new colleagues started their integration BEFORE even stepping in the office?

This is one of the numerous options available with online training or E-learning! The on-boarding process in a new company can be destabilizing… There are so many things to learn in such a short amount of time. In addition to meeting with new coworkers, a new employee needs to familiarize themselves with new methods, a new environment and sometimes completely new management protocols. An online guide that is always available, on any device, can, therefore, become a precious helper.

Far from replacing human support when joining a new company, online training (E-Learning) is, in fact, complementary to the available support for successful integration. In addition to allowing the combination of all resources in one place, the learning microsite can also include videos, downloadable documents and direct telephone links & emails.

Whether the training is shared as a stand-alone or integrated on an Intranet, it is recommended to include a tracking module to find out who has completed the training and add personalized notifications. Often, a simple email is enough to start the registration process. Single sign-on via company ID or social network account is also possible. Here is a training example (in French):

Example of a training program

From a 1-pager to infinity...

The complexity of the content used in training a new employee varies from one company to another and depends on the occupied position.From a simple page delivered by hand when hiring to a personalized plan spanning several weeks, the creation of content for training depends on the needs and the number of employees. Feel free to include professionals to make the selection and construct the learners' paths.

Even for a simple 20-minute training like the following example with the Cirque du Soleil new artists, detailed modelling ensures that you do not forget anything and produce a reference document for updates.  

Here is an example: 

A first step towards continuous learning

Do workforce shortages and the retention of key employees add stress to your business? More than ever, continuous training not only helps your employees progress but also increases loyalty and optimizes your production output. Offered in several ways, all skill development options must be customized to the employee. Some courses are for a full group and in other cases, they take the form of peer-to-peer mentoring. In all situations, you are better off formalizing these elements, even with smaller teams.

If your employees are already familiar with online training when hiring, they will be even more receptive to learning afterwards. By including quizzes as well as interactive elements, you can make everything more enjoyable and most importantly have direct feedback on the results.

Micro-learning sessions of 15 minutes or less are simple ways to maintain ongoing interest. A video, an animation or an infographic visual of less than 5 minutes, followed by a quick quiz, ending with a satisfaction survey once every month or every 3 months, is not so complex to implement and will garner great results. It is a frictionless method to follow your employees’ progression while pursuing your goals of continuous improvement.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is also an essential element in all businesses, especially since the last update of the new CNESST law in January 2019. This type of training is even more essential in places with higher risks such as manufacturing or construction job environments. In addition to in-person training or as a reminder, online OHS training is highly recommended:

Example from Novo Studio: 

The importance of belonging to a strong corporate community

According to recent studies\*, 25% of employees leave a company after less than a year, yet more than 30% of employers need MORE than a year before an employee reaches their full potential in the same position. In this context, a learning experience related to the occupied position becomes essential.

While a quarter of employers do not include formal training when integrating a new employee and more than 60% do not include clear objectives with evaluation milestones, it’s not surprising that employees themselves have difficulty seeing the employer's commitment to keeping and improving their teams.

Train your employees to leave the company ... why not?

As previously seen, staff turnover is inevitable in companies. Whatever the reasons, you want to make sure that everything is done with respect and becomes a pleasant process for everyone.

Support your employees in all the steps and use this training as a retention tool. Anyone can change their minds, especially if you offer them options.

Here are some insights you should include in an “off-boarding” course;

1 - First, invite the employee to discuss directly with their immediate superior;2 - Suggest a quick self-diagnosis quiz to identify irritants;3 - Explain the steps to follow once the final decision is made;4 - Provide the employee with the different forms and contacts to Human Resources they might need;5 - Remember to integrate links for the employee to suggest candidates to fill their position;6 - Invite the employee to continue their relationship with the company via social media or "Alumni" events. It is not uncommon to see employees returning to the same company after a while or even becoming a supplier or customer afterwards.

From the moment of hiring to the career development of your employees or even when they leave, good communication is essential. Online training provides a rich range of opportunities, rigorous monitoring, and overall organizational engagement in human resource management. Optimize your team's skills and improve your employer brand!

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