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November 24, 2023

How to develop Agile management skills in just a day?

The Agile approach to project management has fundamental differences with the traditional approaches. Interestingly, it follows such a holistic approach that many frameworks, including Scrum, don’t set clear roles for a project manager within a project team. Agile follows a more collaborative approach with an emphasis on the role of each team member than just on the role of the project manager. If you seek to develop these skills quickly, the shortest route is to complete Agile project management training.

Agile Management Qualities

When you join an Agile project management training program, you should seek to develop the following skills:

  • Advanced organization skills including prioritization
  • Advanced communication skills and collaborative skills
  • Ability to work and excel under pressure
  • Adaptability to ever-changing priorities
  • Advanced critical thinking abilities

Agile Project Management Training Programs

Agile project management certification and scrum master certification programs are among the most popular options for developing these skills. Some of the courses are designed to be completed within a day.

The key benefits of completing these programs are as follows:

  • Deliver Early & Consistent Value: You will gain the ability to deliver greater and consistent value to the stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a project.
  • Adaptability to Change: Agile, from its inception, was created to work with flexible projects. Training will equip you with the skills to adapt a project to accommodate changes.
  • Build Stronger Stakeholder Relationships: Agile management training helps you learn how to deliver early value and provide clearer scope to stakeholders.
  • Learn to Gain Greater Control: Such courses also train you on how to gain control over time, scope, and cost management. Learning to constantly evaluate a project’s status, further helps develop a clearer and more realistic estimate of time and costs.

Such training also improves your communication skills and brings greater clarity.

Even when a certain degree of familiarity with project handling is beneficial there is no specific need for experience for Agile project management training programs.

Popular Short-Term Agile Management Training Courses

Some of the popular 1-day Agile project management training courses include:

  • Adapt to Innovation Course: Defines Agile values and compares them to traditional project management principles.
  • Agile Scrum Course: Learn the application of the popular Agile framework, Scrum. Learn how to apply important Scrum roles, events, and articles to boost project performance.
  • Start/Finish On Target: Learn how to successfully start and complete projects through the application of Agile best-practices.
  • Agile Estimation: Learn proven Agile estimation and risk management techniques.
  • Agile 3Cs: Learn how to leverage the power of Agile 3Cs to optimize Agile team performance in even the most complex project environments.
  • Kanban Method: Introduction to the basics of the Kanban method and its application in managing projects.

Developing Agile project management skills is one of the best professional decisions you will make. As an Agile team member, you are equipped to deliver greater value with enhanced flexibility and speed. You will learn to think differently, focusing more on understanding and addressing customer needs than just defining a department or people.

The right course also helps you become a better mentor. Traditionally, experience is recognized as the best source for gaining mentor skills.  Agile project management training equips you with ideal mentor skills without having to go through a long learning curve.

Choosing the Right Agile Project Management Course

Gaining certification for both Scrum and project management can equip you with skills required for complex and innovative projects. When choosing the right program, it is important to consider the following parameters and your areas of preference:

  • Job preference
  • Industry orientation
  • Eligibility
  • Recertification requirements

You should choose a certification course after considering your previous experience and future growth goals. Thus, certification is one of the most effective ways to develop Agile project management skills.

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