Do I need to revamp my site?
By helloDarwin
June 21, 2023

Do I need to revamp my site? 5 reasons for a redesign

When it comes to websites, it's crucial that the design is optimized to the maximum. A well-designed website accomplishes many things: more traffic, better sales, excellent customer satisfaction and more.
However, for some, it's time to bring their website up to date to modernize its appearance and improve its performance.
Here are 5 reasons to redesign your website!

1. Generate more traffic

Is your website getting very few visitors? This may be a sign that a change in SEO strategy is needed.

Optimizing SEO

When it comes to generating more traffic to a website, SEO optimization is essential. To appear at the top of search engines such as Google, it's crucial to strengthen SEO by using relevant keywords in the site's content and reviewing its structure. Thorough keyword research will enable you to target users' most frequent queries and optimize the site accordingly. It may be advisable to call on a web design agency or a firm specializing in SEO for professional expertise in this field.
In addition to on-page optimization, creating a blog is an effective strategy for generating organic traffic. Again, by including keywords in blog posts and addressing topics related to the site's activity, visibility in search results is improved. It's also important to keep site content regularly updated, by adding new pages or updating existing information. This helps maintain visitor interest and promotes better SEO.
Another approach to improving SEO and generating more traffic is to consider changes in the way content creation is managed. For example, if the site uses an outdated CMS, it may be beneficial to switch to a more user-friendly platform that is better optimized for traffic. What's more, adding extensions specifically designed to improve SEO can help increase the site's visibility. Adding an FAQ section to the site can also be beneficial, as it answers common user questions and contributes to a better user experience.

2. Your website is out of date

You created your site in the early 2000s, at the dawn of the Internet, but it hasn't seen any changes since? It's time to give it a new look!

Technical problems

When a website is outdated, it can suffer from a variety of technical problems that prevent it from functioning properly. Broken links are common, leading visitors to 404 error pages, giving the impression of missing or non-existent content. In addition, the site may not function properly, with features bugging or not displaying correctly.
These technical problems can result in a poor user experience, discouraging visitors and reducing the site's credibility. It's important to resolve these problems by carrying out a technical update of the site, fixing broken links, correcting malfunctions and ensuring that all pages are accessible and functional. By opting for a site redesign or update, you can deliver a better user experience, improve site reliability and enhance overall site performance.

A new look

When the website was created a long time ago, it may need a revised look due to changes in certain information and different trends in website design. The graphic and web design may seem outdated, not reflecting the evolution of your online storefront. To remedy this, we recommend calling in a developer specialized in web development and graphic design. This professional will be able to update the site's design using modern technologies and adopting current web-design practices.
Using a CMS platform such as Wordpress can also facilitate site management and updates. By revising your site's appearance, you can not only give it a more contemporary look, but also enhance its visual appeal.

3. Reflect your new image

A website is the digital extension of a company, and it's vital that it stays true to what you want to convey.

Support your marketing strategy

When a company seeks to reflect its new image and align its online presence with its marketing strategy, it becomes essential to rethink the design of its website. Adapting the site to the company's new logo and graphic charter creates a consistent visual identity and strengthens brand recognition. It's crucial to highlight the company's social networks by integrating links or buttons to these platforms, thus fostering greater interactivity with customers and boosting the company's visibility on social channels.
At the same time, information about the company, such as services offered, contact details and any major changes, needs to be kept up to date. By ensuring the accuracy and relevance of this information, the website becomes an effective communication tool for the company's marketing strategy.
In short, redesigning the website to reflect the new image and support the marketing strategy reinforces brand consistency, improves user engagement and effectively conveys the company's key messages.

4. Increase your conversion rate

For e-commerce sites, a conversion rate is one of the most important pieces of data. That's why a website needs to be perfected in terms of the customer journey to encourage potential buyers to take action.

Create a sales funnel

To improve conversion rates, it's crucial to be aware of the potential problems that can hamper a website's performance. An inadequate landing page for online advertising or social networking posts can lead to a disconnect between visitors' expectations and the site's actual content, which can discourage them and cause them to quickly leave the page. What's more, a lack of relevant buttons and calls to action on the site can hinder visitors' progress towards the key stages of the conversion process. A poorly organized product showcase, without clear categories, can make it difficult for users to find items, which can frustrate them and drive them to abandon the site.
In addition, insufficiently optimized product pages, with limited reviews, poor-quality photos or uninviting descriptions, can generate a lack of trust among visitors, prompting them to seek alternatives elsewhere.
By identifying these problems and taking steps to resolve them, it's possible to optimize conversion rates and increase the site's commercial results. This may involve creating specific landing pages, adding relevant buttons and calls to action, reorganizing the product showcase and enhancing product pages with compelling elements such as positive reviews, attractive images and detailed descriptions. Addressing these issues can boost visitors' confidence and inspire them to take action, contributing to better conversion and the achievement of business objectives.
Read this article to find out more about creating a sales funnel!

5. Improving the user experience

When we browse a website, our decisions are greatly influenced by the experience we're offered. It is now essential for companies to offer a user experience that is pleasant for visitors.

Offer your potential customers smooth navigation

Redesigning a website is often necessary because of user experience issues that affect navigation. One such problem is the lack of adaptability of the site to different screen types, making navigation difficult for users on mobile, tablet or computer. Another common problem is confusing and unintuitive navigation, with poorly organized menus, misidentified links or inefficient searching. These problems lead to frustration among visitors, who may leave the site before reaching their objectives.
In addition, slow page loading is another obstacle to a smooth user experience. Today's users are accustomed to fast, instantaneous navigation, and a slow site can discourage visitors and prompt them to seek alternatives. Finally, the absence of a personalized sales experience can also reduce user engagement. Without product recommendations tailored to their interests, and without the possibility of real-time dialogue via a chatbot, visitors can feel disconnected and little engaged in the buying process.
By redesigning the website, it's possible to solve these problems and improve the user experience. By making the site responsive, users will be able to access and navigate easily on all screen types. Intuitive, clear navigation will enable visitors to quickly find the information or products they're looking for. Optimizing page loading speed will ensure a fluid, fast experience for users. Finally, integrating personalization features, such as product recommendations or a chatbot, will deliver a more engaging and relevant experience for every user.

Looking to redesign your website?

Have you recognized any of these signs, or find these reasons apply to you? Don't hesitate to start the process now to attract more visitors to your website, stay true to your identity and capture potential sales as quickly as possible by improving your conversion rate.
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