7 ways to get good backlinks
By helloDarwin
August 07, 2017

7 ways to get good backlinks

As an integral part of your global organic referencing strategy, backlinks help you increase your website’s visibility and therefore, your ranking on Google search results.

However, this type of off-site referencing requires finding high-quality backlinks in order to maximize the positive impact of this popular strategy. But how is it possible to find good backlinks?

How to get high-quality backlinks

1. Getting backlinks due to good content

Although this point seems obvious, it is impossible to ignore the fact that good content is key when trying to generate interest from other bloggers that may want to put a link towards your site. Not only is this link baiting strategy based on the amount of effort you invest in writing your articles, but it also lies in the things you set into motion to set yourself apart from the competition.

Whether in terms of the tone you adopt, the editorial style that is showcased or the touch of humour that you use, ask yourself the following question: if my site looks like all the others, why would I be noticed amongst the others?

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2. Writing about a company or a person

Depending on the field in which you operate, you will have an idea of the individuals or companies that have relevant experience in said field and with whom you share affinities. Starting from this moment, you could write articles about them and take the time to inform them about your approach. If they like your article, chances are that they will share it on their social media accounts, which will give a link on to your website.

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3. Build relationships and be a guest blogger

First of all, work on identifying websites that have a good reputation. Start communicating with the website’s author by leaving comments and sharing their articles on your social media accounts. Next, start corresponding with them to express your appreciation for their work.

Over time, as the contact becomes truly established, you can start planting the idea of becoming a guest blogger on their website. This will give them the opportunity to share good content on their page and in turn, will send considerable traffic your way. Building this relationship will probably provide you with a good contact to get more backlinks in the future.

4. Improving an existing article

After having read an article, you may have ideas about improvements or modifications that could be beneficial to improve the content. Using diplomacy and kindness, let the writer know about these potential changes. Chances are that to thank you, they will agree to put a link towards your website. Note that your approach will make a world of difference in the success or failure of this endeavour.

5. Interviews: for high-quality backlinks

If you made an effort to build relationships with companies in your field of expertise, now’s the time to use them. You could contact some of them to suggest an interview. Be sure to do proper research to make sure that this meeting goes well. 

When the article is published, the interviewee will probably be willing to put a link on your website. In addition to benefitting from expert advice, which will boost your credibility, you will earn a quality backlink for your website.

6. Make a top 10 of the best articles in your field

While remaining in your field of expertise, create a top 10 of the best articles that you find on one given theme. This strategy will attract attention towards you, especially since you will take the time to contact the writers personally to inform them that they are a part of this list that you found during your research. 

At the same time, take a moment to ask them if they would be interested in sharing a link to this article, which they will probably accept given the positive comments you have included about them.

7. Analyse the backlinks on competitors’ websites

Go visit the websites of the competition to check out their own backlinks. This could give you an idea of the types of backlinks you could get if such is not already the case. If some fell between the cracks, you could also find them using OpenSite Explorer by Moz. This tool is very interesting as it will allow you to get access to all the backlinks leading to these pages. 

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