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April 09, 2024

5 tips for better organization at work

To be more productive, better organized, and optimize your time... these are the common goals of many people at work. But it's not always easy to know how to go about it or where to start.

Here are our 5 essential tips for being well-organized at work:

Prioritize your tasks

The first thing you should do to be organized at work is prioritize your tasks. Make a list of all the tasks or projects you need to accomplish in the coming months and ask yourself which ones are the most urgent, which can wait, and for each project, set a deadline.

Automate repetitive tasks

Being well-organized also means optimizing your time. Many daily tasks may seem time-consuming, but when added together, they can take up a lot of time.
Today, many tools allow you to automate these tasks. For example, use a social media management platform to schedule multiple posts at once, use your CRM to automatically generate invoices, use an analytics tool to generate automated reports on your website's performance, etc.
Once all these tasks are automated, you will have much more time to dedicate to other priority tasks.

Make lists

What could be simpler and more effective than making lists to better organize yourself? You can set up different lists, for example: a list of daily tasks, a list of priority tasks, a list of secondary projects, etc. Lists are an excellent method for visualizing all tasks and ensuring you don't miss any.

Use tools

If you prefer digital tools over paper, task management tools like Trello, Asana, or Monday will be your best allies! These tools allow you to create different boards, and in each board, you can create tasks and tag your colleagues if they are also involved in the project.
You can also use the calendar tools in your email such as Google Calendar or Outlook calendar. In addition to scheduling your appointments, you can schedule time slots for your tasks for the week. This will help you to distribute your activities well and not forget anything thanks to the notifications you will receive.
And for paper lovers, you can still use post-it notes: invest in a large board, create multiple columns like 'ongoing project', 'completed project', 'upcoming project', 'blocked project', and place your post-its based on the progress of your projects.

Take ownership of internal organization Sometimes, organizational processes are put in place in companies, but they may not suit everyone. Don't hesitate to organize meetings from time to time to brainstorm together on how to optimize these processes and make them easier for everyone to use.

There you go, you now have all the keys to being better organized at work and managing your time effectively!
Author: Julien Foussard, entrepreneur and investor
Julien Foussard, a French entrepreneur expatriated to Barcelona, has turned his passion for entrepreneurship into a profession. He is currently a digital consultant and uses his various professional experiences to help companies with their digital projects.
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His objectives: Julien Foussard aims to help young entrepreneurs by guiding them in the early stages of creating their business. Having already faced all the difficulties associated with entrepreneurship, Julien Foussard can provide you with many relevant tips ranging from strategies to implement for fundraising to employing new staff, and much more.
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