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Who is helloDarwin?

helloDarwin offers a free service to help find the right business partner for projects - including web marketing, video marketing agency, SEO, video production or ERP/CRM integration - and delivers results within three days.

What is the price for getting quotes?

helloDarwin provides free quotes quickly, easily and at no cost.

What is a web designer?

A website designer is the professional in charge of developing the layout and design of a website, creating visual elements, and creating a UI strategy that is intuitive.  This individual typically has expertise in UI or user interface. 

What tasks are accomplished during website design?

  • Create web pages;

  • Analyze the navigation of a site to provide a good user experience;

  • Create sample pages;

  • Work with Adobe programs to create visuals, graphics and animations;

  • Register domains;

  • Organize your files;

  • Work closely with fellow Web designers and marketers towards a functional product;

The three main specialities of website design are:

  • User Experience design (UX) ;

  • User Interface design (UI);

  • Visual design;

What is a UX designer?

This type of role is very tricky. The UX Designer will examine data to ensure that the site is structured in a human-friendly way. UX designs are made by taking into consideration how users behave, and this requires a lot of research and testing to gather and analyze data, which is used to inform their final decision points.

What is a UI designer?

UI designers are also part of website design, but they aim not just on making a visually pleasing website design, but they also focus on more practical matters, such as interactive usability and the website’s efficiency and conversions.

What is a visual designer?

Visual designers, as the title implies, work to ensure that the website is aesthetically pleasing and formatted to make it easier for users to navigate. The duties of a visual designer detail how the layout of a website is created, and the role requires that they work closely with other designers and developers.

Is investing in a good website design worth it?

The aesthetics of your digital website directly impact a viewer’s opinion of the site, the company, and your work. Your digital work could directly impact the perceived credibility of the brand and pass on a judgment of trust or credibility. Research has shown that impressions of the website are formed based on the first impressions in less than a second, and many consumers admit to judging the brand’s credibility based on the website.

As a result, companies have increased their focus on website design. Good designers and design firms are highly sought after: discover the best options for you in Gatineau on helloDarwin!

Are website designers and website developers the same?

Although they are often confused, web design and web development are two different aspects of the website creation process. While a designer works on the appearance, visuals and usability, a website developer works on elements such as functionality and developing a good website structure. 

Here are a few key differences between website design and website development:

  1. Web designers think of the idea and come up with the website’s design. Web developers program and then code the web site according to the designer’s initial idea;

  2. Web developers must have good technical knowledge and be able to use complex programming languages and frameworks, while website design is more about high degree of visual and creative skills.

Tools and programs used in website development  include coding libraries and coding frameworks. Designers will often work with a CMS such as Wordpress and use website builders such as Elementor to create the visuals of a website.

How much does a new website cost?

As there are multiple variables affecting the cost of website design solutions, it is difficult to give an accurate average cost. Depending on the nature of the website, website designs and redesigns range from very affordable pricing to very expensive. For websites such as e-commerce websites, which are required to handle online payments, have functionalities like a basket and advanced analytics, the cost can quickly rise.

What are the different options for websites?

The first option is to work with website templates, such as those offered on WordPress. Many web designers offers template services to businesses, but these templates some advantages and disadvantages:

  • Templates are affordable, with the tradeoff of being more “generic”;

  • They are simple and user-friendly websites, but do not offer a high level of customizability;

The second option is to avoid templates and go for a customized website by a professional web design agency. Although it is a more costly option, they offer businesses a website development solution tailored to their specific needs, with all the functionalities required to succeed online.

  • Creation of a unique website, tailored to the needs of a business;

  • More work is required to develop a custom website, and the price will increase accordingly.

What is the website design process?

The design phase of creating a website can involve several types of activity. The bulk of the work entails developing a detailed site structure and a visual representation that better represents your company's operating methods, processes, and culture.

Design planning

In the planning phase, collect information from your client to bring to life the visual layout of the website design. Some of the tools from Google are surprisingly helpful during this phase, and just as many better tools are available online.

Mock ups according to client requirements

Thanks to design mock-ups, a business can make relatively easy modifications to the proposed website. Using mock-ups is the best way to communicate efficiently with a business developing a website.

Client review, modifications and approval

The cycle of doing a mock-up and then having the client tweak it until they are satisfied with the design may take some time, but is important in order to have an end result that corresponds to the new website’s objectives and desired look. Additionally, during this stage, changes can be made quite easily.

Code and publish the new website

It's coding time. Add the final interactive elements to the mock-up designed in Photoshop, and write the HTML and CSS code associated with said mock-up. Validate your code before moving on to the next step.

Do website designers offer other web services?

Many website design agencies offer a wide range of development services to help businesses reach their online marketing goals. 

  • E-commerce development

  • Mobile app development;

  • Seo services;

  • Social media marketing;

  • Google AdWords;

A website development agency or digital marketing agency offering website design in Gatineau might also offer business owners:

  • Digital marketing services;

  • Social media marketing;

  • Email marketing;

  • Hosting services;

  • Generate leads;

  • Custom solutions for payments;

Can website design agencies on helloDarwin work with any platforms?

Businesses usually have either a custom-made website or have it built on platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify and Woocommerce. No matter your needs, HelloDarwin can help you find the right website design companies.

There are advantages and disadvantages to creating a custom template website, and the choice will affect elements such as cost, uniqueness of website, customization level and usability! Talking about your website needs and objectives with experienced website designers is the best way to find the optimal solution for your online presence and business.

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How can I ensure the quality of referenced suppliers?

We are strongly committed to listing only top-notch service partners. To join our platform, each partner must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Have an up-to-date website and/or an up-to-date social media profile where the services offered are clearly represented.

  • Provide you with a portfolio of video marketing agencies along with social proof that demonstrates their expertise in the video services they offer.

  • Every provider on the platform is subject to legal investigation

  • References from former clients are also requested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Is it necessary to establish a budget for my project?

It is essential to establish a budget for your needs. Setting a financial limit helps you get web agency deals that fit your budget and gives sellers more information about the scope of the project.

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