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November 24, 2023

5 reasons to hire a freelance web designer

For any start-up, growing or established business, functional and unique web design is one of the key elements to your success. The initial hook for your potential customers will be the visual backdrop of your website, including its layout as well as it’s adaptability to different platforms.

Of course, if you don’t have web design skills yourself, you’ll need to work with a creative person who knows how to grab the attention of potential clients while understanding the vision of your business.

Outsourcing this work to a reputable freelancer is an excellent option that offers visibility and reach. Why exactly? Read on to find out why you should hire a freelance web designer!

5 reasons to hire a freelance web designer

1) Working with a freelancer is cost-effective and saves time

Especially true for growing businesses, but even for those which are more established: considering costs is a constant preoccupation. In this regard, hiring a freelance web designer is an excellent choice, as their work is more cost-effective than an agency. If you think about freelancers like you might individual contractors, you can begin to understand why.

The cost of your web design project will be easily negociable. A freelance web designer will charge your company for the work itself, and thus will have less overhead costs. The operating expenses of outsourcing work to a single individual will be much less. When you work with a freelancer, you’re not paying for the office or superfluous expenses that come with agency.

Another major benefit is time. Freelancers work quicker than a design firm. This is because decisions are made at a faster pace when working with one person, rather than having to track down multiple people in various roles. Also, since freelancers set their own hours, it’s more likely they’ll work within the confines of the deadlines you set; a huge benefit if you need the job done as soon as possible!

2) Consistency

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Since freelancers work for themselves, they often play many roles and have a variety of overarching skills. Designing a website consists of overseeing several different elements including development, graphics, copywriting and UX design. When working with an agency, these tasks will be split up among different people, and this could compromise the consistency of your website.

However, when working with a single freelancer, you will find the tone and feel of your website to be consistent. Their job will not only be the design elements, but to understand the wants and needs of your targeted customer. A freelancer will understand your website from every angle, offering them a clear advantage over working with many people.

3) Effective communication

Our lives are already filled with various kinds of communication methods including email, text and phone calls. When working with a freelancer, you deal with a single contact. This streamlines all forms of communications, helping edits to move forward quickly. In comparison, when working with an agency, phone calls and emails will likely consist of talking to several people.

When this is the case, it’s easy for crucial information to get twisted or worst case scenario, lost. Therefore, communication with a freelancer is arguably more straightforward. Just make sure they’re well aware that you require open communication methods. If your freelancer agrees, you’re in a good position to move forward!

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4) Content quality

The quality of work you receive from a freelancer will often surpass work from an agency. This is because each website a freelancer handles will be a portfolio piece. They will offer a unique attention to detail that will definitely be lost when working with a design agency. With so many projects, it’s likely an agency may give you a cookie-cutter version of the website you actually desire.

During the hiring process, check out the freelancer’s portfolio. Look for someone with a keen eye and a good understanding of aesthetics, but also someone who is adaptable. You’ll likely want the personalized touch that only a freelancer could offer a web design project!

5) Adaptability

As most marketers know, the internet is constantly changing and evolving as are the rules that govern it. It’s crucial for the web designer you’re working with to understand the hottest trends in design and development, staying up to date on any changes that affect how your website is read as well as how it performs online.

Further, consumers view websites from various platforms and this includes desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Your website will need to adapt to these various layouts, and thus, your designer will need to understand how to make it happen.

A design agency may lag in their knowledge, as keeping an entire team up-to-date and consistent is challenging. A freelancer will need to work on this knowledge themselves. Also, as technological changes arise, a freelancer will be able to move forward with you, or, offer you the tools to make changes yourself moving forward.

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